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   Chapter 19 Meeting Her Parents-in-law

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Hiram widened his eyes in surprise when Rachel turned around.

Rachel looked average in her daily clothes, but when dressed up, she looked so gorgeous.

She wore a sleeveless, long, red dress. Her delicate and fair skin was exposed. Her long legs could be seen indistinctly through her dress that made her impeccably sexy. Anyone was surely fascinated and charmed by her.

Rachel looked at herself in the mirror and thought she looked better than she expected. Then she smiled delightfully.

Her smile was as beautiful as a flower. It made her look enchanting.

"Mister, your girlfriend is so beautiful! She is absolutely pretty even when she just wears those simple clothes. But she looks so much better in her dress now." The sales clerk exclaimed.

Hiram quickly turned to Rachel and said, "Go and try another one."

Rachel pouted, but thinking that Hiram could help her pay all those dresses, she continued and didn't mind trying it on.

"Mister, should I wrap this one?" The sales clerk cautiously asked Hiram.

After a few seconds of silence, Hiram took a credit card from his wallet and gave it to the sales clerk.

Rachel put on another dress and went out of the fitting room. The dress she wore was totally different from the previous one. She initially thought it wouldn't be suited for a modest woman. Yet, after she put it on, she felt she looked good in it.

Hiram frowned after she saw Rachel walk out of the fitting room. The black, short skirt and the low-cut top were too sexy. Hiram had thought that Rachel would look funny if she wore this.

However, since she had a beautiful face, it seemed that all kinds of dresses would look good on her.

Rachel rolled her eyes and pouted her lips as she looked at Hiram. She would let Hiram check how she looked with the dress. After all, Hiram would decide whether they would get the dress or not.

When Hiram looked at her, he was mesmerized by her charming eyes. He took a deep breath and immediately looked away.

"I will pay now!"

The sales clerk walked towards him and cheerfully asked, "Okay, mister. You will get both of them, right?"

While Hiram was paying the bills, Rachel checked the dresses once more and explained, "Wait a minute! Hiram, we should think about these dresses again. I think these dresses don't suit me well!"

While she was speaking, the sales clerk already swiped the credit card and she didn't give her the chance to think about it again. Hiram imm

y whispered to Rachel.

Rachel felt embarrassed and smiled back at her. Then she followed Joanna into the dining room.

After a while, someone walked down the stairs. Hiram, who sat beside Rachel, stood up and greeted, "Father."

Rachel also stood up and looked at Gavin. She had never met him yet.

Her mother once mentioned that Gavin was a friendly and famous businessman. He was an intelligent and a strong-minded person who was always able to handle all things wisely.

But Hiram was very bossy and arrogant. He was even not willing to be a bit nice to others. His behavior could prove that.

"How are you, uncle Gavin?" Rachel greeted as she looked at the tall and compelling man.

Gavin waved at her and smiled. "Have a seat! Rachel, since you have married Hiram, you can treat us as your own family. Please make yourself at home."

"That's right! Rachel, now that you call me 'mother', you should also call your uncle Gavin 'father', " Joanna said abruptly.

It would be better for Rachel to call them 'mother' and 'father' on their first meeting. Otherwise, it would be harder for her to do that in the future.

Rachel put her hand under the table and gently pulled Hiram's clothes. She wondered why Hiram kept silent.

She thought that she was just Hiram's nominal 'wife'. If she called them mother and father now, she would just be embarrassed when meeting them in the future after she divorced Hiram.

"Father, I think Rachel is a bit shy since it's your first time meeting each other." Hiram gripped her wrist and whispered, "After you agreed to be my temporary wife, you should do everything to please them."

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