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   Chapter 33 The Instinctive Reaction

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It seemed that Hiram wasn't pleased with what he saw.

"Hiram, stop acting like we're close. Stay away from me. You're so heavy, I can't breathe when you press against me like that." Rachel turned off her phone and threw it onto the bed. She then shifted her eyes to Hiram, annoyed.

"We're not close? Then why are you lying on my bed?" Hiram lay down beside Rachel without touching her.

Rachel was shocked at the desire in Hiram's eyes. She slightly shifted away from him. "You told me that you wouldn't touch me. You wouldn't touch me during this month. I think you still remember that."

"Are you saying I've done something wrong to you?" Hiram carefully observed the expression on Rachel's face as he spoke.

She looked like she didn't like him.

Even after staying together for a couple of days, she didn't have any feelings for him at all.

He was taken aback by the realization.

"You haven't touched me, but your eyes have, " Rachel responded.

She'd seen Hiram glancing at her body several times. She wasn't blind, and she knew that he had already observed her from head to toe.

Perhaps he had even figured out the measurements of her bust, waist and hip.

He raised his eyebrows and laughed. If he had heard her words while drinking a glass of water, he would have spit the water on her face. "You've slept beside me in my bedroom several times. You should be satisfied with the fact that I've never behaved like a lecherous man."

Rachel was speechless.

What he said was right, and he was good at behaving with restraint.

"So, you are attracted to me, right?" she asked suddenly.

"Why do you ask that?" Hiram didn't want to answer her.

At the beginning, he didn't like her even though she had a charming figure. However, last night, he felt his heart race when knowing that she was in danger. He was usually always calm and he had never been so nervous before.

Hiram wasn't a person with low EQ. It's just that he hadn't been infatuated with any woman before because he'd never met anyone who could make his heart beat as fast as Rachel did.

He wasn't going to deny it to himself.

It seemed that he had started to like her.

"In all the blind dates I've

the reason when he saw her staring at his hand with her arms folded across her chest.

"What are you saying? Instinctive reaction? Do you often touch women ?" Rachel looked very surprised.

She was dumbfounded by his hands, which might have touched numerous women.

But she knew nothing about men. She had no idea whether all men would do such things by instinct when they slept beside a woman on a same bed.

"No, " Hiram replied, frowning. It was the first time that he had had to explain such a thing to a woman after waking up in the morning.

"You've never done that? Then why did you say it was an instinctive reaction? Hiram Rong, do you take me for a fool?" Rachel asked doubtfully, not believing what he had just said at all.

Hiram was surrounded by women. She didn't believe that he didn't sleep with other women.

"I really have never done that before, " Hiram explained, with his eyebrows furrowed.

"I think you must do such thing before. Why do you say you didn't do that?" Rachel glared at him with her bright eyes, wondering why he told a lie confidently.

Hiram was always a bit grumpy when he got up in the morning. But now that Rachel kept insisting that he was lying, he almost got angry. However, Rachel didn't notice that.

"I don't understand. Why are you lying to me? Please just tell me the truth..."

Rachel heard something being torn apart right before she finished her sentence.

She felt her chest was cold instantly.

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