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   Chapter 39 Malicious Rumor

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'Hiram, if you really want to keep a low profile, you should try harder. Though the car you bought is just a Volkswagen, it still cost a lot.

Or, is this car's price already cheap for you?' Rachel thought to herself.

Rachel thought carefully and said, "Well... Just give me the key later. I will drive it myself. It would be a hassle for you to pick me up all the time."

Then Carl answered, "Okay… But I need to ask my cousin first. I'll go home now. I'll come back here later to pick you after your work."

"Well… Fine." Rachel replied, and waved her hand. Then, she walked towards her workplace.

Rachel walked all the way to her office that was upstairs. While going there, she noticed that there were people who pointed at her and whispered as if they were gossiping.

She felt confused; she couldn't hear what they were saying.

Some of Rachel's team members stood up together immediately when they saw her enter the office.

"What's up? Is there something wrong?

Please say your thoughts and speak honestly! We have been working together for almost three years, so there is absolutely no reason to hide anything." Rachel put her bag in the cabinet after she said those words.

Then, she pulled a chair and sat in front of them.

Fiona and Michael looked at each other, and kept quiet. They thought that the rumor that was spread by others was too malicious and they just could not say it out loud.

Later, Celine came in angrily, sat on Rachel's desk and said, "Where did that rumor come from? It is widely spread all over the company and people are talking about it! I really want to shut them up!"

"Tell me! What did they say?" Rachel moved back a little bit, and deci

know. You're definitely excellent. But why would such rumor exist? There should be a reason. Did you go to manager Zhang of the XX mall?"

Walter asked. What was happening would have negative impact to the company. Once it's spread, people might think that their company did things unethically.

"Yes. I did. But I was only doing my job. I went to him for sales business only." Rachel answered honestly.

"Did manager Zhang accept your proposal?" Walter asked again.

Rachel looked down, and replied earnestly, "Yeah. That's because my plan was more effective for their mall.

"Is that really true?"

"Yes! Of course!"

"So, tell me. Why did someone say that Manager Zhang went into a hotel with one of our company's female employee? And how did you successfully make him accept your proposal?"

A series of straightforward questions from the manager made Rachel uncomfortable. Then she asked him, "Sir, do you have any evidence to prove that I went to the hotel with Manager Zhang?"

Walter slammed the table and scolded her. "I am your manager.

And I am here to find out the truth! What proof do you want from me?"

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