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   Chapter 47 He Doesn't Love You At All

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After hearing what Fannie said, Rachel got nothing to reply. Fannie didn't know that even though Rachel and Hiram were living together, They didn't do any Husband-and-Wife thing yet. Except for some unconscious touches.

The marriage was just a contract. They didn't take it seriously at all.

"Mom, can you stop messing around? The wedding should be postponed a little longer. We haven't been with each other for long enough, " Rachel said. Rachel still remembered the moment in the hospital when Hiram blamed her about Fannie forcing them to get married. He thought that Rachel urged her mother to do so.

She was worried that if her mom insisted about the wedding again, Hiram would get irritated.

"I'm not messing around. Rachel, what are you worried about? You have to have your wedding as soon as possible. This is for your own good, " Fannie answered.

"Alright, as soon as I arrive in the city, I will visit you first. I have not seen you for many days. I'm really concerned about you, " Fannie continued. The voice of Fannie sounded like she missed Rachel so much. Before Rachel got married, Rachel had lived alone. Fannie could easily go to Rachel and stay with her for a few days anytime.

But since she moved into Hiram's house, they could hardly see each other.

Hearing Fannie's words that was full of concern for her, Rachel held back what she was about to complain.

Rachel knew that whatever Fannie did or said, it was always for Rachel.

Rachel came back home immediately after shopping in the supermarket.

Rachel intended to cook something nice so she and Hiram could discuss their wedding while having their dinner. She hoped they could find out a way to handle the situation.

Rachel, in her floral apron, was so busy in their kitchen.

After she finished preparing all the cooking materials, she found out that it was 6 pm already.

It was just in time for her to start cooking. Rachel took out the pickled meat and her mother's secret sauce. Then she started cooking.

She heard the sound of door opening from the living room just after she finished cooking the two dishes.

She looked at the clock that was on the wall and saw that it was just 6:20 pm. 'Hiram got home earlier today', she thought.

"Hiram Rong. Are you back already? Please wait a little longer. I need some more time to finish this, "

Rachel shouted. However, she didn't hear the sound of footsteps of a man, but the tickling sound of high heels.

She was so confused. Who was that?

Who else had the pass code of this villa other than Hiram?

She was wondering who it was. She turned the stove off, dried he

"Alright, hurry up. Get up and clean yourself in the washing room. Hiram said he would be back home before 7 pm. I don't think you want him to see you like this." She pulled Lydia up while saying those words.

Then Lydia finally stood up. Her eyes were full of surprise and confusion. Soon, she asked, "Rachel tell me, are you serious with what you just said? Or aren't you obsessed with Hiram?"

"In our relationship, Hiram is always the one in control. Even our marriage is all up to him. He decides everything. What I just have to do is to accept and cooperate. Nothing more, nothing else." Rachel answered calmly and peacefully.

Their marriage would just last for less than a month. It was not necessary to fight with other woman for a man that wouldn't belong to her forever. To Rachel, she preferred to solve problems with mutual understanding and peace.

"What did you say? You mean, Hiram wanted to marry you with his own will? No, I won't believe that!" Lydia said.

She felt so shocked after she heard what Rachel said.

How ridiculous. Hiram was so arrogant. Why would he insist to marry a woman who had nothing?

And when it came to beauty, her figure and even her elegance were nothing compared to Lydia.

If it was Rachel who eagerly wanted to marry Hiram, she could accept it. After all, there were many women who wanted to marry Hiram.

But if it was Hiram who insisted to marry Rachel, Lydia could hardly accept it.

Because Lydia knew that if Hiram really loved Rachel, she had no reason to fight at all.

"You don't believe me? Okay. I will tell you that ..." Rachel answered.

Before Rachel could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Hiram who just arrived.

"What are you two doing here?" Hiram asked.

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