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   Chapter 48 A Dinner For Four

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Hiram changed to slippers, took off his suit, hung it, and then walked towards them.

Lydia quickly wiped tears off. Her pretty face beamed with a charming smile.

"Hiram, you are back."

Shrugging towards Hiram, Rachel pointed to the kitchen, and said, "I'm not done cooking yet. Can you accompany Lydia for a while?"

She said those words and went back to the kitchen quickly.

Rachel was absent-minded in the sink. She washed the dishes before cleaning up the chopping board while the water kept running. .

She didn't know why she felt this way.

She thought she would face that situation with a calm heart. But now, she found herself upset when the moment really came. They just spent ten days together. Was this short span of time long enough to make her reluctant to end their relationship?

Why would she feel upset when she heard about what Lydia said then?


Rachel accidentally cut her left finger when she grabbed the fruit knife. She put down the knife hurriedly and sucked the blood on her finger. Then, she wrapped the wound with a band-aid she stored in the cabinet.

Half an hour later, Rachel took the bowl of soup and the dishes to the living room where she saw Luke who came unexpectedly.

"Hello! Rachel, Hiram told me to come over to taste the dishes you cooked. Is it okay with you if I join you for dinner?" Luke sat on the couch and waved his hand at Rachel.

"Of course! You treated me meal one day. You are absolutely welcome to join us for the dinner!" Rachel smiled and put the bowl of soup down on the dining table.

Rachel saw Hiram sitting on the couch with Luke. Lydia sat opposite to them, looking relatively composed.

Three of them came over one after another. Hiram pulled the chair out and sat next to Rachel.

Lydia sat opposite to Hiram. While Luke sat opposite to Rachel.

This dinner had been thought to be shared only by Rachel and Hiram. But it unexpectedly turned out to be for four. To make it worse, the dining room was filled with strange silence.

It was so quiet that they felt a little awkward.

"Well, they taste really good. Rachel, I just knew that you are very good at cooking!" Luke picked a piece of braised meat and kept nodding his head to compliment her. He had tried a variety of food in different restaurants. Luke thought that the dishes Rachel cooked were as good as those food that were cooked by famous chefs.

"I bet I will come here more often for the food. My house is not far away from here anyway. Hiram, you don't have a problem with that, do you?"

"Will you? Then please feel at home and eat more!"

ggested, "How about this? You help me take these dirty dishes to the sink and soak them in water. It is uncomfortable to see these dishes here."

Hiram watched her for a moment and sighed. He rolled up his sleeves and started to clean the table.

Rachel hastened to help him by piling up the dishes. The disapproval in Hiram's eyes stopped her action.

Rachel pulled her hands back, and said without hesitation, "Well, I'll leave it to you. When you finish it, I want to talk to you about something."

"Alright. Wait for me in the study room." He replied.

After she left, Hiram revealed the emotion he had concealed in his eyes. He looked in the direction where Rachel went before turning his head back to the kitchen.

Rachel went upstairs and washed her face in the bathroom. It was still early. So she changed her clothes to sports attire. She planned to go out for a jog after she talked with Hiram

She went into the study and looked around. The bookshelf leaning against the left wall was filled with all kinds of books. Some of them were Chinese classics, and most of them English books. There were also some books that she couldn't comprehend.

On the shelf leaning against the right wall, some collections were placed. When she saw a human-shaped, pure gold statuette, she couldn't help opening the closet and took it out to have a closer look on it.

Was it made of gold? It was shaped like a man pulling a bow. It was pretty heavy.

Rachel saw the line of words on the pedestal which read, 'The Archery Champion of the X-Division'. 'Does he like archery?', Rachel asked herself.

This sport must have a long history.

The door suddenly opened. It scared Rachel that made her accidentally drop the statuette.

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