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   Chapter 12 See Him Having A Date

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"Can I borrow your phone charger?"

Rachel asked with a hoarse voice. Her eyes had turned red after crying. She had to go to work tomorrow and her phone shouldn't run out of battery.

Hiram opened the door and calmly looked at Rachel who lowered her head. His eyes was showing concern. "Come in, " he replied.

Earlier, he had heard her opening the door of the house and closing it after a long while. He guessed that she went out to look for her things just now.

He always did everything on his own way. For the first time, he thought that what he did was too rough.

Rachel took her phone and checked if he had the right charger for her phone. After checking, she found out that their phones didn't match.

"I can't use your charger because we have different types of phone." Rachel sighed and put the charger down.

Hiram walked to a desk, opened the second drawer and took his extra phone. He gave it to her and said, "You can use this for the mean time."

"No, thanks." After she had a glance at him, Rachel turned around and walked out of the room.

He had thrown all of her things away. He just pretended to be generous and gave her his extra phone. She got very angry while thinking about this.

Hiram laughed and thought that Rachel was stubborn.

The next morning, Rachel got up early. she hadn't slept well last night, because she was in a room that didn't belong to her and on a bed that wasn't hers.

She always prepared breakfast all by herself. She also didn't expect there would be a servant responsible for making breakfast. The servant worked in the villa in the morning only. The servant would then leave after she had prepared the breakfast and had cleaned the rooms.

Rachel had the food that she cooked herself.

She was eating a bowl of delicious Minced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg. She liked having some congee in the morning because she thought it was good for digestion.

On the other hand, Hiram sat at the table, eating a sandwich and drinking a glass of milk.

Fannie taught Rachel how to cook. Now, Rachel was very good at cooking. She picked a soft, yellowish pancake and ate it with keen pleasure.

Hiram began to lose his appetite. He put down the sandwich, and stared at Rachel who was enjoying her food.

"Why are you looking at me? Do you also want to eat my food? No way!" Rachel looked at him and put the rest of the pancake inside her mouth. Then, she took a white ceramic spoon and ate some congee.

Hiram stood up and kept quite. He took his clothes and walked towards the door.

Rachel quickly ate her congee and dashed towards him.

"Hiram... Can you give me a ride?" All of the people who lived there had their own cars. Besides, it would take Rachel more than ten minutes to arrive at the west gate of the Tulip Palace.

After she said her words, Rachel realized that there was no way Hiram would give her a ride. She was very helpless and thought that she should have prepared one more pancake. If Hiram ate the pancake, he might be pleased and might agree to drop her by at her workplace.

Hiram had already driven his car away.

While on his way to his company, he made a call, asking his assistant to buy a breakfast and place it on his desk.

Rachel had to run to the bus stop. It was very inconvenient for her since it would take her a lot of time just to get there. She had to spend much of her time going to and coming back from the bus stop.

Perhaps, Rachel was the only one living in the Tulip Palace who took the bus.

When he arrived at his company, Hiram began to eat the Minced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg and the pancake. But he didn't think they were delicious. He threw them away after eating a bit of them.

"Mr. Rong, Your mother is calling you." Ben Zhao, Hiram's assistant, said.

Hiram took the phone from the desk. Joanna on the other end of the line said, "Hiram, are you there?"

"Yes, mother!"

"I've heard that Rachel took a bus going to her work today. Hiram, I think I don't have to remind you. You also know what you should do, right?"

Hiram slightly frowned and wore his cold, handsome face. "We haven't held the wedding yet. So, no one knows who she is."

"Even though your wedding is not yet held, Rachel is still your wife. I can't let her be unhappy and get disappointed. Hiram, I know you and Rachel haven't fallen in love with each other yet, but you can't be unkind to her!" Joanna said.

Being Hiram's mother, Joanna knew her son's character so well. She should not remind him of what else to do since he agreed to get the marriage license with Rachel.

But seeing that Hiram was treating Rachel badly, she couldn't just turn his eyes blind on the situation.

Joanna didn't believe that Rachel tore up the marriage contract just because she didn't want to marry Hiram. Maybe Rachel tore the papers also because Hiram didn't want them to get married.

"Mother, I know." After saying what he said, Hiram hung up the phone.

He looked out of the window. There were a lot of people who were sent by his mother to keep an eye on him. He couldn't escape Joanna's surveillance.

Rachel finally arrived at the company and happened to meet Sandy Zhang, the group B leader.

"Bye, Honey! Come and pick me up early tonight." Sandy Zhang sweetly greeted the man who drove her to the company. When she turned around, she saw Rachel.

"Rachel? You've come back from the hospital! I am surprised to see you! How was your blind date? Have you also sent your date with you to th

e hospital? How unlucky!" Sandy Zhang said.

Rachel glanced at her and didn't talk back. Then, she walked towards the company's entrance.

Sandy Zhang followed her and said, "Our group will surely be the leading sales team this month. Those people in your group are good as nothing. I think they will be fired soon."

Rachel didn't want to talk to her. She entered the door and pressed the elevator's button.

"You are an unlucky person and you are destined to be lonely forever. Oh, right. I have met a man who has just been divorced. He is about fifty years old. If you are interested, I can introduce him to you, "

Sandy Zhang said cheerfully as she followed Rachel going to her workplace.

Rachel blankly stared at her and said, "No, thanks. If you like him, start a relationship with him."

"You... you are so ungrateful." Sandy Zhang grunted and stopped talking.

The group A members worked hard for the whole day. They tried their best to study the new sales plan. When the afternoon arrived, they all went personally to implement the plan on site.

Finally, in the evening, they all went out for the dinner Rachel had promised.

Seeing that all of them worked so hard, Rachel reserved a private room inside a good restaurant in H City. Though it would cost her a lot of money, the food there was worth it.

The group A members really enjoyed.

"Wow. Rachel, you must have spent so much money on this. Thank you for taking us to this wonderful place. I didn't want to enter this restaurant before because it is expensive here." Fiona blissfully said.

"I think all of us should contribute to pay for the food. Rachel has just recently been discharged from hospital. We should be the ones treating her a dinner." Celine said after thinking about it for a little while.

"That's right. Each of us can contribute one hundred. If it isn't enough, Rachel can pay the rest. What do you think?" Michael Qian said while raising his hand.

Rachel stood up and asked them to be quiet. "It's all on me tonight. Don't worry about the money. I'm the group leader and I'm so honored to invite you all out for fun."

"Okay? Let's don't talk about this anymore, and let's order our food."

After they heard Rachel, they didn't continue any more. They soon began to order the food they liked.

They enjoyed the delicious food served in their room. Their glasses kept clinking. Rachel drank a few glasses of beer.

While they had their dinner, Rachel went into the bathroom. When she passed another private room, a waiter opened the room's door and went inside to serve food.

She looked inside the room and seemed to find a familiar person.

Then, she surprisingly saw Hiram.

There was a woman sitting opposite to him. The woman wore a branded, white dress and had her long hair loosened. She was not so beautiful, but she was charming. They were happily chatting while having their dinner.

Rachel was stunned. She had never seen him treating a girl so gentle.

He looked very handsome when he smiled. Sadly, she hadn't gotten any chance to see him smile like that before.

Rachel might find him attractive if she didn't have any prejudice on him before.

Hiram was very handsome. Majority of women would be fascinated by him.

Moreover, he had a strong background and had a unique charisma. Although Rachel was not interested in him, many women would be after him.

'Could it be that...

The woman, who is sitting in front of him, is the one he really likes?' Rachel thought.

She felt a bit disappointed somehow. But she quickly got herself back and continued to walk forward.

Hiram raised his head the moment Rachel left. A gleam was shining on his smiling eyes. He took his chopsticks and continued his dinner.

"Rachel, don't drink too much! Your wound hasn't healed yet. You can't drink much." Celine saw Rachel drank two more glasses of beer after she got back from the bathroom. She wondered what had just happened to her.

"I'm fine. I'm just very happy. I haven't seen all of you for half a month. I miss all of you." Rachel looked at her seven group members with her glassy eyes. She opened another bottle of beer and said, "Come on. Let's drink the last bottle of beer. Let's all have a toast. We can go home after we finish this."

They all raised their glasses and drank the beer. Finally, the dinner party was over.

"Rachel, let me send you home. We are heading in the same direction, " said Celine while helping Rachel carry her handbag.

But Rachel said, "No thanks. I will just take a taxi. I can go home by myself."

Though she was drunk, she could still know that she couldn't let others send her back home.

"What are you saying? I will be worried if I let you go home just by yourself. Come on. Let's go!" After she said those words, Celine took Rachel's arm and supported her. However, she was pushed away by Rachel.

"I forget to tell you that when I was heading to the bathroom, I saw a friend of mine. He lives not far away from my house. I can ask him to give me a ride. You can go now. Don't worry about me!"

Rachel said those words blankly after she shook her head.

"Really? We will go first, then." Celine wasn't at ease, but she knew Rachel's hot temper. She didn't ask her about it anymore.

Rachel waved her goodbye. After all of her colleagues left, she carefully grabbed her handbag and walked towards the room's door.

When she just went out of the room, she saw two people also walk out from another private room.

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