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   Chapter 22 Mandy's Mistake

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Thank God

Nothing happened that night.

After breakfast, Hiram dropped Rachel outside the Rong's house. She took a taxi to her friend Celine's home.

So many things had happened recently, it would drive her crazy if she didn't share them with someone.

On the way to Celine's home, she kept feeling like somebody was following her, but whenever she looked back, there was no one there.

She wondered why she always had such illusions these days. Was it an after-affect of the head injury?

At Celine's home...

Celine was a good listener. Rachel told her all about the incredible things she'd suffered recently.

"Rachel, is the Rong family you're talking about the most mysterious family in H City?" Celine asked. "It's said that they never accept any interviews, and nobody knows what the big boss looks like. It seems he's settled abroad and rarely comes back.

If you're talking about them, then this is a great deal for you! Although you'll only be married for a month, you'll get great compensation after the divorce!"

Rachel leaned against the armrest of the sofa and grabbed a packet of snacks. With a mouthful of chips, she said,"That can never happen! It's been clearly indicated in the marriage agreement that I won't get even a penny from the Rong family, except a little basic compensation. He's a miser!"

"I can't believe it!" Celine cried. "After all, your marriage was arranged by your great-grandfathers when you were not even born. How could you agree to such unfair terms? You should've at least asked them to pay you a good sum of money!"

Shaking her head, Rachel said,"If you meet him, you would understand. He's too smart. He had me all figured out right from the beginning. He's kept me under his control all the time!"

An idea struck Celine. "Rachel, have you ever thought about making the marriage a reality?" she asked. "Then you can get much more money!"

"But how?" Rachel listened carefully while chewing the chips.

"Find an opportunity to slip drugs into his drinks. If he acts on an impulse — you know what I mean — then you can accuse him. Since he does the wrong thing, he must compensate you!

And don't take pills, you'd better choose the best time to conceive. If you can conceive a baby for the Rong family, then you'll become very valuable!"

Rachel continued munching on the chips. "Celine! You must have read too many romance novels. How can you come up with such a bad idea?"

Celine shrugged. "I think my idea is perfect!" She honestly didn't think there was anything wrong with this idea.

"It's impossible," Rachel said. She shook her hand to stop Celine. If she'd really fallen in love with Hiram, then maybe she would have considered using such devious methods, but not now.

Celine shifted closer to her and examined her face. "Rachel, you look different, there's a glow on your face. I've never seen you in such a good mood after all your previous blind dates!"

Avoiding Celine's eyes, Rachel shoved a handful of chips into her mouth and exlcaimed,"Nonsense!"

"Then tell me the truth. Have you fallen in love with that man?" Celine asked. She was curious now. "If you have, you must use the one month you have to somehow turn this false marriage into a real one!"

"How can I fall in love with that guy?" Rachel shot back immediately.

"Don't answer me so quickly. In fact, I think you should think it over. Come on, listen to me, I'll make a thorough analysis for you!" Celine continued like a love expert.

"You haven't had any of the bad luck that you had in the blind dates before this, have you? You two have already got the marriage certificate, but nothing bad has happened to him.

What can that mean? It means he's your Mr. Right!"

Rachel didn't agree with Celine at first, but as she thought about it, she realized it was true. In all her previous relationships, whenever she wanted to take the next step, bad luck came one after another.

But this time...

"Nothing happened to him! But look at me. The scar is still on my head. And I was sick because of him the day before yesterday." Rachel lifted her fringe and pointed at the scar on her forehead.

But Celine had a different perspective. "Don't you think that they're just coincidences? Or maybe God is creating opportunities for you in a hidden way?"

Celine had always had the feeling that Rachel would be unlucky in marriage unless she found her Mr. Right.

What Celine said did make some sense, Rachel thought. Her cell phone rang just then.

"Hello, who is it?"

It was an unfamiliar phone number. She thought it was a customer calling until she heard someone crying on the phone.

"Rachel, Please come and save me! I am kidnapped."

Rachel froze for several seconds before she managed to distinguish the voice on the other line. "Mandy, is that you?" she asked.

"Yes, yes! Rachel, I'm at a hotel on West Ring Road, please come soon!" Mandy was still crying.

Rachel never imagined that the first time Mandy called her would be for rescue. As long as nothing had happened to the crazy girl, she barely remembered her existence.

"Wait for me, I'm coming right now." After hanging up, Rachel waved goodbye to Celine. "See you tomorrow, Celine. I have to go now!"

Rachel hurried to the hotel. Mandy was uncle Nico's daughter. Nico helped Rachel and her mother in their most difficult times, and they never forgot it.

When she arrived at the hotel room Mandy had asked her to come to, she saw a naked Mandy tied to the bed, staring at her with tears in the eyes.

Rachel turned her head away and sighed. It seemed the kidnapper was great at bondage, how embarrassing!

"Come on, Rachel, untie me! My hands are almost numb!" Mandy cried.

Rachel sighed and took out her nail cutter from her handbag. "Look at you! How did you get yourself into this situation? My mom told me you came to H city for an internship!"

Once her hands were free, Mandy rubbed her sore wrists; they had turned black and blue. "I met a boy on the internet and we chatted for a month before the date.

At the beginning, everything seemed okay. Then he brought me to this hotel. When I woke up, I found..." she trailed off. "I never thought he would treat me like this!"

Mandy lowered her head, and Rachel knew she must be feeling ashamed. She took off her coat and covered Mandy with it. "So, the swindler slept with you and stole your money?"

Rachel guessed that Mandy didn't dare to tell Nico about this. Mandy had probably called her because she was the only person she knew in H City.

"Mandy, why don't you ever learn from your mistakes? Not all men can be trusted. How many times have you been deceived?" As far as she knew, Mandy had suffered great loss at least three times already. Now she had graduated from university and she was still so easy to be fooled.

"Come on, don't blame me. The guy looked so handsome and rich, I thought I must have met my Mr. Right. How could I have foreseen that he's a swindler?" Mandy said indignantly. She held Rachel's arm and pleaded,"Promise me that you won't tell my dad!

And don't tell Aunt Fannie either, please!"

Rachel felt at a loss as she looked at Mandy. The girl always forgot the pain after the wound was healed. "Okay. I'll go out and buy you a dress now."

It was dusk when Rachel and Mandy finally left the hotel.

The light of the setting sun was reflected on the glass of the towered buildings on either side. It was an amazing scenery that could only be caught downtown.

"Mandy, where are you staying now? I'll take you there."

"I'm staying at a colleague's place. But I told her that I came out to find an apartment today."


Rachel suddenly knew what the girl was going to say next.

"Can I stay with you for a couple of days? I, I have no money now. I'll get my salary in the next few days, then I can rent my own apartment!"

Mandy looked at Rachel pitifully.

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