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   Chapter 26 Throwing Shoes At Him

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Rachel replied honestly. She was terrified.

She was kidnapped by those wicked men. They had threatened to rape and kill her because Hiram didn't pay the ransom they had asked for. If the same thing had happened to him, he would have shared her feelings.

Hiram with his thick and black eyebrows knitted, bent down and took her into his arms to get her out of the car.

While getting out of the car, Rachel noticed that the top of the car was completely cut off. She wondered how they did that. But, it was hard for her to figure it out as she was too scared to think.

There were lots of policemen surrounding the car, with their guns aiming at Jay and his driver. The young man, called Finn was already under restraint.

According to the law, the three kidnappers would be kept in prison permanently. They deliberately kidnapped a woman for ransom and tried to murder her. They deserved harsh punishment.

Rachel was held in Hiram's arms till he settled her into the black Maybach.

The petite woman immediately sank into the leather seat. She looked dreadfully pale out of fear. Her legs were constantly trembling as if they were out of control. She held her bent legs tightly with her arms, trying to bring herself some sense of security.

She sat there and looked vacantly into the distance. She felt like a numb puppet, whose soul was taken away.

After settling Rachel into the car, Hiram stood outside and looked at her through the half-open window. His eyes darkened. The poor girl made his heart ache. He opened his mouth and tried to say something to her, but failed. Then he turned around to see a man walking toward him.

''Mr. Rong, the bank account of the kidnapper has been blocked; and you can get your money back anytime. This kidnapping could be construed as a vicious incident. I will request to enhance the punishment. Jay should stay in prison for his whole life." The man said to Hiram. He was Luke Jian, Hiram's friend and private lawyer.

"As for the money, I will give you a bank account number tomorrow; you can just transfer the money there," replied Hiram. Then he turned his eyes toward Jay. At the same time, Jay was staring at him with hatred.

Jay was held by the arms by the policemen and was being pushed forward towards the police car. Even in such a condition, he would not give in. He struggled to stop himself and turned around to shout at Hiram,"Bastard, just remember. You'd better keep me in prison forever. Otherwise, I will come back and avenge myself whenever I get the chance!"

Luke couldn't help laughing when he heard that. Jay was indeed the kind of man who refused to give up until all hope was gone. He didn't know who Hiram was. As the big boss of such a large business group, he had got himself lots of enemies. He was experienced in dealing with such retaliative actions.

"By the way, who is that girl? What is your relationship with her?" Luke asked, trying to satisfy his own curiosity.

A gust of cold wind emerged, drying the pitiful girl who had been sweating out of fear. The bright stars were shining in the sky. It was a beautiful night!

"What do you think?"

Hiram threw the question back. Luke was a lawyer who was good at analyzing and judging people. Hiram felt like giving him a test.

"Well, allow me to have a short talk with her; and then I will give you the answer."

This was exactly what he liked. Luke walked up to Hiram's posh car. He lowered his body and said to the frightened woman through the window,"Young lady, I am sorry that you are scared. Don't worry. Your man has solved the problem. You will never see the kidnappers again.

Moreover, I think you should make use of this incident to get a large amount of spiritual damage compensation from h

im. Don't let him get away with this easily."

As Rachel heard Luke's witty remarks, she became quite relaxed. Now that she was back to herself, she knew what she could do to make herself feel better.

"Damn it!" The car's door suddenly opened and it hit Luke's chin.

Before he realized what happened, he saw Rachel coming out of the car with her shoes in her hands. With bare feet, she quickly walked towards Hiram.

"Hiram, You bastard!"

As she said that, she threw one of her shoes with all her strength at the man standing not too far away from her.

The shoe successfully hit Hiram's back.

Hearing his name being called, Hiram turned around and saw the furious woman moving toward him like an angry wildcat. She was too quick. He got no time to avoid the flying shoe.

Hiram had never been afraid of anyone. But at this moment, he was a little bit scared by seeing her behave in this way.

"You bastard, I will beat you to death."

Rachel shouted indignantly. At the same time, she also tried to throw another shoe at him, aiming at his handsome face this time.

Hiram would have dodged the shoe, but he just stood motionless. The shoe passed by his ear and flew away. He knew he wouldn't get hit at the beginning. But he was kind of angry now, as no one had ever dared to do this to him.

"Rachel, are you crazy? Do you realize what you are doing?"

"I am crazy? Ha, you know who made me crazy? The person who kicked me out at midnight. Who gave the kidnappers a chance to capture me?"

Rachel hadn't had her anger blown out yet. Her bare feet were aching; but compared to the pain in her heart, it was not worth mentioning. She walked up to Hiram, trying to give him more punishment.

"You brought this danger on me, and you don't even feel guilty for that. Instead, you said I am crazy. How dare you? You thought I couldn't do anything to defend myself?" When she approached him, she hit his chest with her hands. Soon, she realized that this kind of hitting couldn't hurt him at all. On the contrary, it looked like she was trying to flirt with him.

Therefore, she changed her mind. She suddenly grabbed his arm and bit him, when he was distracted.

Luke was massaging his chin and examining the drama. He was taken aback by Rachel's sudden reaction. He reached out his hand to feel his own arm as if he could feel the pain himself.

It was really a big news; he hadn't seen it coming!

Hiram had never been involved in any love affair, and now he was involved with a young girl on the road. If the reporters could take a picture of this scene, it would definitely hit the headlines the next morning.

"You crazy woman. Didn't I come to save you?" Hiram tried to put up with the pain while attempting to relive his arm from the pain. "Let's say I was wrong. But I tried my best to make up for it. Why are you still mad at me? Let go of my arm."

Rachel refused to be persuaded. She was kidnapped; she nearly lost her virginity, and she could have died. She could not let him off so easily, when she thought of all that.

Hiram took a deep breath. He frowned at her, and at the same time he grabbed her forcefully with his free hand to press her tightly against his chest.

This woman was like a vampire. His arm was bleeding.

Rachel freed her mouth willingly when she got pushed by his strong hand. She raised her head and happened to meet his eyes. He was too hurt to say anything.

Rachel looked very attractive with her blood-reddened lips. Her anger-filled eyes seemed to be shining.

Suddenly, she felt something cold and soft covering her mouth.

He was kissing her! She gazed at the man with wide open eyes. They were so close to each other. Rachel was too shocked to know what she should do.

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