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   Chapter 37 Remember To Lock Your Bedroom Door

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"Mandy, the hotel is right behind you. Why bother traveling all the way over to my house?" Rachel said as she tried to struggle out of Mandy's hands, but she failed. Mandy Wang had gripped her tightly.

"Rachel, my dear sister... Please, please? If I stay at your house tonight, I will be able to save some money. That way, I will be able to sustain for one more day. Please, just think about my dad. Please do me this favor for my dad's sake."

Time and again, Mandy used her father as an excuse to take advantage of Rachel. She spoke while holding Rachel's arms and tears flooding in her eyes.

Rachel wanted to turn her down, but she remembered that many years ago, Mandy's father had helped her family through some difficult times. She wasn't an ungrateful person so she couldn't refuse her request.

Rachel walked over to the Maybach, knocked on the car window, and said to Hiram in an embarrassed voice, "Hiram, she's a friend of mine. Could you please allow her to stay in your house for one night? Just for one night."

Rachel knew that even if she wanted to help Mandy, Hiram might not agree with her.

Rachel had no choice but to do something for her, as Mandy had been begging her desperately.

Hiram looked at Rachel, and without uttering a word, he opened the car door.

Rachel was a little surprised. She wondered what was wrong with Hiram. His attitude towards her seemed quite different from usual. Hiram agreed with everything she wanted to do today.

"Get in the car, " Rachel said to Mandy.

A happy and excited smile crept across Mandy's face on hearing Rachel's words. She opened the door, got inside the car and started to wonder, "Wow! I am sitting in a Maybach. It's so comfortable..."

Soon, the car arrived at the villa.

It was already half past eleven at night.

Mandy was stunned to see the great villa in front of her. She couldn't believe the grandeur of the place. In the past, Rachel had been the kind of woman that no man wanted to get together with. But now, she was living with a man, in a large and luxurious villa. A swimming pool and a garden were also built inside the villa. Located in the most prime location of H City, it was undoubtedly the most impressive house.

"Let me remind you, the owner of the house is very irritable. Don't touch his things and don't roam around the house by yourself. Tomorrow morning, pack your things and leave as early as possible. Go out on a house hunt for rented apartments, okay?" Rachel reminded Mandy. She hoped Mandy wouldn't be driven away by Hiram in the middle of the night. If Mandy got on his nerves, Rachel wouldn't be able to help her.

Mandy nodded her head in agreement. She had an important question in her mind. She held Rachel's hand and asked curiously, "Rachel, can you tell me what's your relationship with that man?"

"It doesn't concern you. Just mind your own business, " said Rachel. She threw a cold glance at Mandy.

"Rachel, please tell me, who is he? Please!" Mandy pouted her lips and asked. She wouldn't give up. She couldn't believe that Rachel was able to hook up with such a wealthy man.

Rachel knew very well what Mandy was trying to find out. She pulled away Man

ont of him.


"Then, why aren't you sleeping in the same bedroom? Is it because Rachel is too conservative? Perhaps she doesn't know how to satisfy you?" Mandy said bashfully as she looked at him. Her eyes were filled with sensuality.

That was why Rachel had reminded him to lock the bedroom door. Rachel really knew Mandy's personality quite well. Hiram smiled coldly and thought.

"That's a private affair between Rachel and me. It has nothing to do with you, " Hiram said bluntly.

Mandy realized that Hiram had understood the intention behind her visit. But she wasn't surprised by his cold attitude towards her. He was a wealthy and honorable man; he had every right to look down upon her.

Mandy lowered her head and spoke coyly, "I know Rachel is a very kind woman. But she had been dumped by men many times. We all were worried that no man would marry her ever. She is lucky to meet you and marry you!"

"Are you done?" Hiram yawned and asked impatiently.

He had seen all kinds of people. Judging from the look in Mandy's eyes when they met for the first time, Hiram had already understood what kind of person she was.

If it hadn't been for Rachel's sake, he wouldn't have allowed that woman to come near Tulip Palace.

Mandy was Rachel's friend, even though he didn't like Mandy, he had to show respect towards Rachel as he had promised her.

He was doing his best to show respect towards Rachel, but it didn't mean that he would tolerate Mandy's annoying behavior.

"Can I call you Hiram? Rachel and I are sisters, so we are practically relatives now. Hiram, I have no place to live in. You have so many spare rooms here, can you let me stay here for a while?" asked Mandy.

She discreetly glanced at him; her eyes glimmered with hope. If she could somehow prolong her stay here, she would be able to find another chance to seduce Hiram.

He was quite a catch. She couldn't let Rachel have him. Rachel was the kind of woman who always brought bad luck to men.

Mandy was quite foolish. She hadn't realized that she had already annoyed Hiram and his anger was on the verge of explosion!

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