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   Chapter 40 A Convincing Explanation

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"Everything I said is true. Why don't you ask those who spread the rumor? Ask them where they heard it. You will know if I lied to you or not after you find out who spread the rumor."

Rachel managed to restrain her anger. After working for the company's sales for so long, she had learned to solve all problems calmly.

"Rachel, I know that you are good at arguing, but I just want you to tell me the truth. Do you really have a relationship with Mr. Zhang?"

Walter said while holding his tea cup. Then he added, "You have worked in our company for a long time. In fact, you have even made a lot of profits for our company. If you tell me everything honestly, I will defend you in front of our general manager."

When she heard him, Rachel felt disappointed. She realized that he just wanted her to admit that the rumor was true.

"Mr. Wang, I didn't really do it. Why would you ask me to admit a thing that I never did?"

"You..." Walter pointed at Rachel discontentedly and said, "I saw that someone drove you to the company this morning. That car is the same as Mr. Zhang's car. How would you explain that?"


Rachel didn't expect that she would be asked to explain that. She immediately shook her head and replied, "It was just a coincidence. I just bought that car. I didn't know that Mr. Zhang also has the same car."

She felt strange. When Hiram drove her to the company with his Maybach before, no one noticed her, except Celine who always paid attention to her. But after the rumor spread, everyone kept an eye on her.

"Coincidence? There is no such thing as coincidence in this world. Besides, would you really buy a car that is worth so much money? You can't afford that car with your current salary, " Walter said while staring at Rachel.

As the sales department manager, he had to save money for two or three years to buy such car. While Rachel was just a sales team leader and just worked for three years. How could she afford such car?

'She was just wishing, ' he thought.

"It is easy to know if it's really true. We can find Mr. Zhang's car and check his plate number. That way, you will know if I really said the truth, "

Rachel suggested systematically. She knew that an evidence was better than a mere explanation.

"Okay. I have a friend who works at the X shopping mall. I will ask him to check Mr. Zhang's plate number." Then, Walter picked his phon

ervisors came to the front gate.

"Is this the car that you just bought?" Walter walked around and stopped behind the car to see the plate number. He was stunned to see that the plate number was '6666'.

'Even Mr. Zhang wouldn't be able to afford this plate number, ' Walter thought.

"Rachel, is this really your car? Do you have your vehicle's license?" Walter doubted and thought that Rachel just borrowed a car to lie to him.

Rachel kept silent. She thought that she didn't buy the car herself, so her name might not even be on the vehicle's license.

"Sister-in-law, here it is." Carl took the vehicle's license out of the car and gave it to Rachel.

Walter took it from Rachel and found that her name was on it. He glanced at Carl and said, "What did you just call her? Sister-in-law? She is your brother's..."

Everyone in the company knew that Rachel was still single.

Walter wondered why Carl called her sister-in-law.

Rachel tried her best to wink at Carl, but Carl didn't notice her. He looked at those annoying supervisors and said, "Do you really want to know who she really is? Then, I will tell you.

She is my cousin's wife. They got their marriage license just a few days ago. My cousin bought her this car. Why do you really want to know her family background?"

Carl said impatiently.

"Wait a second... Your cousin's surname is Zhang, right?" Walter began to make a wild guess. He heard that Mr. Zhang wanted to divorce his wife some time ago.

But, Carl just laughed out loud and proudly said, "That's bullshit! My cousin's surname is not Zhang. It's Rong."

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