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   Chapter 35 Make A Baby With Me.

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She was saying it in his best interests. Besides, that woman was a natural beauty who loved Hiram very much, any man in his position would be enchanted by her.

"Don't meddle in my personal affairs. Mind you own business, " Hiram said gruffly.

Which woman on earth would talk to her husband about getting a divorce so that he could marry another woman?

Rachel raised her eyebrows and said with a shrug, "You don't have to worry about me. I've already thought it over. If I can't find my Mr. Right, I'll adopt a child and live with my mother for the rest of my life."

She'd made this decision after all the failed blind dates she'd experienced. Since she didn't seem to be destined to find the right man she could share her life with, it wouldn't be a bad idea to adopt a child and stay single for the rest of her life.

"Why would you adopt a child when you can bear one?" Hiram asked.

"Because no one dares to make a baby with me!" Rachel answered quickly without thinking. Every time she was doing just fine with her date, something bad would happen. After all that, no man was audacious enough to marry her.

She even thought that she was cursed sometimes.

Hiram turned to her with a smile and said in a low, attractive voice, "I dared to marry you."

Even though Rachel drove him up the wall sometimes, being with her made him happy.

Celine's words suddenly occurred to Rachel. Although she knew that most of Celine's words were nonsense, she really began to think about bearing a child of her own if she couldn't find the right man.

Even if someone asked afterward, it would make sense to admit that this child was hers.

"What? Are you wondering whether I would give my seed to you?" Hiram asked with a smile and thought, 'That's not bad. You've finally begun to see things this way.'

Rachel touched her chin, which made her look like she was really considering it. Then, she said "I'm thinking about the test tube baby news that I watched before. I guess it's worth trying."

Hiram's face darkened at once. He sped up the car and then suddenly braked. "Get out of the car. We've arrived at your company."

"We've arrived? Thanks, " Rachel said absentmindedly. The

hel asked.


The question made Hiram want to hit her. After work, Hiram had gone home and found out that Rachel hadn't returned from work yet. Assuming that she was probably working overtime, he'd come over to pick her up.

However, Hiram had ended up waiting there for an hour.

Hiram swallowed his anger and said, "Get in the car."

Rachel got in, but she didn't intend to stay there for long. "Can you go home first?" she asked, "I want to eat something at the food stall and then take a walk around to enjoy the night view of the city. I'll take a taxi home after that."

She reached her hand out to open the car door, only to find out that it was locked.

Hiram couldn't control his anger anymore after hearing her words. He'd waited there for a whole hour, and this woman had the audacity to ask him to go home first!

What a reckless woman!

Before Rachel could sit tight, the car started and sped off on the road.


"Shut up!"

Rachel closed her mouth immediately. She looked at the angry expression on Hiram's face, and asked "Did you wait a long time? Why didn't you just call me?"

Hiram slowed down the car a little. Finally, this woman was beginning to care about him. "Since you didn't come out, it meant that you hadn't finished your work yet, " he said simply.

Rachel frowned. There seemed to be something wrong with Hiram these days.

"Hey, why do you want to pick me up all of a sudden?" Rachel asked.

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