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   Chapter 28 Her Ability

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The surrounding air was strange and quiet.

It was already 4 o'clock in the morning. The dawn was approaching.

It had been a sleepless night and it seemed they weren't going to sleep.

"If you ask one more time, I will kiss you again. How about questioning me after that, what do you think?" After a moment of silence, Hiram grinned and observed her with a beamish face.

Rachel dropped the idea of asking him after hearing his warning. Instead, she turned around and ran quickly.

She went inside the house to take a nap. After waking up, she got dressed up and went to work. That Sunday had passed in the most "dramatic" way.

She might have asked for a leave to calm down and clear things up if it had happened before. But, she had already had a sick leave, and it was Monday, which meant there was a lot of work waiting for her. It wasn't a wise decision for her to ask for another leave.

Moreover, the sales performance was going to be announced soon. If Group A, which was under her charge, didn't come out with an impressive result, they might get degraded to Group B the next time.

If that happened, they would become the joke of the whole organization.

The company where Rachel worked had adopted an upgrade system, and there were Group A, Group B, Group C. All staff members started in Group C and gradually got promoted to higher groups. The salaries also varied accordingly in different groups. Employees got evaluated every half a year, and if they failed, they would get degraded.

"Rachel, there you go. Here's this month's sales performance. It just came out. Currently, we are 30% behind Group B. There are only a few days left. I don't think we will be able to make it."

Fiona, one of the group members, came to discuss the sales report with Rachel.

"Besides, our direct channel of distribution has reached its saturation point. Although there is still room for improvement in our circulation and our sales plan is much better, we are running out of time. I am afraid that our promotion wouldn't work as expected and it wouldn't get translated into sales growth……"

Rachel got something in her mind while she was holding that sales report, "The reason behind its ineffectiveness might be that there are too many procedures in this process. If we make a direct order, I am sure we can make it in one or two days."

After a few seconds, Rachel stood up and asked everyone to come over, "Guys, let's put aside our work for a minute. Michael, could you check these three areas for me today? We need to promote our products in all these shopping malls as soon as possible."

"Fiona, this is yours."

"Celine, you are in charge of the bigger areas."

Other group members were also assigned their own areas.

Celine took the sales list and looked at it. She nodded her head and looked at Rachel worriedly, "Still, the two biggest shopping malls are left, and they are the most difficult ones to negotiate with. They ha

"I have simplified many procedures. It would be more efficient to implement them. Besides, I believe a wise man, especially a man with ambitious goals, wouldn't put his emphasis on small profits, am I right?"

While she was talking, Manager Zhang already opened the sales proposal. He knew her ability very well. The reason why he agreed with the former cooperation was that every idea of her proposal was pertinent and could bring effective and profitable result.

"Manager Zhang, I have seen Sandy's proposal. It looks quite attractive. But I am sure that a smart businessman like you can discover the flaws in it. It isn't suitable for a long-term cooperation."

Rachel noticed that he wavered as she was talking, she took the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot.

"If you help me hold this event two days later, I would forget about this…… And I swear I won't tell anyone else. You would still be the honest and upright Manager Zhang, what do you think?"

Manager Zhang was looking at her proposal, and he said, "Ok, I know what to do. Just give me some time to review your proposal. I will call you tonight."

"But! I have nothing to do with…… Sandy. So please don't gossip about that!"

He walked a few steps. Then, he turned around and said to Rachel.

Rachel smiled and nodded her head.

The harder he tried to hide, the more he exposed. If it weren't for business, she definitely wouldn't have anything to do with him.

Rachel finally got what she wanted. She breathed a sigh of great relief. Now that he said so, it was half the success.

A wise man knows how to weigh the pros and cons.

Rachel had worked out such a tricky business in the hallway leading to the shopping mall's canteen. She stretched her arms and legs. Her legs were almost numb because of the long wait.

She took out the meat floss bread she bought on her way here from her handbag. She ate a little and heard applause from behind.

"Nice to see you again!"

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