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   Chapter 15 Running Naked in Shopping Mall

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"That is not true! I am still your lawfully wedded wife. You left with another woman right in front of my eyes and came back home in the middle of the night. That was extremely disrespectful to me."

Rachel immediately gave an additional explanation: "Besides, you only need to follow these items for one month. You aren't in such a rush that you can't wait for such a short period of time"

After hearing her words, Hiram slightly raised his eyebrows and touched his sharp nose with his fingertips. He replied: "She was my friend's younger sister."

She had just come home from abroad, and his friend had asked him to join them for dinner, so he had to oblige.

Rachel leaned over him with an outraged expression on her face: "Younger sister of a friend, but what has made it last till midnight? Was it just the younger sister of your friend, or was it your loving sister?"

"I think that is none of your business." Hiram wiped his mouth with a tissue, and glanced at her abruptly.

"I am your wife now, so such things are my business by all means." She stared at him directly in the eyes. This was her right; she decided that she must take the situation under control. Otherwise, she would be controlled by him every time.

If she wanted to take back the power, she had to face her identity directly and take advantage of it to the most.

"Have you finished your breakfast? Let's go right now. I am only available in the morning. I have made some plans for the afternoon." Hiram did not intend to give her any chance to say anything else. So he got up while he spoke.

Rachel lost her temper, stood up and shouted at him: "You have made promise to me in the hospital, and now you must keep it!"

If he refused to sign the agreement, a verbal agreement had no guarantee. Then how would she hold his feet?

Hiram looked at the ridiculous agreement on the table, and then turned to the stubborn woman. He lowered his voice and said.

"Rachel, you are totally aware in your mind that you are not my wife in the real sense. If you want the same rights as a wife, you sure can, but you'll have to do what wives actually do."

After saying that, he turned back without any hesitation, and went upstairs to change his clothes.

Rachel was left alone; she felt lost as she stared at the agreement on the dining table. All of a sudden, she smacked her fist on the table and turned her head to glare at the back of the man going upstairs.

They arrived at the shopping mall.

"Shall we go to supermarket first? I need to buy some daily essentials, and later we can shop for clothes." Rachel grabbed Hiram's arm and pleaded with him. He was in the habit of going straight to the second floor as soon as he entered the door of the mall, as that was where men's wear was available.

Hiram pulled back his arm from her grasp and gave her a regrettable look, "I beg your pardon, but I am not going to shop with you."

Rachel began to lose her mind upon hearing his words, "Remember, you were the one who threw away all my belongings? You were feeling so good at that moment, and now it is the right time for you to make things up. You think you can just walk away?"

Her voice had raised considerably as she was feeling hurt, and people had started staring at them. Embarrassed by all those stares, Hiram took out his wallet from his pocket and pulled out a card. He passed the card to Rachel and said: "Go and buy the things you need, and leave me alone!"

Rachel angrily kept her mouth open, without saying a word or making any move, her eyes followed him ascending in an elevator.


Is that you? I thought I got the wrong person, is it really you?"

Right at the moment, her eyes were following her husband leaving without a wink; she heard someone calling her name from behind. She turned around and what a surprise.

A man with his arm around a woman was standing in front of her, and it was Jake, the man she had met in her last blind date.

"Ah, long time no see." They hadn't seen each other since he broke his leg in a car accident right after he left his home.

"It is obvious why you are still single, as I always say. You are such an unlucky woman. Any man who tries to meet you will encounter a car accident, so how can anyone marry you?" Jake sneered at her while holding his newly married wife closer, and whispered something in her ear.

"Sweetie, this is the woman I told you about the other day. Would you believe that among the guys going out with her, three got injured in car accidents! If I had learned the truth earlier, I would not have endured the suffering. Oh, God bless my poor leg!"

Watching the couple snickering in front of her, Rachel suddenly got an idea in her mind, and she coughed quietly, "I forgot to tell you, I got married a few days ago, and my husband just went upstairs to pick some new clothes."

The couple couldn't he

lp bursting into laughter upon hearing her words.

"That's enough, my dear Rachel! It makes no sense to tell such lies to me. Tell you what, if you are really married, I will run naked throughout the mall three times!"

Jake scoffed at her, and he wasn't inclined to believe what she had said.

"Deal! Now you two may want to come with me to meet my husband, and do not forget what you said a moment ago." Rachel turned around with a naughty smile on her face and walked to the same elevator that Hiram took.

Since he was asking for humiliation himslef, why would she refuse to enjoy the show?

Just as she expected, the couple confidently followed her into the elevator.

"Rachel, you don't have to lift a rock only to drop on your own toes! This mall is far beyond the reach of ordinary people, since you are not popular with common men, I feel…"

"Here you are, honey", suddenly, he was interrupted by her.

In one quick glance, Rachel had spotted the man she was looking for. He was standing there holding a shirt in his hands. Hiram was a good looking man, and she couldn't deny that.

The bright and crisp voice echoed around the whole mall.

All the sellers turned around, looking at the lovely lady walking at a brisk pace, she resembled a butterfly.

The petite lady looked as though she wasn't even twenty years old. Two small dimples appeared on her face when she smiled, and that made her look quite charming.

As expected, Hiram, recognized her voice and knew who she was without even raising his head. She grabbed his arm before he turned around. "Honey, why did you come upstairs alone? I was waiting downstairs forever!" Her voice was gentle and soft.

As she leaned her head over his, she whispered in his ear: "Help me out, Hiram, and remember you threw away all my belongings."

Hiram raised his head and finally saw a man accompanied by a woman walking towards them. He saw the surprised expression on their face, and he clearly knew what was happening without much thought.

With his hands in hers, Rachel turned toward the couple and introduced him: "This is my husband, Hiram.

Jake, If I'm not wrong, you've got to do something now."

Jake's face turned as pale as a paper, and he swallowed nervously: "Aha, this is just a fib fabricated by you to fool me, everyone knows that you are a big drama queen!"

The woman accompanying him also refused to believe Rachel, "How can such a glorious man turn out to be her husband?' She wondered. 'He is more attractive than most movie stars.' She thought to herself. Hastily she said: "I agree! This gentleman is out of the ordinary, how could a woman like you be married to such a gentleman?"

Putting away the shirt in his hands, Hiram placed his hand on Rachel's shoulder. She had been tightly holding his arm for a while. He whispered in her ear in a deep voice: "Is it true that you began to miss me as soon as I was out of your sight?"

Rachel felt quite embarrassed by his abrupt intimacy, she lowered her head pretending to be shy.

Her face flushed for real, as she had never stood so close to a man. She was still an untrammeled land, and all of this felt quite unnatural to her.

"I wonder what deal you two have made with my wife?" Hiram broke the ice with his frank demeanor.

"We, we, we …"

Jake started stammering, he couldn't even complete a whole sentence. He licked his lips and prepared to leave with his wife.

"Hey, Jake, listen, a promise is a promise. You said you would run naked all over the mall three times, are you breaking your oath?" Noticing him making his way out, Rachel shouted as loudly as possible.

"Oh, of course, a promise … is a promise!" Jake replied awkwardly. Looking at his wife who was trying to drag him away, He let go of her hands and began to take his clothes off reluctantly.

Hiram had no interest in watching a man strip. He grabbed the waist of the woman beside him and said: "Sweetie, watching the other man running naked, aren't you worried what your husband would think?"

"If you don't want me to watch, I will close my eyes, is that ok?" Rachel replied with a big smile. She felt her waist was gripped properly. She glanced at Jake, who only had his underpants left on him.

"Ok, that's ok. Keep your underpants, three times around the mall, no more no less, remember!"

Hiram looked down at the pretty woman in his arms and shrugged his shoulders. His wicked wife made a playful glance at Jake, then she immediately withdrew her sight, and looked at him amusedly.

After running naked in the mall no more than one round, Jake was dragged out by the security.

He wouldn't dare to set foot in this mall for the rest of his life.

"Ha Ha Ha ..." Rachel was giggling loudly, and at the same time, she didn't forget to take pictures of Jake with her phone. Next time, he might not dare to humiliate her again!

"Are you done?"

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