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   Chapter 38 Infectious Disease

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"Relatives? If I'm not wrong, Rachel doesn't have any brothers or sisters. Moreover, I wouldn't like to become some random person's relative." Hiram got furious.

"Hey, never say never! My dad is going to marry Fannie in the near future. When that happens, I would be her sister. We will be family then!", Mandy tried to stand close to him. She wasn't willing to go back to her room.

"Who knows about the future. Don't assume anything so early. I am feeling sleepy now!" Hiram tried to be nice and patient, Since he didn't want to disturb Rachel. He was aware that she had worked till late today and she must be exhausted.


"Fuck off!"

The whole mansion reverberated with his lion-like roar.

Rachel immediately sat up, on hearing the sound of his roar. She was too sleepy to change her clothes. So she stood up, put on her flip-flops and walked out.

"What happened! What happened?"

She saw Mandy wearing a sexy crop top, with her cleavage revealed. Mandy looked vulnerable, just like a bunny. She was scared out of her wits. She stood in front of Hiram's bedroom door, and couldn't walk a step.

Somehow, Rachel also got yelled at, "Rachel! Tell her to get out of my house! Or you get out with her!", Said Hiram. Then "Baam!", he slammed the door.

Rachel crossed her arms on her chest. She looked at Mandy, who was pretending to be pitiable, and asked her, "When you came here, what did I tell you? What the heck were you doing out here at midnight?"


"Didn't I warn you about this? He is my husband, not one of your ex-boyfriends. You can't hit on him like that! Do you understand?"


"Just shut up. I gave you a chance, and you ruined it. Now go back to your room, pack up your stuff and leave, unless you want to cause any other problems for me!", Rachel disregarded her feelings. She decided that she needed to talk to Fannie about Mandy. This soon-to-be step-sister was big trouble. They should think over Fannie's marriage with Nico.

Mandy was terrified, and she was crying. She wanted to grab Rachel's arms and beg for mercy. But she was scared by her cold eyes, and she didn't dare to do anything.

At that moment, Mandy suddenly felt that Rachel's eyes were quite similar to Hiram's.

"Rachel, I didn't do anything. I am innocent, really……"

Rachel was extremely annoyed for being woken up. On seeing Mandy's drama, she furrowed her eyebrows and said, "Innocent? You knocked on my husband's

lieve that?"

"What? How could that be possible? I think that Mandy is very well-behaved. Why would she do such kind of a thing!"

Mandy didn't tell Fannie about her behavior. Fannie had thought that they had had an argument and Mandy got kicked out at midnight because of that.

But if Rachel was telling the truth, then Mandy was ridiculous.

"You think I am lying to you? Mandy has a thing for rich and handsome men. Your son-in-law is certainly her type. Do you really think that she would have stayed there without doing anything?"

Said Rachel. She felt ashamed for Mandy as she recalled the incident from last night. She said purposely, "Do you want me to share your son-in-law with her? If so, then I can think about moving out."

"What are you talking about! How can you share your husband? !" Fannie felt furious after hearing what Rachel had said. She comforted her immediately, "Rest assured; I would talk to Nico about this. Shame on Mandy! She has humiliated Nico by seducing Hiram!"

Rachel raised her eyebrows. That sounded good, at least she finally began to feel sorry for her daughter.

"Alright mom, now you know what kind of person Mandy is. Just stop questioning your daughter all the time. Ok, I am arriving at my office. Call you later!"

She hung up the phone and entered her office building.

When she got out of the car, Rachel asked Carl, "Carl, is this your car?"

"No! Rachel, cousin bought it for you. He said you don't like the overly luxurious cars. So he chose this one to pick you up!" Carl smiled and told her the truth.

She bit her lip and felt confused, he bought the car for her?

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