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   Chapter 32 Adopted Daughter

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Rachel Ruan didn't hesitate at all. She opened the front door right away. However, she was shocked to see a very beautiful woman sitting on the passenger seat beside Hiram.

Rachel cautiously marvelled at the woman's beauty.

The woman was tall, slim, and was remarkably charming. She could even be a superstar with her beauty. Rachel wondered who this woman was.

Then, Rachel closed the front door, opened the other door and got inside.

They all kept silent. Hiram Rong started the engine and immediately drove away. The car was filled with a strange and agitated atmosphere.

"Mr. Rong, why don't you introduce this beautiful woman to me?" Rachel was a talkative person. She couldn't endure the silence and finally broke it. It would took them a long time to arrive at Rong family's house. If they kept silent for the whole time, Rachel would be drowned to the uncomfortable atmosphere inside.

"Rachel, this is Lydia, my younger sister."

Hiram answered easily while driving his car.

"Oh, so you are my sister-in-law. Hi! My name is Rachel. Nice to meet you." Rachel politely extended her hand to Lydia. Hiram's mother would surely introduce them to each other again later, but Rachel thought that they had better know each other ahead.

Rachel kept reaching her hand to her for a few more seconds. However, Lydia still didn't respond. She didn't even intend to shake Rachel's hand.

Lydia finally opened her mouth and bluntly said, "Don't talk to me. I am not anyone's sister-in-law." She didn't try to hide her emotions, and kept her eyes on Hiram.

She was shocked and looked at Hiram with her beautiful, glassy eyes.

She couldn't believe about what happened.

Lydia heard from Joanna that Hiram would marry Ruan family's daughter. She paid no attention about it, because she was sure that Hiram wouldn't agree with the marriage. Moreover, she knew that Hiram hated to be directed by others.

Rachel drew her hand back after she felt tired. Hiram's sister was really affectionate to him.

"Hiram, please tell me directly. Is that true? You... You already got married to this woman?" Lydia couldn't further control her emotions and asked him straight, even if she knew that Rachel was sitting behind her.

"Yes, " Hiram replied.

Hiram attentively drove his car and didn't look at Lydia's distressed face.

Rachel thought that she was unwanted there that time. She felt sorry for Lydia after she saw her upset face. What a pity! This lovabl

ed, "I would be even more upset if that woman is your younger sister."

Hiram then held her waist, pinched her cheek and sweetly said, "Yes, I know. I don't care how those other women look at me. Just remember, you are the only woman in my eyes."

Hiram's sudden words gave Rachel goose bumps all over her body, but she had to continue on her act.

Or else, Lydia might stay in their bedroom and watch them sleep.

"Lydia, I hope you can accept the fact that we are already married. Just be my younger sister and behave well. Don't try to irritate me." Hiram gently tried to persuade Lydia.

Hiram didn't ever scold Lydia firmly. Lydia was always very good and obedient to him. She just made a mistake in love - she loved a wrong man.

At last, Lydia wiped her tears off. She sadly looked at the couple hugging each other. Then she depressingly turned around and walked out of their bedroom.

The doorway was just a few steps away, but Lydia walked so slowly. Rachel felt that it had taken her almost ten minutes to get out of their bedroom.

After Lydia completely left, Hiram strode to the door and locked it.

Rachel heaved a sigh of relief. She lay on the bed and started to have fun with her phone.

She switched her phone on and browsed the news. But soon enough, she felt that something heavy was resting on her back. So, she slowly turned her head around. She was so surprised to see that Hiram was shamelessly resting his face on her shoulder. And he was reading the news on her phone, too.

"What news are you reading? A husband had an affair, and they were discovered by his wife? Rachel, is that what you usually read?"

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