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   Chapter 43 Time To Reveal The Whole Truth

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Hiram took a glance at the director who seemed to read his mind. The director called Sandy and Manager Zhang even before Hiram made that order. So Hiram thought that he was capable; he was very satisfied with what he had done.

Only Hiram and Rachel were sitting inside the big conference room. Other people were just waiting outside and did not dare to come in. They were all too frightened to be in the same room with Hiram.

"How would you thank me for this?" Hiram asked. He took the tea cup in front of him, blew it, and finally took a sip.

But after a moment, he frowned. It seemed that the tea was too strong for him.

Rachel had no mood for tea at all. She put her two hands on her cheeks. She just looked at Hiram and did not answer.

"If I didn't come here, how would you handle this? You're just nobody here. So even if you think you can explain it well, no one will believe you. The rumor will ruin your reputation inevitably." Hiram put down the tea cup and said those words gently.

They all knew that the harm caused by rumor would never disappear, even if the truth was finally revealed.

After all, human's mind is the most unpredictable.

"Then, tell me. How can I thank you for your goodness?" Rachel kept her hands on her cheeks. She looked at the man who had always been so confident with himself on everything. It seemed that the word 'failure' was never in his dictionary. He always got what he wanted.

Just like the kidnapping incident that just happened two days ago, she eventually figured out that Hiram was just trying to irritate Jay, the kidnapper, on purpose at that time.

It seemed like he already knew that Jay wouldn't do anything harmful to her before he could get the money from Hiram. Therefore, Jay couldn't do anything but wait.

And when she was rescued on the road, there was no sign of panic on his face at all. It took her long time to figure it out.

"Quit your job here. Join my company and work for me. Don't you think it's better to work for your husband than for others?" Hiram said with his hand playing with her long pony tail. He thought she was so capable, so why not work for him?

Hiram said those words seriously. But Rachel could't help herself from laughing and replied, "You should better not forget, we had an agreement. The Marriage contract is only valid for one month. To be exact, the contract has just 20 days left."

Hiram frowned after hearing her words. He pulled her hair unconsciously which hurt Rachel. It made her clench her teeth.

"Even if our contract expires, as long as yo

rumor from my friend. She said that Rachel went inside a hotel with Manager Zhang. After that, the sales performance of Team A grew rapidly. Then, everyone guessed that it might be because of some under-the-table deal. So..."

Sandy answered without too much confidence at all. She tried her best to make her words not so subjective as before. What she wanted right now was to get herself out of this and make someone else take the responsibility for her.

"Really? Do you mean you didn't see it yourself?" She was acting so strange. The director could easily tell that she was probably lying.

No. She was definitely lying.

As Mr. Rong's wife, why would Rachel fawn on a 40-50 years old man just for the sales performance?

The rumor was nothing but a ridicule.

Sandy just put her head down and didn't answer. Her silence could tell everything.

With Sandy's hesitations, there were hundreds of emotions in Rachel's heart. She even tried to convince Sandy to stop her relationship with Mr. Zhang before, because it was wrong. She had also never thought of revealing their inappropriate relation to the company.

But after all that happened, She found herself to be too kind.

She tried to be kind to Sandy, but Sandy instead made up so many lies to manager Wang to set her up.

"Ms. Zhang, it seems that you have totally forgotten what we've talked about in the washing room that day." Rachel said those words with a cold smile on her face. She wondered how that woman's heart could be so wicked.

Hearing that, Sandy felt scared. If Rachel revealed Sandy and Mr. Zhang's relationship, she would not only lose her job, but also break her family.

No way! She couldn't let Rachel reveal it.

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