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   Chapter 14 Sleepless Night

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Rachel sat on the bed while holding the quilt. Confused, she looked at the man lying beside her. She poked him in the arm, and said, "Wake up. Why are you here?"

As a light sleeper, the man opened his eyes instantly. He glanced at her and said, "Since you are awake, help yourself with these pills." Then he turned over and went back to sleep.

Rachel was wide awake now. She turned her head towards the bedside table made of red sandalwood while massaging her aching head with her hand. She noticed several different medicines, some for cold and some for fever, and half a cup of cold water.

She realized she was down with a fever. No wonder her body was aching all over.

She tried to recall what had happened last night. But the alcohol and illness took away her memory.

The mess in her room and the water stains told the truth. She got drunk last night. What a shame! She forgot herself in front of Hiram. At the same time, she realized that it was Hiram who looked after her in illness.

How could it be possible? That man couldn't be so kind-hearted.

But, if it was not him, then who could it be? There were only the two of them in that big house. And the man lying on her bed looked tired. She had to admit that he could also be kind at times.

She looked at the watch. It was already 9:30. Fortunately, it was weekend, sparing her the trouble of asking for a leave of absence from her boss.

She was starving.

Rachel combed her messy hair with her hand and got out of bed. She walked slowly and held her waist like a pregnant woman. Her whole body was aching. It must be a terrible fever, she thought.

She forced her stiff body to the bathroom, and then to the kitchen to cook herself some porridge. After that, she went back to her room to get some rest. She took a blanket and lay down on the couch. She felt dizzy and wanted to sleep.

However, she was not accustomed to sleeping with a man in her room. She picked up her phone to pass the time. The man lying on the bed distracted her. She stared at him blankly, trying to recollect what happened last night. She remembered the harsh words he had said to her and the visible disgust in his eyes.

But, he took care of her last night. Perhaps, he was not as bad as she thought.

However, she immediately denied that sentiment. Rachel shook her head and found that she was being too soft in labeling him as a kind man. Anyone would lend a hand to an ill roommate. He did what anyone in his situation would do.

The sleeping man woke up by the smell of the porridge. When Rachel came out from the kitchen with a bowl of porridge in her hand, he was already sitting at the table. Obviously, she didn't intend to invite him to share the breakfast. That dissatisfied him.

"I spent the whole night taking care of you. Don't you think you should express some appreciation and gratitude towards me?" Hiram with his slightly messy hair looked more amiable compared to the well-dressed and overcritical guy look he usually bore. But his piercing brown eyes remained the same.

Slowly moving her heavy body, Rachel walked to the table. She kept the bowl on it and sat down. "If my memory serves me right, you didn't tell me the password of the gate. Right? And you also refused to drive me home. Am I right?

So you should be blamed for my illness. Isn't that right?"

Rachel was offended by that shameless man. She picked up the spoon and began to eat, leaving him speechless in his chair.

Hiram glanced at her, he stood up and then walked towards the kitchen himself. It wasn't possible that she cooked just one bowl.

And he was right. There was a pot of porridge.

He served himself a bowl, and then deliberately sat opposite Rachel.

"The password is 785436. You are not allowed to take anyone home without my permission." he said suddenly.

Rachel raised her head while smiling. The porridge she prepared could serve two people. She was not a mean girl after all. But she hadn't expected that a breakfast could earn her the password. No matter how she got it, now she could get into the house freely.

"I'm away from work these two days. I want to buy some daily necessities and clothes. Can you lend me one of your cars?" She said to him, observing him secretly and carefully.

Hiram was eating the porridge. It was deliciou

s. He realized that she was really good at cooking.

"Wait a minute. I'm also going to the department store. Let's go together." He replied.

Rachel's eyes were wide open out of shock. She couldn't believe what she heard. This man suddenly became so kind. How was it possible?

''Don't misunderstand me, I just need to buy some new shirts. Besides, I'm worried you will break my car." Hiram explained, then he lowered his head to eat.

It was Saturday today. Hiram knew that his mother would arrange lots of people around to monitor the two of them secretly. If they saw Rachel going out by bus, they would report to his mother. Then he would get a disturbing call.

It's better to avoid trouble.

Seeing that he was in a good mood, Rachel went to take a paper from her room and placed it on the table.

"When I signed the two contracts, I said I would write a supplementary one. Here it is. Please sign your name." She pushed the agreement towards him.

If she didn't do something to seize the moment, it would be very difficult for her in their month-long marriage.

Even if it would aggravate him, she had to fight for herself.

Hiram raised his head and looked at her. Wiping his mouth with a tissue, he took up the agreement and read quickly.

"I already told you, if you dare to marry into my family, you'd have to suffer the consequences. As for the agreement, I won't sign." Then he threw the papers back at Rachel.

She wasn't surprised by his rejection. But she would not give up. As the leader of a sales team, she was confident to persuade him to sign the paper. Although he was a big boss who was in charge of lots of business, she still wanted to have a try.

"Since you mentioned, in the temple, I didn't know who you are at that time; but you guessed that I was the daughter of Ruan family. You set a trap for me. You won, but it was unfair."

''You failed to identify who I am; it's not my problem. And you didn't inquire about me."

"Is that what you think? Actually, your family cheated us. I didn't ask, because your parents hid things from the very beginning!"

"Hid things? What do you mean by that?"

The conversation continued, as one asked and the other answered, then reversed.

As Rachel was speaking, Hiram raised his eyes to look at her quizzically every now and then. At the same time, he kept eating the sweet porridge, which wasn't stopped by the constant dialogue.

Rachel looked at Hiram with piercing eyes, her fingertip brushing over the paper. "You know why I went for those blind dates?

Because my parents didn't know your existence at all. Your family has hidden you from my family since I was born. I believed the Rong family didn't have a son. That's why I didn't ask who you are at that time."

If it hadn't been for that, her mother would have come to mention the marriage contract a long time ago.

Rong family was a famous and strange family with a history of centuries. No one knew the exact assets that the family held, and the number of countries their business covered. What's more, there were many different businesses belonging to the family. But people barely knew about them.

Therefore, it wasn't difficult for such a family to hide things.

''Your family owes me. The requirements listed on the paper are just for maintaining my dignity. They aren't too much. I don't think you are being justified in rejecting them."

Saying that, Rachel pushed the papers back to Hiram.

Slowly, she defended herself with well-chosen words. That impressed him. He took up the papers again. "We have agreed not to interfere in each other's life. While this item violates my right of freedom." Hiram said while pointing to one of the items on the paper.

Rachel looked where he was pointing to, and said, "Mr. Rong, admit or not, you are a married man at the moment. You should give me the basic respect and care as long as I am your wife. Don't you think that is what a husband should do?"

Hiram smiled and looked at the petite woman in front of him with his deep eyes. He recognized the emotion in her words.

"Can't be too intimate with other women in public. That is also included? I guess you are jealous of the woman you saw with me yesterday. Are you sure you didn't inadvertently add this item because of that?" Hiram teased her.

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