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   Chapter 29 Like Handsome Young Man

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Rachel was sitting in the corner munching on her bread when she heard a voice. As she turned around, she saw a handsome man walking towards her. While clapping his hands, he said,"Rachel, you really impress me every time I meet you!"

She swallowed the bread in her mouth in one gulp. Surprised, she stood up and said,"Oh, it's you, the rescue hero."

As Albert walked up to Rachel, he noticed that she was eating bread. He decided to invite her to lunch. "Stop it, that is such a trifle. It's a sort of miracle that we run into each other here. Let's go to dinner together, shall we? I can not stand a beauty like you having bread for her lunch alone," said Albert.

Rachel thought that Albert was just being polite and answered,"No, that's fine. I have to run some errands later today. I would make do with the bread."

"I mean it. Let's go. There are many restaurants around. I happen to know a nice one nearby. It's my treat. Please don't turn me down. You'd break my heart." As Albert finished his sentence, he took her hand to lead her out. He spoke with a bright smile, revealing his sparkling teeth. He didn't even give her a chance to say no.

"Oh, my bread..."

Rachel had accidentally dropped her bread on the floor.

Albert took her to a fancy French restaurant. They found a table and sat down. The music in the restaurant was delightful, which made the ambiance pretty romantic.

Rachel was wearing a casual outfit since she had to shuttle back and forth today. She was wearing a regular T-shirt and a pair of jeans, with sports shoes. Her clothes made her look a bit out of place.

"Why did you visit the mall's office today?" Rachel was surprised to see him there, but she hadn't got the chance to bring it up until now. His sudden appearance seemed to be somewhat coincidental.

Albert paused for a second and continued with a smile,"It's summer vacation time. I want to find a part-time job to ease the burden on my family. Besides, I can learn something from the job."

He decided not to tell Rachel the real reason. Today at the mall, he had noticed that Rachel had worked very hard to get the project back, so he assumed that she was from an ordinary family. If he told her the truth, she might look at him differently. He just wanted to let her think of him as an ordinary student.

"Part-time job? But the food here is quite expensive. How can you afford to eat here?" Rachel was confused. Most of the dishes' price was over 100. Why would he choose this place?

"It is the first time I have invited you to lunch. I want it to be perfect. Besides, you said that you need to rush to other places soon and there are only fancy restaurants in this area. I didn't want to waste your time by going to other places." Albert tried to find a reasonable excuse to clear her doubt.

Rachel nodded her head. "Let's share the bill then. You're only a student. I wouldn't let you spend this much money on a meal," Rachel insisted.

Not far away from Rachel and Albert's table, Two men were having their lunch. One of them took a glace at Albert and told the man sitting across him,"Hiram, my nephew is here too. Excuse me for a moment. I want to go say hi."

"Certainly," Hiram answered without raising his head. He was reading a file with his iPad placed on the table. He was reading so dedicatedly that his eyes never left the iPad screen.

"Well, on second thought, I don't want to disturb him. It seems that he is having a hot date with a girl. He might get embarrassed if he knows I'm here," said Luke. Luke was Hiram's private attorney, and he was earnest about his work, but not about relationships. He didn't want anyone to disturb him when he had a date with a woman, so he thought Albert wouldn't want that either.

Although Luke was a gentleman, he also loved the wildness in his life.

Hiram didn't pay much attention to Luke's remark. He sipped his coffee and continued reading the file.

Luke glanced at the girl sitting with Albert, and said questioningly,"It seems like I have met this girl before. Hiram, could you stop reading for a moment and take a look at the girl to see if we know her or not?"

Hiram raised his head and glanced at Luke, thinking that Luke was being nosy again, but he still did what Luke asked him to. Hiram turned around and looked towards where Luke's gaze was.

Hiram saw that a woman was laughing at something said by the man accompanying her. Hiram recognized that the woman was Rachel. It seemed that the man was telling her a funny story, and Rachel could not help but laugh.

"So you are my junior schoolmate. I didn't have a chance to revisit

our university in the past two years. I'm going to spare some time to pay a visit to my old school someday soon," Rachel wiped the tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes. It had been a long while since she felt this relaxed last time.

When students graduated from the university, they had to face all sorts of problems and challenges. Gradually they changed. Some of them got lost, and they questioned what they were doing with their life. That was something they needed to experience when they were young.

"Of course, you must do that. I'm free next weekend. You can pay a visit then. I would accompany you," Albert said with a big smile on his face.

Rachel and Albert were chatting and laughing now and again. Hiram was watching their interaction after Luke asked him to take a look.

Although he only saw her profile, he recognized her at once.

Hiram stared at them for a while. She was giggling so loud that he could hear her hearty laughter. The last time he had heard that kind of laugh from her was when she was in the hospital, and he went into the ward by accident. She only cried or smirked when she was with him.

There was a big shining smile on her pretty face. Her bright eyes resembled a pair of crescent moons. Her face turned red, and her lips resembled the petals of red roses.

After a while, Rachel stood up and went to the lady's room. After she washed her hands, she raised her head and tried to fix her hair while looking into the mirror on the wall. Right then she saw a man in the mirror. She was stunned.

"You are a really strong woman. You almost died last night, but today it seems that it had no impact on you. In less than twenty-four hours, you are chatting and laughing with a man in a fancy restaurant without any concerns. You have a great psychological state,"

Hiram had his hands folded around his chest. He was standing at the door of the lady's room as he looked at Rachel through the mirror. Rachel was surprised to see him there.

"You have said that we have our own space," Ignoring Hiram, Rachel looked at herself in the mirror and fixed her hair behind her ears. It seemed that they kept running into each other by accident.

There were times when people walked past death. Rachel was very scared last night, but she knew that life had to go on.

Rachel was wearing a big T-shirt, which covered her lovely figure. Hiram could not help but stare at her body from behind. He pictured her exquisite body under the T-shirt. He could not forget her beautiful body ever since he saw it once.

"My mother has specifically told me to take good care of you. She said that you don't need to work so hard. You can stay home, and I will support you. Being my wife means that you don't need to worry about money,"

Hiram walked to her side and placed his hand on her waist, pulling her into his arms gently.

Rachel immediately stopped him from touching her with her hands, and said with a smile,"Mr. Rong, are you mocking me?

In order to be your Mrs. Rong for a month, do I really need to give up my job, throw away three years of hard work and everything I have earned by myself?"

Her remarks were like a thorn stabbing into his heart. He frowned and said with a deep voice,"Even if we get a divorce, I'll give you the alimony, which can support you for the rest of your life. If you want, you don't need to go to work even after the divorce."

He had thought about giving her a large amount of money. He had already asked someone to open an account for her and transfer eight million into the account.

Though her kidnapping was his fault, he had already made amends to her.

Rachel turned around and smiled, poking his chest with her slender finger.

"Hiram Rong, what do you mean? Are you saying that I embarrass you by going to work? Or perhaps you feel embarrassed when you see me with another man. Are you worried that I would cheat on you?"

While she was speaking, Rachel kept drawing circles with her finger on his chest. Hiram grabbed her finger with his hand and said,"Don't forget your identity now. You're my wife. Even if you want to see other men, you should wait until we get a divorce."

"Oh no, I'm afraid that I'm going to let you down. I'm not going back home tonight. I'm still afraid that someone will throw me out in the middle of the night. Besides, did you see the man sitting with me? He is a handsome young man. He happens to be my type, and I don't want to miss him,"

Rachel said with a smile. Then she pulled away her finger and walked out of the lady's room.

Hiram's face darkened when he heard what she had said.

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