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   Chapter 31 I Will Sign It

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Those words sounded like there was something wrong. Why would a woman call his parents father and mother if she was not his wife?

Hiram kept quiet and thought about what Rachel said for a few seconds. "About my previous question, give me your final answer now."

He didn't start the engine right away, but instead, rolled down the window on his side. After he put a cigarette in his mouth and lighted it, he finally turned his head to Rachel.

"I will sign it! It will be the first thing I do when I get home." Rachel replied briskly. After that, if he had any other woman beside him, Rachel would go to her new mother-in-law to ask for help.

Hiram took the cigarette out of his mouth, tapped the steering wheel lightly and said, "She was adopted by my parents. My parents wanted a daughter but failed to have one. So, they adopted Lydia when she was ten years old."

As he mentioned Lydia's name, his face looked a bit helpless.

At this moment, Rachel admitted that she knew nothing about Hiram's family at all. "Ohhh." Rachel said reluctantly. "You have got many sisters to look after - your friend's sister and your adopted sister. Maybe your parents have arranged her to be your future wife since then. You have a lot of choices in front of you, but why did you bother marrying me?"

She thought about Lydia. Lydia was a beautiful name, indeed. Though Rachel had no idea how to spell it.

Future wife.

Hiram had heard the two words countless times since he was still a little boy. Almost all people talked about it. As time passed by, the idea of Lydia being Hiram's future wife was firmly instilled in Lydia's mind. She really thought that she would marry her older brother one day.

"Stop talking about that nonsense! She is my younger sister and will be my younger sister forever. No one can break the family rules, and no one will commit incest." He said in his low voice while he started the car.

"Really? Is there really nothing to worry about? Okay, then. I will go to your parents with you tonight. Your mom really cooks good. And the thought of tasting her delicious food again makes my mouth water!" Rachel looked at him quietly after she spoke.

She felt that there was something Hiram did not mention to her.

His friend's sister, maybe, was just really his friend's sister that he should protect on that occasion.

But when he spoke about Lydia, there was something in Hiram's eyes that Rachel could not understand.

"Ok... Let's go together." She didn't expect that Hiram would agree with her idea.

She initially thought Hiram would refuse, but he didn't.

Rachel was a bit shock by his answer. She then shook her head and immediately said, "Forget about it. It is your family gathering. I don't think it is a good idea for me to show up!"

Just after she said those words, her phone rang again. It was Hiram's mom.

Speaking of the devil.

Rachel took a deep breath and answered the phone. "Hello, mom?"

"My dear Rachel, come here with Hiram tonight and let's have dinner. His younger s

Your plan just works for a little while, but Rachel's plan can make things better. How could I refuse her?"

"But Mr. Zhang, couldn't you think of any other ways to help me?"

"That's enough! Please do not call me again. People can't find out what is going on between the two of us!" Mr. Zhang heartlessly hung the phone up

"Hello, Mr. Zhang? Hello!" Sandy's face turned hideous. She stampeded her high heels angrily.

Then suddenly, Somebody knocked on the rest room's door. The door was opened and Rachel walked in. Rachel stood in front of the mirror and adjusted her dress. "Sandy, listen to me. You have a family. Please behave yourself."

"Ah! What a joke! Did you find a man to marry you? Who gave you the courage to talk to me like that? I don't need your advices!"

Rachel's face made Sandy shiver in anger.

Rachel washed her hands gently, and took a napkin to dry them. "Sandy, I am in control of myself. It is not up to you who and when will I marry. What do you think your husband will do if he finds out what you have done? Think about it."

"You… What do you want?" Sandy's face turned pale. She understood what Rachel talked about.

"What do I want? I will just give you a little advice. Work is important, but it's still far less important than your family. You shall figure this out by yourself." Then, Rachel turned around and walked out of the rest room.

Sandy was too eager to get promoted. She even put away her dignity and did things with her eyes closed. She was blinded by the benefits and triumph. But she would surely ruin herself in the end.

Rachel didn't see Sandy's hideous face while walking out of the rest room. It seemed like Sandy was thinking about swallowing her alive.

It was getting dark when she walked out of the company.

Rachel looked at her watch and saw that it was late. She thought of what she promised to Joanna. Then she took her phone and tried to call for a taxi.

"Hmm. Taxi.."

But not so long, a nice, black Maybach pulled over in front of her.

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