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   Chapter 20 An Excellent Mother-in-Law

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Rachel's father passed away when she was still a high school student. It was already over a decade ago.

It had been a long time since she last called someone 'dad'. That was why she was so shy to call Gavin 'dad'.

But at that moment, all of them were looking at her, waiting for her answer.

Joanna had been holding the red envelop in her hands for some time. She would give it to Rachel as soon as she called 'dad'.

Gavin smiled kindly and said, "Alright, Joanna. This is Rachel's first time to meet me. Come on, don't make her feel so embarrassed."


Rachel called him while biting her lip. She thought that even if it wasn't for the red envelop, she should do it. It didn't hurt anyway.

"Yes, yes!" Gavin exclaimed happily the first time he heard Rachel call him 'dad'.

Joanna smiled, finally handed the red envelop in Rachel's hands and said, "Ah! Good girl! Good girl! Rachel, whenever you are free, please come back here and chat with me. I will also prepare a good dinner for you."

Rachel accepted the red envelop. She pinched the envelop secretly. It was so thick; it might contain a lot of money. She felt that what she did had a great value.

After the dinner, Hiram and Rachel sat for a while. Hiram thought it was late and that they should leave. However, Joanna stopped them.

"Hiram, my boy, I understand that you are so busy with your work, and that you need to travel a lot for your business. But now you're here. Please stay for just one night so that Rachel and I can have a talk. You can also play chess with you father."

Joanna grabbed Rachel's hand, led Rachel to her bedroom and said, "Come with me, my baby, I really need to show you something."

Rachel realized that the better Joanna treated her, the guiltier she would be. She wanted to tell Joanna the truth several times, In particular the real attitude and character of her son.

After entering the room, Joanna took a box from her cabinet and waved her hands to Rachel. "Rachel, come and sit here."



Though the marriage was decided by an older generation, if Rachel was not good for Hiram, the marriage should be cancelled.

Rachel went back to the room which belonged to Hiram with a pile of clothes in her arms.

She just looked at the clothes for their style, then folded all of them and put them into the wardrobe, leaving the pajamas only.

She had no intention of taking all of them. She thought that she would come back here often this month, and it would be convenient to have clothes to change instantly. In addition, she felt that she didn't deserve them.

Rachel heard the chess board clattered when she passed by Gavin's study room. She thought that it would take them some time before they finished their game, so she took the pajamas and went into the bathroom.

Rachel was startled when she saw the man lying in the bed after she went out of the bathroom.

Hiram wanted to have a shower after Rachel came out, but he hesitated after seeing what Rachel was wearing.

Rachel's pajamas looked very normal under bright lights. However, it looked see-through beneath dim lights.

Rachel just finished taking a bath. She thought that loose pajamas wouldn't be a problem. But seemingly her inadvertently moving back and forth made her look very hot in Hiram's eyes.

Nonetheless, Rachel had no idea about it at all.

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