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   Chapter 36 Honor And Cherish Her

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It was unusual for Hiram to pick Rachel up on his own initiative. Why had he come to pick her up instead of going straight home? Rachel couldn't figure it out.

"Since I've promised to sign the agreement, I should abide by the articles that were drawn up by you. If I don't, how will the agreement have any value?" Hiram responded. He seemed to know what she would ask.

It was clearly written in the agreement that the husband should honor and cherish the wife. Therefore, picking her up voluntarily was his way of keeping his promise to honor and cherish her in consideration of her safety problem. What a good reason!

"But you haven't signed the agreement--" Rachel began, but she was cut off by Hiram.

"Why do you have so many questions!"

He'd known Rachel was a talkative person from the moment he set eyes on her the first time. If he didn't stop her now, she would continue that topic.

Rachel tried to be obedient and closed her mouth. But soon she couldn't help asking Hiram, "Um, have you had your dinner?"

"No, not yet, " Hiram replied after a glance at her.

"Well, to thank you for picking me up, I'll treat you to dinner!" Rachel said. She wanted to pay him back so that they would be even and she wouldn't owe him any favors.

Hiram didn't respond, so Rachel took his silence as approval.

But as it turned out...

After they reached the place Rachel had told him to drive to, Hiram couldn't help furrowing his eyebrows together.

What he saw was a snack street. It was a food paradise where people could enjoy all sorts of unique street food. At that hour, the snacks were selling like hot cakes. But the mixed aroma of all the different snacks made Hiram feel queasy. He didn't want to walk into the crowd.

"Come on!" Noticing Hiram stay put, Rachel returned to hold his hand and pulled him forward. After a few steps, Rachel realized something that made her abruptly turn around and look at Hiram, who had an odd expression on his face.

A few girls in the snack street had already noticed Hiram. They were looking at him and whispering to one another about how handsome and attractive he was. A few of them were even secretly taking photos of him.

Hiram stood out like a peacock among sparrows. How could he not attract everyone's attention?

"I have an idea. Why don't you wait for me in the car while I buy some snacks, and then we can take the food away?" Rachel suggested. Then she pulled him back to the car.

Hiram didn't argue with her, because he wasn't used to eating on the street like all these people. He wouldn't feel comfortable even if he found a place to sit and eat the snacks.

About twenty minutes later, Rachel returned to the car with many snacks. She sat directly in the backseat so that the smell of the snacks wouldn't be strong enough to make Hiram feel queasy. "There's a park nearby. It's so late that most people must have gone home. The park must be quiet now. Why don't we go there?" Rachel sugges

handed it to Rachel.

"Take the money. If the cash isn't enough, we can withdraw some more from the ATM outside the park."

Rachel opened his wallet and found nearly 2, 000 dollars in it. She took out several hundred dollars before returning his wallet to him. "I'll pay it back tomorrow."

Hiram began heading toward the exit of the park without responding.

Rachel put away the cash, cleaned up the place and threw the garbage to the dustbin. Then she walked quickly to catch up with him.

It was too late at night for her to call a taxi, so she let Hiram drive her to the hotel in his Maybach.

Mandy was anxiously waiting outside the hotel for Rachel. When she saw Rachel step out of the luxury car, she was astonished. She stared at it with her mouth open.

'Since when did Rachel have such a wealthy friend? Why didn't I know?' Mandy thought.

Hiram didn't get out of the car. He opened the window to see the girl Rachel was helping. The girl was sitting outside the hotel and waiting for Rachel. After a glance, he closed the window.

Catching Hiram's glance, Mandy became very excited.

"Mandy? What are you staring at?" Rachel asked. Mandy hadn't even noticed that Rachel was standing in front of her.

With a pat on her shoulder, Mandy came to her senses, but she still didn't look up at Rachel. She just asked, "Rachel, is that man your friend? Why I haven't seen him before?"

"Of course you haven't seen him before. All right, take the cash. This is all I can give you. If you're short of money again, you should handle the problem yourself!" Rachel said as she tucked the cash into Mandy's hand.

But Mandy didn't focus on the money. Quickly tucking the cash into her pocket, she grabbed Rachel's arm and said, "Rachel, I, I have no place to live. Can I stay in your house tonight? Just for one night! I'll leave tomorrow and book a room at a hotel!"

Rachel frowned. Why didn't Mandy know her place? She should be obedient and stay in the hotel.

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