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   Chapter 16 The Danger of Swimming Pool

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Rachel immediately tossed away her phone. She looked back at the man standing behind her who acted like her "shielding umbrella" all the while and replied, "Yes, it's enough."

"If that's enough, let's hurry up with the shopping. My client will arrive early. I'd better not be late." Hiram looked at her smiling face and said gently. Then he went straight to the aisle where men's clothes were displayed.

"This one, this one and that one. Please pack these up for me." Hiram said to the salesperson with his finger pointed towards the clothes which he had chosen.

Rachel couldn't help touching her nose. She was shocked at his way of shopping. All of a sudden, she remembered: "Shucks, I almost forgot, I also have to buy a few things."

It took her much longer than Hiram to do her shopping. Before she came back to the car, Hiram had looked at his watch to check the time, many times.

"Shall we go back directly or go to the other place first?" After tying her seat belt, Rachel turned to Hiram and asked.

"I don't have time to go back first. You have spent a lot of time on shopping. We will go directly to the meeting place and you can wait for me outside." As he was speaking, he started the car, turned the direction and went out of the garage.

Rachel looked at the back seat. She had bought so many things that there was no space left and there were more in the trunk. With so many things purchased within such a short time she thought she was quite fast.

The car kept moving. It was heading towards the biggest business leisure club of H City.

On the way, Hiram gave Rachel a senior VIP golden card of the club and said "When we arrive there, you help yourself with some food. I will call you as soon as I finish my work."

"How long will it take?" Rachel accepted the card and asked. She wanted to know that answer in order to arrange her time properly.

As soon as they arrived, Hiram released his seat belt. He looked at the woman who had been rather quiet on the way and answered "I'm not sure yet. It depends on how the negotiation goes. I guess it may take one or two hours before we are done."

Rachel nodded her head and got out of the car as well.

As he left, Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. She stretched out her waist which had been tired because of sitting for too long. Then she walked into the business leisure club right behind Hiram.

Staying with this man was driving her crazy. It seemed like all the active cells in her body were being squashed to death.

Hiram was the kind of man who liked to stay quiet. She had known it since their first meeting. She had to stop herself from talking too much, to avoid creating an awkward atmosphere. And it was a huge torture for her.

She was a talkative person, and she liked talking very much. That's why she had chosen the sales profession.

Fortunately, according to their si

eally necessary?

Hiram sometimes gave her the illusion that he was worthy of relying on. But in an instant, he would break all that down. His cold demeanor would completely break down her imagination always.

After lunch, Rachel walked around the club to digest her meal. As she walked, she found that it was indeed the most prominent business club in H City. It was splendid and glorious.

The state of the art decoration looked terrific. Every aspect of that place seemed unique and exclusive. And it was completely equipped with all sorts of entertainment facilities.

It was afternoon time. Rachel walked along the glass window near the swimming pool and watched the children playing in the swimming pool.

Many children were in the water, swimming or just splashing about with roaring laughter erupting continuously. Among them, Rachel saw a chubby, lovely little girl who was playing so happily that it made her cheer up as well.

With an orange flavored lollipop in her mouth, Rachel watched leisurely and joyfully through the glass window.

Rachel enjoyed this scene very much. In the pool, she also saw a super handsome man swimming backstroke freely and fluently. Actually, Rachel didn't see his face. But on the basis of his long arms and legs she assessed him and assumed he was a super handsome man.

As she enjoyed the pleasure of watching, suddenly she felt something was wrong. A little child was playing on the edge of the pool without any adult watching over her. But she couldn't see the kid anymore. Where could she go in such a short time?

It was a lovely little girl with two ponytails. And Rachel was attracted by her loveliness, that was why she noticed her.

Shucks! She might be in the water, Rachel thought.

Without thinking, Rachel took the lollipop out of her mouth and threw it into the garbage can near her. Then she dashed towards the entrance of the swimming pool.

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