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   Chapter 46 I Don't Like The Verbal Gratitude

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"Hiram, thanks for your help today!"

Rachel thanked Hiram inside the car. Though Hiram was her nominal husband, they both clearly knew their real relationship.

She thought it was just reasonable to thank him.

"I don't like the verbal gratitude. I hope that you can express your gratitude to me in action." Hiram looked at her with a slight smile on his face.

Rachel was a bit shocked by the expression in his eyes. She looked away quickly and said, "Really? Manager Zhang is an employee of the Streams Company. You can also take this as a chance to eradicate a bad employee from your company. See? You can also benefit from this. I also didn't ask you for help. You helped me willingly."

"How dare you talk to me like that?"

Hiram glanced at Rachel who sat beside him. He was busy with his business that day, but he still chose to find time to help her. However, according to her words, it seemed that he helped her just because he was free, having nothing to do.

"What I said is right. I'm afraid that no company will hire me after you appeared at my workplace today. I think I'm going to lose my job because of you. Why do you think I should thank you?" Rachel didn't intend to thank him. She didn't want him to feel that she owed him a favor.

After he glanced at Rachel who tried to argue with him, Hiram raised his hand to pinch her face and said, "Why are you so ungrateful? There are many companies under our Rong's group of companies. You can work at any of them.

You can work at my company and choose any position you like. You can also get high salary there."

Rachel massaged her face and felt that Hiram pinched her so hard. She looked up at him and said, "I would think about it carefully. After all, finding a job is an important and serious thing. I can't just casually choose a position in your company. If that happens, I'm worried that when you get angry at me someday, you will throw me out of your company."

Rachel was afraid that she would be thrown to the dust bin just like what Hiram did to her things before.

"Rachel, can you say something nice? If you say something to please me, I might also help you when you get into trouble next time. Don't talk to me arrogantly. I don't like that." Hiram said those words while knocking her forehead.

hat Hiram wrote down the dishes he liked, she would try her best to prepare them.

Rachel changed her clothes and freshened up as soon as she came back to the villa. After that, she took a shopping bag and headed for the supermarket outside the Tulip Palace.

"Okay, mother. I see. Don't worry..." She spoke over the phone while she took some vegetables from the vegetable rack and put them in the shopping basket.

"I can't be at ease. You are my daughter. I'm worried about you all the time. I plan to go to the Rong family's house within these days. Your injury has almost completely healed. You should have your wedding soon."

Fannie had not slept well these days. Though Rachel already got her marriage license, she didn't hold her wedding yet. She also didn't invite their relatives and friends to attend the wedding. It wouldn't be a complete marriage without the wedding ceremony.

Rachel stopped taking things from the shelves and put her phone on the other hand. Then she said, "Mother, we've already talked about it. We don't have to be anxious about holding the wedding. Can you give us some more time to know each other well?"

"You can do that after the wedding. Besides, you can have complete marriage, and get best wishes from our friends and relatives if you hold the wedding soon!" Fannie disapprovingly said.

"But, mother..." Rachel looked very restless and exclaimed.

"Rachel, listen to me! You have stayed with Hiram all these days, so he should treat you as his wife and hold the wedding."

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