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   Chapter 24 Do What You Want To Do

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The kidnapper's voice sounded so familiar. Rachel wondered where did she hear that voice before.

Hiram answered the phone,"Who are you?". That time, Hiram was drinking with his friends in his garden.

"Who am I? How can you forget me so quickly? You were lucky to be protected by your girlfriend last time. Well, this time, it will be your turn to save her."

It was Jay who was calling him. Jay was in jail for a few days and bailed himself two days ago.

Jay was an old man; he was more than 50 years old. With his age, he knew it was impossible for him to regain his honor. He had lost everything because of Hiram. What he only wanted was to let Hiram pay for what he had done. And there was nothing he was afraid of.

"Do you mean she is with you right now?" As usual, Hiram's voice sounded calm. Yet, his eyebrows noticeably furrowed.

"Yes. You want a proof? Wait a minute, I will send you her photo." Jay hung the phone up and entered Hiram's number to his phone.

Then he opened the car's window and threw Rachel's phone away. As cars drove over the phone, the phone broke into pieces.

The van finally stopped at a garage in the outlying part of H City.

Rachel was taken out of the car and was brought into the garage. Then they finally removed the sack from her. Rachel saw who the kidnappers were. It was those two men who revenged against Hiram last time. However, this time, there was another young man. Rachel thought he might be their new ally.

"Someone better hit this woman to make her look miserable. Then take pictures of her. Otherwise, it won't show our contempt." Jay said to the young man who was standing beside him.

Rachel stepped back. She tried to wave her hands, but unfortunately, they were tied tightly. "Please wait!" Rachel said. "Are you Mr. Jay Zhong? I think you have kidnapped the wrong person."

Rachel pondered that her relationship with Hiram was much worse than what they imagined.

"Kidnapped the wrong person? Are you kidding me? Who do you think we are? We were tracking you for many days. We found out that you are living with Hiram. Do you remember the last time you didn't hesitate to protect him from the stone? It was very clear that you two are in a relationship?" Jay lighted his cigar, blew out the smoke and said those words.

"You don't understand. We have no special relationship at all. Like this time, he threw me out of the villa. That's why you got the chance to kidnap me. Can you imagine that? How can a boyfriend let his girlfriend out late at night?"

Rachel tried her best to disassociate herself from Hiram. How could she be so unlucky? All bad things happened to her because of him.

She was also so unlucky before, but it was always her dates who suffered. But it was different now. How could this all happen?

"Stop that nonsense! Finn. You do it." Jay seemed to lose his patience after her babbles. He called Finn and looked at him. Fin was the young man who was standing beside him.

As Jay said, Finn rolled up his sleeves, wore a bad smile and walked slowly towards Rachel.

"Ahhhhh!" Rachel loudly cried in fear.

The white t-shirt she wore was torn open and revealed her white chest and shoulders. The young man couldn't help but clear his throat. He was about to fondle her.

"Finn, stop!" Jay stopped him. He would still need her to extort money from Hiram. If she was ruined, she would have no value anymore.

Finn was so reluctant but still stopped. He looked at Rachel with his eyes lingering on her delicate skin for a while. Then he stepped back, and stood beside Jay.

Jay took several pictures of Rachel. He chose her most miserable-looking picture and sent it to Hiram.

He believed that as soon as Hiram saw the picture, Hiram would call him and redeem her without any hesitation.

What he wanted was not very much. He would only ask Hiram to give him about ten million dollars which would be enough for him to spend for the rest of his life.

Jay checked his phone from time to time. But still, he got no call or message from Hiram. There was nothing he could do but wait.

It's more than one hour after Jay sent the picture.

Jay stood up. Around him were countless cigarette butts. He couldn't wait anymore and started c

alling Hiram again. After his phone rang for a while, Hiram finally answered.

"Mr. Rong! What the hell are you doing? Do you want your girlfriend back? Do you think we don't dare kill her?" Rachel was still tied and was almost out of energy. Jay tried his best to hold his anger back and said.

"Do what you want to do. I don't care. By the way, who told you that she's my girlfriend? It's up to you if you want to kill her. And one more thing, please stop calling me. It really bothers my rest." Hiram answered carelessly with his cold voice.

Jay got even angrier and kept on saying,"Are you still a man? This woman, at least, protected you from the stone last time. How can you do this to her?"

"Oh, Jay, I think you know me too little. You can go and find out yourself that there are a lot of women who would do anything for me. They would protect me from stones; even from knives or guns." Hiram answered him easily.

It seemed that Rachel was just like an accessory to him. If it broke, he could just have a new one. In other words, she's not important to him at all.

After Jay heard him, Jay threw his phone in anger. If Hiram was in front of him that time, he would immediately smash Hiram's face with his chair.

"What... What did he say?" Rachel asked cautiously. Rachel was lying on the wall, looked at Jay being furious, and wondered what Hiram said. 'How can he make a kidnapper so angry?' Rachel thought.

Jay did not answer. Suddenly Rachel burst into tears and asked,"Can you please tell me why you kidnapped me? Hiram and I aren't even related..." Rachel couldn't stop crying out. "My father passed away long time ago. I am my mother's only daughter. If there is anything that happens to me, how can she live by herself?" Rachel kept crying.

"Uncle Jay, I know you're still a good man inside. I beg you. Please let me go."

Jay suddenly turned to Rachel furiously and asked,"If you have no, even tiny, relationship with him, why do you live together in his house? I heard that Hiram have never brought any woman to his house before. If there's really nothing between the two of you, why do you live together?"

"You… You don't understand it. If you have time, I can explain all to you." Rachel answered. "I am the daughter of their nanny. My mother is sick, so she asked me to take her place for a few days. Since you have tracked me, you must know that I just moved into the villa three or four days ago, right?"

She couldn't help but curse Hiram in her mind while saying those words. It had been just three or four days since she moved in, and there was not even a single peaceful day. How could she be so unlucky?

Jay and his partners looked at each other. All of them seemed to be convinced with what Rachel explained. They looked at what Rachel wore. It was just like what usual people wore.

If she was really Hiram's girlfriend, she should be wearing Chanel and Hermes clothes from her head to her toe.

"Uncle Jay, since she's useless, just give her to me." Finn said abruptly. Finn had been attracted to Rachel for a long time. When he heard that she was worthless, his heart itched.

Jay sat on his chair again, looked at Rachel and pondered for a while. The woman that he got was worthless, but it could not end just like that.

They risked a lot to kidnap her. He was afraid that Hiram would revenge against him after what happened.

This was his only chance, and it's up to him what to do.

"Young man, we need to figure out what is more important right now. Don't think about sex all the time! Leave her alone. You can't do anything to her yet. I have to find another way to get money from him. Otherwise, where will we escape? And how can we escape without money?"

Jay scolded Finn while looking at Rachel.

Rachel's heart beat rapidly after she heard what Jay said. It seemed that the kidnappers would not give up yet.

She wondered what was in Hiram's mind again?

At the same time, what was happening in the Tulip Palace where Hiram and Rachel lived in?

Hiram glanced at his phone and put it on the table beside him. All his guests already left. He stood by the window and gazed at the dark night.

Not so long, his phone rang again, and broke the serenity of the night.

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