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   Chapter 23 Kidnapping Incident

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Rachel Ruan kept silent, and Mandy Wang pulled Rachel's sleeve and begged her with her eyes filled with tears. "Rachel, we will be in one family, and you will become my elder sister soon. Please help me get through this trouble. Please."

Rachel felt very baffled. If she was living alone as she did in the past, she could've helped her without hesitating.

But she was living now in Hiram's villa. She couldn't absolutely bring another woman into his house.

Or else, he would surely throw both Mandy and Rachel out of his house.

"Well, I have an idea. You'll have your salary after two days, right? Maybe you can get a room in a hotel and stay there for two days. I will pay for it. Besides, it's safer in the hotel. Then you can rent a house and move there."

Rachel suggested.

She thought that it was the best way to solve her problem.

But Mandy felt curious after what Rachel suggested. She looked at Rachel in suspicion. She figured that maybe Rachel had a boyfriend. No man ever dared to be Rachel's boyfriend, she recalled. Then, Mandy immediately replied, "Rachel, I think it's better if we live together so we can take care of each other. Or... Don't tell me you already have a boyfriend?"

Mandy remembered that Fannie Ruan secretly asked her father to introduce some men to Rachel, because no man dared to be on a blind date with her.

Mandy admitted that Rachel indeed had gotten more beautiful than her. Moreover, Rachel also was more capable than her in work. However, Rachel was far less attractive to men than Mandy.

"Yes...I do. So, I think we can't live together now." Rachel confessed honestly. No matter what she did, she couldn't take Mandy to Hiram's house.

She also didn't want to let someone else know about their marriage.

The marriage would only last for a month, so Rachel thought that she'd better keep it as a secret to most people.

"Really? Are you kidding me?" Mandy was so shocked as she heard Rachel's answer. She was astonished, looked at Rachel and thought, 'She always brings bad luck to men. Who dares to be her boyfriend?

And now, he is living with Rachel. Unbelievable!'

"If that is the case, you should, at least, take me to your house and let me see your boyfriend. You know that I have met all kinds of men more than you have. Though I always have bad boyfriends, I still could help you check your boyfriend to see if he is good for you, " Mandy said.

Mandy was so eager to see Rachel's boyfriend. She was so curious about the man who dared to live with Rachel.

Mandy hadn't heard anything about this man from auntie Fannie. She assumed that the ma

way as soon as possible.

Rachel was astounded by what was happening.

This was her first time to experience such horrible event. It took her some moments to come back to her senses. Then she realized that she might have been kidnapped by someone.

"Who are you? Why are you getting me?" Rachel shouted. She couldn't understand what was happening.

The man who sat next to her pushed her to the other side and said, "Who do you think are we?"

"Are you... kidnappers?" Rachel stammered. Her heart was rapidly beating. It was so unbelievable.

'Why are they kidnapping me?

I am definitely not

A rich woman!

And I didn't come from

A rich and powerful family.

So what's their intention?

Are they trying to make fun of me?' Rachel thought to herself in confusion.

"Yes, you guessed it right! We are kidnappers. And we are kidnapping you!" said the man next to her. He laughed wickedly while touching her body.

"What are you doing?! Don't touch me!", Rachel yelled.

Rachel was very frightened. She trembled in fear and tried her best to cringe. She was in a sack. She could only see a little light through the tiny gap of the sack.

The kidnapper groped her body. When he touched something, he took out a dagger and cut through the sack. Rachel was startled and moved away.

The kidnapper took out the phone from her pocket.

Then, he handed the phone to the man who was sitting in front and said, "Boss, here is her phone."

The man in front took the phone and switched it on. He checked her contacts and dialed one number.

"Hello, is that Mr. Rong?" the kidnapper said.

Rachel didn't know why she was kidnapped. But she finally understood the reason after she heard what the kidnapper said on the phone.

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