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   Chapter 25 The Successful Rescue

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Hiram casually glanced at the phone on the table for a while. He then walked up to the table and picked up the phone.

Jay anxiously and impatiently spoke on the other side of the line,"Hiram Rong! I am telling you, this woman Is kidnapped because of you. You have to pay her ransom right now!

I am going to send my bank account number to your phone. You have to transfer fifty million to my account within an hour! One of the men around me has been eyeing her for a long time. If you don't transfer the money to my account in time, I'm afraid that he might make her his woman tonight."

Jay took a quick look at Rachel who was holding her shoulders with her hands. He had slept with a lot of women before when he was still a rich and successful man. "This woman seems to be a virgin. It would be a pity if she gets molested. You should think about it carefully.

If you don't transfer the money in time, we will do something cruel to her. Don't blame us for it later."

After he finished speaking, Jay hung up the phone. Hiram could only hear the busy tone. He looked at the phone, with rage and hatred burning in his eyes.

He made a call,"Luke, can you help me investigate a person?"

Later, Hiram called Jay,"Mr. Zhong, that's too much. I don't think that woman is worth fifty million. She is worth five million. I can only give you this much amount of money. If you don't accept that, I believe that it is also easy to settle this matter with this money even if something terrible happens to her there. What do you think?"

This time, Jay spoke with Hiram over the phone on hands-free mode. Rachel and all the others present also heard their conversation clearly.

Rachel's lips kept trembling. She thought that Hiram was really good at bargaining. He even lowered the price to five million from fifty million!

In this case, Rachel could only be worth five million.

"Mr. Rong, she is a person. The fixed price is thirty million. Don't haggle over the price anymore," said Jay, after throwing a glance at Rachel.

"Five million. I would not pay more than that." Hiram made no concession.

"Mr. Rong, you really deserve to be a business tycoon. You are unwilling to spend more money on rescuing a woman. Well, twenty million! It's a reasonable price. Don't bargain with me!"

"Six million."

While hearing their discussion, Rachel felt as if they were haggling over the price of some goods in the market, and she was like a fish, ready to be sold.

She was just a worthless fish to them.

At last, Hiram and Jay came to an agreement. The final price was set at eight million.

They also agreed that after half an hour Hiram would be transferring four million into Jay's account first, and Jay would send Rachel to the chosen crossroad. If Rachel was found safe and sound, Hiram would transfer the rest amount of money.

Everything went on according to their plan.

After Jay checked his account and learned that he had received four million, he breathed a sigh of relief. He then told Finn who was standing behind him,"Take her in the car and drive to the designated place."

The car slowly moved towards that designated place. A piece of cloth covered Rachel's eyes, so she was unable to see the signs along the roadside. She just felt that the car drove at a slow speed.

"Boss, should we head for that place?"

Hesitating, Jay looked at the time and then carefully glanced around. "I'm afraid that if we arrive at the designated place, we won't be able to get the other four million and I might also be forced to return all of the money that I have just received from Hiram."

He didn't realize this at the beginning, but now after thinking about it carefully, he felt that something was amiss.

He wasn't sure whether the conversation over the phone half an hour ago was being monitored or not.

"What should we do now?" asked Finn restlessly while guarding Rachel.

Smoking a cigar, Jay carelessly flicked the ash. In the dim light, he looked at both sides of the road and said,"Finn, you should kill this woman. I think there is no need to take a risk. Although four million is not a large amount of money, it will be enough for us to hide for some time."


When she heard that they were going to kill her, Rachel started shaking her head and

said,"Don't... Don't kill me. Give me the phone! I will call him and talk to him. Don't harm me...

If I die, this matter will just get worse, and you will be in big trouble. By then, you might have nowhere to escape in this world."

Rachel trembled with fear. These fearless criminals were dreadful.

She would be very unfortunate if they killed her.

'My dear ancestors!

Is this the fate you have decided for me?

Are you sure that you wouldn't want to let me die so young?' she thought.

"That's right. Jay, I don't think we need to kill her," said Finn hesitantly. He didn't want to become a murderer at such a young age.

"Do you think that we have any other alternative?" Jay condemned Finn as he sucked on his cigar.

When Jay finished speaking, their car was hit by another car coming from behind.

"How could you drive your car so carelessly?" "I was driving so slow, and it is dark in the evening, so I was unable to see anything clearly along the road. It's not my fault." The driver of the car behind their car got out and walked towards the driver's seat of theirs.

Upon hearing that driver, the men inside the car began to get nervous. Someone quickly covered Rachel's mouth because they feared that she would cry for help.

The driver in their car immediately rolled down the window, poked his head out and spoke to that man who stood outside their car.

"Okay. I know you didn't mean to do that. It isn't your fault. Just go."

Rachel tried her best to make a sound. She had no alternative but to do that because Jay wanted to kill her now.

At this extremely dangerous moment, she couldn't count on anyone. She had no one.

"It's so nice of you to say that. But you should be careful while driving. You might cause a car accident if you continue to drive like that. That's okay. I should leave now." After the driver of the other car finished talking, he walked back to his car. He didn't seem to notice Rachel who was tied up and seated on the back seat.

Everyone inside the car felt relieved, except for Rachel.

The driver got the car started again and planned to leave that terrible place.

Right then, they heard a strange noise coming from the car's roof.

"Quick! Drive the car quickly!"

Jay, who was sitting on the passenger seat, got frightened and pushed the driver hard.

The car barely moved a few meters forward, and suddenly the car roof was removed with a loud noise.

The car seemed like a pot, and its cover was removed by someone who knew very well what was hidden inside it.

Rachel looked up in amazement. She could clearly see the stars twinkling in the sky and the man coming down from the car roof.

The man appeared on the back seat, bare-handed. He hit Finn with his fist, and Finn passed out. He then quickly opened the car door and kicked Finn out of the car.

Before Rachel got a chance to scream, that man steadily sat beside her. He said in a calm voice,"Mr. Zhong, you haven't got the rest of the money. Why are you so anxious to leave?"

"Hiram... Hiram..." Jay was sitting in front of Hiram, his face turned. He was so scared that he was unable to speak.

"You spoke rather arrogantly over the phone earlier, so why are you stammering now?"

Hiram said in a relaxed tone, but his words made Jay very upset. Jay realized that his plan was totally destroyed.

"Boss! Look! Look at that!" Looking at a line of police cars in front of them, the driver got so scared that he spoke frantically.

Hiram unhurriedly took out a folding knife and looked at Rachel who had turned pale with fear. "You bring me so much trouble..."

Rachel was speechless with anger.


You were the one who drove me out of the house tonight. It's all your fault!' she thought.

Rachel glanced at Hiram who was helping her cut off the strings. Her aching hands were able to get rid of ties now. When she was about to say something, she saw the policemen come towards them in a line and then they surrounded the car.

"Get out of the car right now! Do you wish to stay here longer?" Hiram said to Rachel while looking at the car's door which had been opened. He then raised his eyebrows and cast a glance at Rachel, having no idea whether she was excessively frightened or not.

"My, my legs feel really weak..."

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