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   Chapter 27 Why Did You Kiss Me

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All the police cars had already gone, leaving only Hiram's car on the road.

Luke Jian's mouth widened with shock when he witnessed what was happening in front of him. He immediately took out his phone and started to shoot a video of the kissing couple. It was such a rare occurrence. Luke thought that he had to record it.

Luke had handled many lawsuits for Hiram, and he had also shared many meals with him. But he had never seen him kiss a woman. Opportunity knocked at the door only once, so of course, Luke wouldn't miss the chance.

Hiram kissed Rachel out of the blue. Just like his domineering personality, his kiss was also overbearing. It made Rachel angry.

"No..." Rachel tried to open her mouth to speak, but Hiram took the opportunity to deepen his kiss. He forced his kiss on her so vigorously and imperiously that Rachel didn't have a chance to refuse.

"You have my blood on your lips. Of course, I have to sip it back," said Hiram. He finally stopped and let go of her. He felt satisfied when he saw that there wasn't any blood left on her lips. Then, he turned around and walked towards his car.

Rachel stood still. She hadn't come back to her senses yet.

She didn't understand what he meant. He had ruthlessly driven her out of his house. And when he realized that she was kidnapped, he seemed unwilling to save her. So why was he kissing her all of a sudden?

Was Hiram really trying to sip back his blood?

As Hiram got in the car, Luke immediately put his phone back in his pocket and got in the car, too.

The Maybach drove up to Rachel. Luke was sitting in the driver's seat, he unlocked the car doors and said,"Miss Ruan, please get in the car now. It's already two o'clock in the morning."

Rachel caught a glimpse of Hiram who was sitting in the back seat. She let out a cold sigh as she opened the door of the passenger seat and got inside the car.

"I am really hungry. Would there be any restaurants still open at this hour?" asked Rachel. She hadn't finished her supper earlier, and then she had experienced such a terrible incident. She was starving by now.

"Indeed, I think you should eat some food and relax yourself. I know that there is a restaurant open around the clock. But, Hiram, are you okay? You have a wound on your arm," Luke asked as he took a glance at Hiram who was sitting behind him. Rachel had bitten Hiram's arm badly. He thought that Hiram might need some treatment for his wound first.

Hiram rolled up his sleeve and looked at the wound on his arm. There was a blood stain on it, but he didn't care and said calmly,"No need to worry about my wound. I am all right. Take us to eat something first."

Rachel looked out of the window and paid no heed to what Hiram had said.

'Why did he agree with my idea? Why didn't he agree with me earlier? If he had agreed with me earlier, I wouldn't have been kidnapped, ' Rachel thought to herself.

When they reached the restaurant, Rachel quickly ordered all sorts of cuisine available in the menu, while ignoring the taste of the food. She didn't care about whether she had ordered too much food. She ordered all the expensive ones.

Then, their table was full of different dishes. The two men sat opposite Rachel. They were shocked to see her devouring the food.

Rachel had always had a good appetite, and she was able to eat more when she was agitated. That was why she was eating like a savage now.

Hiram hadn't touched his chopsticks yet as he hadn't started eating. But his appetite aroused when he saw Rachel enjoying every dish. Suddenly, he grabbed his chopsticks and began to pick up some food to eat.

Luke was still in shock, and his eyes were fixed on Rachel. He had never seen a woman who had the courage to freely enjoy food in front of men. No woman dared to eat like this, especially in front of Hiram.

Hiram was a wealthy and attractive man, so most of the women he met were conscious of their manners and behaved decently in front of him. Rachel was the first woman who paid no attention to the way she looked in front of Hiram.

In the end, Rachel was finally full. But she was a little bit embarrassed when she saw Luke pay the bill.

"I am sorry. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Rachel Ruan. What's your name?" Rachel said politely and extended her hand. She looked at him with a feeling of gratitude.

Luke smiled, he shook her hand politely and said,"I am Luke Jian, your man's private lawyer. I have handled more than one hundred cases for Hiram. We have been working together for the past ten years."

Rachel immediately shook her head after she heard his words.

She explained,"I have to make something clear to you. He..." While Rachel was talking,

she turned her head to look at the tall man standing next to her. Hiram raised his black bushy brows, grinned, and also looked at her, as if he was waiting to hear what she was going to say.

"He's neither my man, nor my boyfriend. Please think about it. If he was my man or boyfriend, how could he have forced me to get out of his house late at night? I am just an insignificant person who he can turn away at any time."

Luke wasn't clear about the whole story between Hiram and Rachel, so he glanced at Hiram with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

But Hiram moved his eyes away, avoiding any eye contact with Luke. He lowered his head and lit a cigarette. Without explaining anything, he slowly walked towards his car.

"Really? But, Miss Ruan, if that's true, why did Hiram kiss you earlier? You bit him and threw your shoes at him, but he didn't get angry. So...I think...Hahaha...Do you understand what I mean?" Luke burst into laughter and stopped asking any more questions.

When a man started to tolerate a woman's temper, what did it mean?

Rachel also didn't understand why Hiram had kissed her all of a sudden.

"Hiram! Here comes my car. I am going back home now!" Luke said to Hiram. Then, he got inside his sports car and bid farewell to Rachel.

On their way back to the villa, Hiram sat on the driver's seat, while Rachel sat on the back seat. They both kept silent the whole way.

After they had returned to the villa, Rachel couldn't control her anger anymore. She blocked Hiram's way, stopping him from going to his bedroom.

"I want to move out of your house tomorrow. I will explain everything to my mother myself," said Rachel. She was still furious. She wasn't able to cool down her anger.

Rachel didn't want to experience such a horrible incident again. She was afraid that she might be driven away from the house again and she would end up in another dangerous situation.

She had only one life. She didn't want to put herself into such a dangerous situation yet again.

Hiram stopped moving forward. He lowered his head to look at her, and said,"We'll talk about it tomorrow. I need to go and deal with my wound."

Then, he turned away from her and went straight to his bedroom.

But Rachel followed him into his bedroom and insisted,"Hiram. Since we have so many restrictions on each other, why don't we just live apart? It is meaningless for us to live together. Don't you think so?"

While he was listening to her, Hiram took out the medicine box, sat on the sofa and started treating his wound.

"Regarding what happened tonight, I admit that it was my fault. I promise it won't happen again," said Hiram.

He grabbed a cotton bud, dip it in a little alcohol and cleaned the wound. When the cotton bud touched his wound, he frowned with pain. But he didn't utter a single word and carried on to apply the medicine on his wound.

"But I think there is no need for us to tolerate each other anymore. I could see that we have different personalities. You are not used to my habits in many aspects. You don't have to force yourself to do it," said Rachel. Hiram had done many things that had angered her. However, she was well aware that, to some extent, he had tried to reconcile with her.

Rachel knew that Hiram wasn't accustomed to living with another person, seeing anything he disliked, and being disturbed by others. Moreover, he didn't even like his things to be touched by anyone else.

"Yeah, I am not used to your habits. But we have already signed a marriage contract. We have to obey the terms of the contract," Hiram said and started to dress his wound expertly. It seemed that this was not the first time he had to bandage a wound.

Rachel felt speechless.

She didn't know how to answer him. She had no choice but to live here for some more days.

Rachel turned around and started to leave. But when she was about to open the door, she suddenly thought of something and turned around to look at Hiram, who had finished bandaging his wound.

She asked,"Could you tell me why did you kiss me on the road?"

Hiram was putting away the medicine box, but when he heard Rachel's question, he stopped.

He furrowed his brows and thought in his mind, 'Isn't she a brilliant woman? Then how come her EQ is so low?'

He couldn't believe that she would ask him such a stupid question.

"Why aren't you saying anything? I don't think that I am the sort of woman that you like. And you have always been against our marriage. In a word, I think it's impossible that you like me. So, I don't understand the reason behind the kiss. Could you tell me?"

Rachel asked inquisitively. But she didn't know that her honest words had already irritated Hiram.

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