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   Chapter 45 The Show Was Not Enough For Him

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Hiram was always effective on every work he did.

When he heard about the incident, he asked someone to investigate it secretly.

Since there was a scumbag in the shopping mall associated with Streams Company, Hiram as the boss, couldn't just let it pass.

Carl nodded and asked someone to bring the things into the office. Those were videos that could be played on the computer.

Sandy was so surprised and flopped to the chair as if she had lost her soul as soon as she saw what the video was about.

Her eyes were blankly fixed on the table.

Manager Zhang, who was sitting opposite to her, got more and more nervous as he watched the video too. He frequently wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Even Walter, the sales department manager, felt very anxious.

People who had filthy secrets felt nervous even before the video was played.

Rachel frowned and discretely pulled Hiram's hand. Then she whispered and asked Hiram, "What's going on? Where did you get those videos?"

"Shhh. Don't worry about it. I just managed to get them. Nobody can bully my wife. Since they made that rumor, they should pay for it." Hiram said apathetically.

Those people slandered Rachel through that rumor. It was impossible for Hiram to let it just pass by.

Rachel finally knew why he had so many enemies.

"Don't be distracted. Watch carefully!" Hiram said while slightly pinching her palm. He asked her to watch the video carefully. He didn't want Rachel to miss anything from it.

Then, the video continued playing.

On the screen, Manager Zhang appeared in the hotel. He opened a room and directly went upstairs first. After a while, Sandy also showed up. There was nothing unusual about her yet.

However, Things went surprising. Manager Zhang, who wore a bathrobe, opened the door of his room. Manager Zhang and Sandy seemed to be impatient. They kissed passionately.

After a few seconds, Manager Zhang intensely caressed Sandy's chest and they entered the room.

People who were there were shocked after they saw the scene.

They had thought that it was Rachel who had an affair with Manager Zhang. They didn't expect that it was Sandy who really had an affair with him.

What a shame!

They thought that it was all done, but Carl began to play another video.

Rachel got curious and thought, 'Why is there another video?'

On the screen, They saw a familiar place. Rachel pondered for a while and realized that it was the corridor of the rest room outside the sales department area.

Looking at the time stamp, it seemed that the scene happened after office hours.

Walter W

ut what about her?

She should think again whether she should leave or not.

Under the name of Mrs. Rong, could she work in the company just like before?

After a while, Rachel returned to her office.

Members of Team A were looking at her expectantly, hoping to get some news from her.

"Everything is clear. It was Sandy. She was afraid that our team would surpass their Team, so she slandered me. But she has apologized to me just now."

Rachel briefly explained to them. She thought that they had the right to know about it.

"I knew it!" They all said.

"Well, what punishment did the company give her? Did the company just let her go?" Celine asked.

"Her behavior can affect our company's reputation, so Sandy has to resign. Mr. Wang also believed Sandy's words and did something wrong. He will also be punished, " Rachel said. Her answer satisfied her team members.

Everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief. The Team A finally got justice they deserved.

"The director said that this incident brought so much trouble to me, so, as a compensation, he gave me three days off. Celine and you guys should continue to work hard, okay?"

Rachel said.

They nodded and showed their support to her, "No problem. Rachel, you should indeed have a good rest. We already know what we should do."

"Right, Rachel. Take a good rest. You have been very busy these days. You even confronted such a horrible trouble. You better go and relax!" Celine said. She gave Rachel a reassuring look.

Rachel packed up her things and took her bag. She waved goodbye to her workmates and left the office.

Carl was already waiting for her

Outside the office.

"Rachel, Hiram is waiting for you in the car. Let's go, shall we?"

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