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   Chapter 41 My Cousin's Surname Is Rong

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The Rong family was the most honored family in H City. They were like a royal family in ancient history. Anyone who had 'Rong' as their surname, took it gloriously, even if they were not direct descendants of Hiram Rong's family.

"Carl, it's okay. You should go now, " Rachel said. Rachel immediately stopped Carl from blurting out her secret. She turned to her manager and said, "Mr. Wang, I hope it's clear that my car does not belong to Mr. Zhang. I should let Carl go back to his work now."

It was really just a coincidence that Mr. Zhang and Rachel both had a Volkswagen car. They all saw that their plate numbers were different, and confirmed that her car was not Mr. Zhang's. Rachel thought that there was no need for Carl to stay there anymore.

"Rachel, you are already married to his cousin. But how could you still make that mistake? Was it for the sake of improving your sales performance?" Walter Wang asked her accusingly. Walter Wang was still suspicious about Rachel's marriage.

"Mr. Wang, I've done nothing wrong. It was just a rumor. Please don't ruin my reputation!" Rachel snapped. She took a deep breath. She couldn't understand why he couldn't believe her. Why did he insist that she had an improper relationship with Mr. Zhang?

Rachel suspected that someone must have told something awful about her to their manager.

"See? How bad of you!" Walter Wang pointed at Rachel. He wore a righteous look and said, "There is a rumor about you going around with Mr. Zhang, which could damage our company's reputation. As one of the leaders of our company, it's my obligation to find out the truth!"

"Shut up! Who are you? How could you talk to my sister-in-law like that?" Carl annoyingly yelled. He was about to leave, but when he saw that the manager treated Rachel badly, he couldn't help but stand in front of Rachel to protect her.

"Hahaha..." Walter chuckled. He looked at Carl who was protecting Rachel and said, "Who am I? I am her manager!"

"Really? You are just a manager of that small company. How dare you scold my sister-in-law! Don't you know who she is?" Carl had learned some of Hiram's temper as he had worked for him for a long time. Carl got very angry when he saw his sister-in-law being bullied by her manager.

"Wow, wow! Can you hear yourself boasting?" Walter laughed at Carl in disdain. 'This young boy i

She said that she saw Rachel and Mr. Zhang go inside a hotel and that they kept a very special relationship. That's why I am investigating and want to make everything clear."

When they heard that Walter had a witness, the director and other managers who were there doubted Rachel. They wondered if it was true.

Rachel wasn't surprised to hear Walter's words. She had already guessed who slandered her. It was clear to her now that it was Sandy Zhang.

"Mr. Wang, please ask Ms. Zhang to come here and confront me. She said that she saw me having an affair, so I think she should come here and make everything clear, " Rachel said.

'Why did Sandy Zhang slander me? Was she afraid that I will reveal her affair with Mr. Zhang?' Rachel wondered in her mind.

"I knew it. Sandy said that you would ask her to come here and explain, and that you threatened her when you knew that she discovered your secret. You threatened her that if she exposed your affair to any person, you would find other ways to frame her up! She was right. And I believe what Sandy said. It's so disgusting to have a person like you in our Sales Department. You are a disgrace to our company!"

Walter shook his head and snapped after he saw Rachel's confident face.

Rachel paused for a while. She didn't expect that Sandy would be so smart to do all of it. Sandy already got prepared for what was coming in advance.

"Mr. Wang, did you get all your information from one person only? From Sandy alone?" Rachel asked.

Rachel was confused and wondered why Walter trusted Sandy so much.

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