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   Chapter 44 Not Over Yet

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"I don't know what you are talking about. I wouldn't say anything that could damage your reputation. Rachel, we have been working together for almost three years but I didn't know that you are already married."

Sandy Zhang explained herself thoroughly. She clenched her fists tightly under the table. She was so nervous.

"Really? I hope that you are telling the truth. To clear this all up, we should find out who spread the rumor. Since manager Zhang is also primarily involved, I think it would be a good idea to bring him here. Things could really get more interesting. Do you also think so?'' Rachel wasn't surprised at Sandy's agitation.

Hiram just sat quietly beside Rachel. That was enough to show his strong support to her. As they investigated the case, his interests in it aroused.

He figured out that Rachel knew some of Sandy's secrets just by judging the current situation. Sandy wouldn't dare to frame Rachel up if Rachel didn't know anything that could ruin Sandy's reputation. Meanwhile, Hiram believed his wife without any doubt.

"Of course. We should find out the truth. As the saying goes, 'A clean hand wants no washing.' I, myself, have never done anything that I'm afraid to reveal. I don't mind telling the truth to anyone to prove my innocence."

Sandy said those words while raising her voice consciously. On her way here, she got a chance to go to the rest room and hurriedly called manager Zhang through her phone to tell him what happened.

The two of them had reached an agreement. They promised to give their support to each other. Or else, they would both lose their jobs.

"Well, call manager Zhang and let him in!" Rachel said calmly. Rachel already knew Manager Zhang and Sandy's unethical relationship. Rachel wondered where Sandy got her courage to face everyone with manager Zhang.

It didn't take a long time for manager Zhang to show up.

Manager Zhang consciously avoided an eye contact with Hiram when he came. He just nodded at Hiram respectfully and said nothing.

"Nice to see you again, manager Zhang. I didn't expect that my cooperation with you would bring such big trouble. I appreciate that you come here to help us make things clear."

Rachel said those words to manager Zhang. Rachel threw her eyes on Sandy that was sitting opposite to manager Zhang.

Manager Zhang nodded his head and said, "As for this matter, I would fairly say that it's absolutely just a rumor.

I decisively chose the plan presented by Rachel Ruan because it's more attractive and more fit for our marketing plan. There were no other factors that affected my decision."

"Okay, I get it. But Sandy, why did you tell your manager that you've seen Rachel and manager Zhang together in a hotel? Please tell us more details." The director of the company acted as th

said those words. He also wanted to end the investigation as soon as possible.

Under the pressure given by Manager Zhang and Walter, Sandy finally lowered her head and confessed, "Yes, it's me. I'm worried that Rachel's team will surpass our team. So I made up the rumor to ruin her. I was so envious. I attempted to make her kicked out of the company so that I would be the one to get the promotion."

Sandy's confession made everyone feel relieved.

The investigation finally came to an end. Sandy took full responsibility for that rumor. They could now give an answer to Hiram.

Though Hiram was just sitting there and barely said a word, his presence alone was enough to make them feel uneasy.

Walter took a deep breath and relaxed. Then, as the manager, he gave his orders. "Everything has come to light. Sandy, you can go home and wait for the result. The company will discuss and decide your punishment according to the company's rules."

But just before Sandy left the office, Hiram opened his mouth and said, "Wait.

It's too early to make a conclusion." He placed the cup on the desk and spoke unexpectedly.

"Mr. Rong, we assure you, we can fix this. I'll order Sandy to apologize to Rachel in front of the whole company. I promise, no one will talk about the rumor again." Walter tried to make an explanation after he saw that Hiram was not satisfied with the result.

"This investigation is not over yet. There is even no evidence presented. How can you say that it's now clear and make a conclusion?" Hiram said bluntly while adjusting his sleeve's cuff. He decided to dig down to the bottom of the problem.

He was watching their drama from the very beginning, yet it just ended so easily. Secrets were not revealed yet. He couldn't just let it go.

Hiram gave a sign to Carl who was standing behind him.

"Carl, bring those things in."

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