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   Chapter 30 How Many Wives Has Your Mother Found For You

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Rachel had never been so happy before she went out of the restaurant. Hiram always put her in an unfavorable position, but this time she made him feel embarrassed.

"You look very delighted!" Albert said while looking at Rachel who smiled blissfully after she came out of the bathroom.

"Of course! I'm in a good mood now because I got the chance to have a meal with a handsome, young boy who is also studying at the same school I studied before," Rachel said jokingly. Then, she took a glance at Hiram and Luke who were walking out of the restaurant.

After he heard Rachel's praises, Albert, who was really good-looking, lowered his head and said,"Don't call me young boy. You are just a few years older than me. And if you really think that I'm handsome, I won't mind you looking at me a few more times."

"Hahaha..." Rachel was amused by his words.

Then he added,"Oh, you said that you are heading to another place, right? I can send you there."

Rachel immediately shook her head and said,"No, thanks. That place is not too far away from here. I also have to do some preparation. You can go ahead."

Albert didn't insist. After all, they just met for the second time. He had a crush on her, but he knew he couldn't win her heart with such short time.

Luke was walking behind Hiram. Then he glanced at Hiram and shook his head. "I've heard from my family that Albert is so particular with girls. He has never been with one after admitting himself to a university. Now, it seems that he really has a good eye for girls."

Finally, they were out of the restaurant.

Hiram ignored Luke and got into the car that was parked at the roadside.

Luke slyly stared at Rachel and Albert. What Hiram did to Rachel last night meant that he began to care for her, even if he was a calm man who seemed not to worry about her so much.

Luke, being Hiram's senior, private lawyer, bet that Hiram liked Rachel.

Luke walked towards Hiram's car and tried to open it, but he failed to do so.

He knocked on the car window and shouted,"Hey! Open the door!"

However, Hiram just slowly rolled the car window down and smirked grimly.

"You seem to be in a good mood. You can just walk back," Hiram exclaimed.

Then, he stepped on the accelerator and drove away immediately.

'Luke should spend some time reflecting with himself. He even let his silly and shameless nephew flirt with Rachel, ' Hiram thought.

"Hiram Rong!" Luke got very anxious and stomped his foot.

He mainly focused his attention to Rachel and Albert, and neglected the fact that Hiram was a narrow-minded man. Now that he had irritated him, all of his family members might get punished.

Hiram drove towards the bus stop. When he saw Rachel waiting for a bus, he instantly stepped on the brake.

Then the luxurious Maybach halted at the bus stop. Though it was already noon, the car still attracted the passers by's attention.

Rachel saw Hiram's car. She looked around and slowly hid herself behind the bus stop sign. She thought that Hiram couldn't see her.

She succeeded in upsetting him for a short time and made him irritated. But she was worried that he would get back at her now.


ter Hiram rolled the car window down, he shouted at Rachel who was hiding herself from him.

"Get in the car!

I will give you one minute. If you still don't get in, I will drag you from there and take you inside the car myself!" He looked at his watch after he said those words.

Rachel realized that she didn't have a chance to escape. She got so angry and hesitated to go with him. But time was passing quickly. If she didn't rush to the next shopping mall, she couldn't complete her task today.

She had no choice but to compromise with Hiram and get into the car.

After she got into the car, Hiram immediately said,"Fasten the seat belt."

He quickly stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

"Turn right!" Rachel said abruptly after she saw Hiram drive in the opposite direction. Then she added,"If you are not in a hurry, could you please send me to the shopping mall at XX road?"

She only had a little time left. If Hiram drove farther from that shopping mall, she would surely not get her things done.

Hiram took a quick look at Rachel's anxious face, and followed her instructions.

"I have signed the agreement that you drew up."


Rachel was stunned by his words. She slowly blinked her eyes and said,"I begged you to sign it before, but you didn't agree with it. Then now, you suddenly tell me that you signed it?

You don't have to do that. I think what you said before was right. It would be better if we live our own lives without bothering each other."

Hiram suddenly parked the car on the roadside, which made Rachel lean forward.

Hiram glanced at Rachel, furrowed his eyebrows and said,"Say it again!"

"Fine, fine. I will sign the agreement later when I go back."

Rachel just shrugged while Hiram tried to threaten her. Hiram was furious and looked very frightening. He was like a very angry emperor that got Rachel very scared.

"You should answer your phone first." Hiram's phone kept ringing, but he didn't answer it.

He slowly looked away from Rachel. He turned his eyes to his phone and finally answered it. He connected his phone with the Bluetooth car kit and didn't use a headset.

Then a woman started speaking sweetly on the other end of the line,"Hiram, I am back here at H City."

"Um, okay." Hiram got less angry and replied gently.

Rachel immediately pricked up her ears. That woman said 'Hiram' tenderly. Moreover, they seemed to know each other for many years.

"I want to visit mother and father. Are you free tonight? Let's see them together." The woman on the phone continued to speak. She also called Hiram's parents mother and father affectionately.

"I will fix my schedule first. I will call you later," Hiram said after he thought for a while.

"Hmmm, Okay. We haven't met each other for more than six months. I miss you so much." The woman sounded bashful and lonely as if she was Hiram's lover whom he wasn't able to meet for a long time. Her voice was full of affection.

After Hiram hung the phone up, Rachel blinked her eyes in confusion, and thought that it was a bit strange.

Then soon, she said,"Can I ask you something? How many wives has your mother found for you?"

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