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   Chapter 13 Stop Messing Around

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Hiram came out of the room first. He was followed by the woman who was wearing a white dress and black, high-heeled sandals that submissively walking beside him.

Rachel felt dizzy and uncomfortable. She was leaning against the restaurant box's door. Suddenly, she saw her 'husband' walking gently towards her with his arm being held by another woman.

Both of them were heading to where she was standing, as she was standing next to the only exit of the restaurant.

She could not help but think if what was all happening would be more dramatic if it appeared as a TV series.

Rachel threw her bag behind her, drew one of her legs out to block their way and abruptly said, "Wait!"

The only feeling she had felt was injustice. Since she and Hiram were living in the same place, why would she take a taxi on her way home, while he was driving another woman home?

Most importantly, she would have to wait at the door for him to come back because she didn't have the pass code for the door. All these reasons made it impossible for Rachel to be easy on him this time.

Hiram stared at Rachel who could hardly stand. He stopped her and said, "You are drunk. Put your leg down."

The woman who was beside Hiram got little confused about the situation. She looked at Hiram and Rachel, and tried to guess how were these two related to each other.

"You are right. I am drunk!", Rachel nodded with a smile on her face, and said: "So, you can not just let me go home alone, right? Um, will you take me with you? I promise… I promise not to interrupt both of you. I will behave."

She knew she had to make a promise. Hiram could fearlessly let her go alone.

While she said those words, Rachel raised one of her hands and began to swear.

Hiram knitted his perfectly-shaped eyebrows, pulled his phone out of his pocket and called his driver. "Joel, I need you to come over and send someone home", he said.

"I don't want to go home. You need to take me with you wherever you go", Rachel mumbled. Rachel frowned and became more upset at him after she heard him call his driver to send her home. She took back her tired leg that blocked them and replaced it with her other leg.

She wouldn't let him go away.

She didn't want to go back home and just suffer in the cold weather until Hiram was back.

"Nonsense", Hiram said angrily. After she heard their conversation, the woman wisely let Hiram's arm go and took a step back quietly.

Hiram took a step ahead, grabbed Rachel's wrist, tugged her into the room she had been in and slammed the door.

He forcefully pushed Rachel against the wall and said, "Is this not enough yet? Who do you think you are to mess around with me?" Hiram's stern yet handsome face looked as if he was going to eat her alive.

Rachel coughed after being thrown at the wall. She felt a little bit of pain at the back and started to feel terribly dizzy. Then she asked him, "Is it because of her that you are not willing to marry me?"

He would not be so disgusted with her for she was naturally beautiful. She had a good character and came from a normal family.

It wouldn't be hard for him to marry her even without the one-century-old promise.

However, Hiram acted as if he could not tolerate Rachel anymore.


"Mind your own business!" Hiram said. He let her go, fixed his collar and added, "Don't forget. It was clearly stated in the contract that both parties shall not interfere with each other's personal affairs. "If you continue messing around, I have all the rights to let you get out of my villa."

Then Hiram walked out of the room without looking back.

Before Rachel realized what happened, and waddled her way out of the room, Hiram was already gone.

"Screw you, Hiram. You bastard! If it was not because I don't want to wait for you outside the door, I would not even want to go home with you", Rachel shouted behind the Maybach that was hastily running in the road.

Had Hiram threatened Rachel?

Threat was the least thing Rachel was afraid of.

Even before the driver arrived, she took a taxi and went home.

When Rachel arrived at the doorstep of the villa, she found herself in the middle of a cold weather. She was shivering. She rubbed her arms a

nd searched for a less windy place to rest.

She then took out the hot drink she bought at the gate and held it with her hands.

'Fannie, all you've ever wanted is for your daughter to marry someone. But see what kind of miserable life I am living now, just because of your stupid idea.

Your son-in-law would not even give me a key to his villa's door. As if I would steal something.'

While she waited for the time to pass, The hot drink turned cold because of the cold wind that was blowing hard. Rachel had fallen asleep with her head leaning against the wall.

Nobody exactly knew how long it had been

Before Hiram finally came back home with his car. He spotted a figure crouching by the door from afar.

He lowered the car window, looked at the woman sleeping by the doorstep and honked his car horn before driving into the garage.

After he finished cleaning himself, he found out that Rachel did not come inside the villa yet.

"Women are troublesome." Hiram grumbled. He wore a coat and walked outside the door. He found that Rachel was still asleep in the corner.

"Wake up!"

He exclaimed and rudely kicked her feet.

"Are you going to spend the rest of the night sleeping here? Don't expect me to show you any sympathy!" Hiram said coldly.

Rachel had no response. Hiram crouched and tried to pat her face. After he touched her, he felt that she was burning hot.

'Does she have a fever?', he thought to himself.

Hiram frowned. He put his arms around her and lifted her.

When she was being lifted, he found out that she was lighter than he thought. He strode into the villa with her on his arms.

He put Rachel on the bed. Hiram noticed her rosy lips and pale face caused by the fever. He wanted to call his maid to look after her, but it was an inappropriate time to call.

He was the only person in the villa that time.

Hiram fetched water, soaked a towel in the water and put it over her forehead. He also put a thermometer under her armpit.

Hiram hated living with other people in the same house. He didn't even keep any live-in maids.

Hiram didn't not know how to take care of other people. He could be very clumsy sometimes; he even left some red marks on her wrist as he tried to lift her.

Hiram took out the thermometer from Rachel's armpit and saw that Rachel had a body temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. He immediately called his private doctor.

His private doctor arrived and prescribed some medicines for her. The doctor told Hiram to let her drink those medicines. Rachel would be fine after several days of rest.

"Cough, cough...." Rachel coughed uncomfortably.

The medicines could choked Rachel if she took them unconsciously.

Hiram opened her mouth and held it by force. He poured all the medicines into her mouth, and shouted, "Take it. Do you hear me? Don't you dare spit those medicines out or else...."

He suddenly stopped and started to shake his head. He felt that he was like dealing with a dead.

But Rachel did not disappoint Hiram this time. Though she was choked by the medicines again, she finally swallowed them. She did not have to be tortured by Hiram anymore.

Hiram heaved a sigh of relief after he saw Rachel swallowing those medicines. He casually tucked her into the quilt and strode out of her room.

After about half an hour, the door of Rachel's room was opened again.

Hiram sighed. He went to the other side of bed, lifted the quilt and lay down.

That night, Rachel suffered from her fever twice. Each time the fever came, she felt she was going to fall apart. Hiram would forcefully help her take the medicines. He would also wipe away her sweat with his whole strength as if he wanted to wipe off her skin.

Rachel had a very long and deep sleep that night. When she woke up, she found that the sun was already up high in the sky.

"Sh-sh-sh....", Rachel groaned.

Rachel felt that every inch of her body was painful as if she had been all beaten by someone.

When Rachel raised her arms, she accidentally touched something hard. She turned around and found a man sleeping next to her. She was so shocked and sat up immediately.

Then she surprisingly saw that it was Hiram who was sleeping beside her.

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