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   Chapter 34 Tear The Clothes

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Hiram had ripped her dress apart audibly. Before Rachel had time to look down at it, she felt herself being pulled tightly to his strong wide chest. She was pulled with so much force that her whole body seemed to ram into his.

"I'll say it again for the last time: no, I haven't touched anyone before. What happened last night was just by instinct. Are you going to believe it or not? I didn't even know what I was doing!"

Hiram growled as he hugged Rachel with his shirtless body.

Rachel was completely frozen, not even trying to break out of the embrace. Even though the embrace made her breathless and his sheer strength frightened her, she just stood there.

Her thoughts were a mess. 'He had his arm on my chest last night, but now? What's going on?'

"I believe you. Just let me go, " Rachel said, biting her lip. The new and strange feeling she was having really unsettled her.

She felt slightly dizzy. Maybe it was because his embrace had knocked the air out of her.

Reality finally hit Hiram, and his anger faded away slowly. He pulled the thin quilt aside and covered her. "From now on, keep in mind that never argue with me right after I wake up. I can't promise that things won't be worse if you do that again."

He got up and went straight to the bathroom, leaving Rachel wrapped up in bed.

Rachel ducked under the quilt and looked at her nightdress. It had been torn beyond repair. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before taking off the nightdress and throwing it into the trash. Then, she went to the closet to find something to wear.

After a while, there was a knock on the door. "Hiram? Rachel? Are you both up? Hurry up. Come out for breakfast!"

Rachel, who had just put on some clothes, strode quickly to the door and opened it.

Joanna saw that Rachel was already dressed, so she walked in and looked around the room. "Rachel, where is Hiram?"

"He, erm... He's still in the bathroom!" Rachel answered without quite meeting Joanna's eyes, pretending to pick up the bag hanging on the wall.

'What's wrong with Hiram?

He usually washes up very quickly. What's taking him so long today?' Joanna

Ever since they were children, Hiram had always been ignoring all women, except her.

"Whatever, she is my wife now. I have to be faithful to her, " Hiram answered with a sigh and loosened his grip on Lydia.

If it was any other woman, he wouldn't even have paid any attention to her. But Lydia was his sister, and they'd grown up together. He couldn't be hard on his family.

But it seemed that he needed to send her back to the United States, no matter how unwilling he was.

"Hiram." Lydia sniffled and wiped off her tears, before tiptoeing and stroking Hiram's face. "Hiram, my love, I will always wait for you, " she promised.

"Hiram, hurry up, mom is calling you to--"

Rachel burst into the study after searching all the other rooms in the house for Hiram.

She stopped mid-sentence when she saw the two of them looking at each other with deep affection.

Hiram avoided Lydia's hands and turned to Rachel.

"Wait for me. I'm going down with you."

On her way to work, Rachel played with the air-conditioning vent in the car out of boredom. She looked at Hiram, who was driving the car, and said, "Your great and considerate younger sister seems to be very into you."

"What do you mean?" Hiram asked. He took a oblique glance at her before returning his focus to the road.

"I think that you should consider marrying her after our divorce, " Rachel said as her slender fingers glided cross the black vent.

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