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   Chapter 11 Fulfill The Duty As A Wife

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The butler hadn't given Rachel any keys of the villa. It seemed that she also needed the pass code to unlock the door. She didn't know how to enter the villa in any way.

Rachel had no choice but to call Hiram's secretary again. She had called her several times. Yet, the secretary didn't answer all her calls.

Rachel got impatient. Why was his secretary rude like him?

It seemed that Hiram's private number was very covert. Rachel asked for his number a few times, but she failed to get it.

Rachel was frustrated and looked at the great villa helplessly. She could do nothing but stand outside the door and suffer in the cold weather.

She waited until ten o'clock in the evening. Then a black Maybach slowly drove in.

Rachel crouched under the lamp post shivering. The headlight of the Maybach pierced through the darkness. She slowly stood up. It took her a moment to get over the stiffness of her body.

The car drove into the black steel gate. Rachel walked behind and followed it.

The car drove all the way to the garage. Rachel was shocked to see all those luxurious cars. Sportcars, motorbikes and bicycles were there inside the garage.

She couldn't help but think that if Hiram irritated her one day, she would just sell all those cars inside his garage. It would be enough to make her a billionaire.

"Hiram, you kept me waiting outside for so long. Shouldn't you, at least, apologize?" Rachel angrily yelled at the man who somehow ignored her.

Rachel was a reasonable woman. If Hiram could apologize to her with politeness, she wouldn't mind it at all.

However, Hiram paid no attention to her. He walked out of the garage and walked towards his villa's door. He quickly entered the code, unlocked the door, and went inside.

Rachel ran to him fast to see the code, but it was too late for her. Hiram had done entering the code.

"Tell me the gate's and this door's pass codes!" Rachel requested boldly. Rachel had to fight for her right even though Hiram neglected her.

Hiram finally stopped walking. He slowly turned around, looked at Rachel, and said systematically, "We don't have this agreement on our marriage contract."

Rachel was stunned by his words. He deliberately did it. Should they really write and follow every details in the contract? If they had to write every detail in the contract, how thick the contract could be? Even so, she had the right to know pass code.

"Hiram, I will be staying here for a month. Of course, I should have the freedom to enter here anytime. Why should we put this term in the contract?"

Hiram took off his suit and hung it using a hanger. He loosened his tie and had a cold look at Rachel. He then said, "I don't think that a stranger has a right to know the pass code of my house. Don't you have my secretary's phone number? Just call her. Ask her what time I usually get home."


Rachel grunted. She felt that Hiram intentionally treated her as a stranger.

'Hiram Rong! Just wait and see!

You will fall in my hands someday, and I will let you pay for what you have done to me! I will torture you to death!' Rachel cursed him in her mind.

She left him alone and changed her shoes. She strolled around and found the living room and dining room. She guessed that the bedrooms were in the second floor.

Rachel was looking for her luggage. She wondered where were all her things.

When she saw Hiram go into one of the bedrooms upstairs, she followed him.

When she was at the doorstep, Rachel saw Hiram taking off his clothes. Hiram noticed Rachel but didn't stop what he was doing. He unbuttoned his shirt, exposed his muscles and his well-placed abs.

"Why did you come here?" Taking his shirt off, Hiram turned around and looked at her with his deep eyes. He continued to ask, "Do you want to fulfill the duty as a wife?"

"Where is my luggage? I have searched all the rooms except your bedroom." Rachel said after secretly swallowing her saliva. She moved her eyes away from him and started to scan his bedroom.

'Where on earth is my luggage? It contains all the things I need.' she wondered.

She needed to wear her pajama and recharge her phone's battery, but she couldn't find her luggage anywhere.

She looked around his tidy room and wondered where her luggage was.

'Could it be in this cabinet?' Rachel thought as she stretched out her hand to the cabinet.

"Hey, you! don't touch my things! Do you think I have moved your things into my house?" Hiram said aggressively as he saw Rachel touch his things.

After she heard his words, Rachel widened her eyes in shock. She turned around and looked at Hiram. He looked like a wolf in her eyes.

She asked with disbelief, "What...what did you just say? Say those words again !"

Hiram hummed coldly and sat down on his sofa with his body naked. He then lit a cigarette, and slowly uttered a few words, "I've asked someone to throw your things away."

"Hiram Rong! Are you crazy?"

Rachel got furious immediately and yelled at him, "No! Are you kidding me? The butler told me they had moved my luggage in here."

Rachel couldn't believe it. All her precious possessions were there. How could he throw them away?

"Yes, they already moved your things in, but then I asked them to throw your things away, " Hiram said calmly. He would throw away anything his eyes disliked, including the woman in front of him. He would drive her away from his house one month later.

Rachel felt like her blood was boiling. Her eyes were burning in rage. She was not able to control her anger. She shouted and ran towards Hiram.

"Damn you! You bad wolf! Do you think I'm a coward? That you can bully me anytime you want?"

Rachel was so mad at him. She couldn't resist her desire to punch his face.

Hiram dodged her punch quickly. However, Rachel's nails scratched him and smeared a blood on his body.

His handsome face immediately frowned. This woman's fingernails were as sharp as a cat's claws. Rachel wanted to scratch Hiram again, but he tightly held her hands and suddenly drew her under him on the sofa.

"If you need anything, I can just buy them for you. You don't need to be mad!" Hiram angrily scolded her.

He was a germaphobe. He didn't want to have her dirty things inside his house. Rachel would just stay in his house for a month, it was not neccessary to move all her things in.

Rachel tried hard to fight Hiram, but she failed. He was so strong. She was so angry that she burst into tears.

She had worked hard in the past three years and saved any money to buy those things. They were very precious and were valuable to her. They could not be easily replaced by money.

Rachel sobbed and her tears poured down to her cheeks. Hiram frowned as he saw her tears.

Ever since he saw Rachel crying for the first time, Hiram would feel uneasy when he saw her cry again.

"Wipe your tears. I've promised you that I will buy anything you want. What are you crying for? Just let it pass. I will have someone buy everything you need tomorrow." Hiram unconsciously softened his voice to comfort her.

Rachel finally managed to get rid of him. She took a deep breath and wiped the tears off of her face. Controlling her tears from pouring down again, Rachel ran out of his bedroom.

Rachel insanely searched her luggage inside all the garbage cans of the whole villa, but she still couldn't find it.

She felt exhausted, gave up and walked back home.

Rachel tried her best to stay strong and persisted.

She entered one of the guest rooms and took a bath. Inside the bathroom, Rachel couldn't help herself from crying again. She had suffered a lot since she met Hiram. It seemed that everything in her life had totally been changed.

Even her mother who had always loved and supported her wasn't on her side.

And tonight, all her things that she had worked hard to get in the past three years, had been all gone.

Rachel felt that she had set foot on a long and lonely road, where at the end, a lonesome future was waiting for her.


Rachel laughed with sarcasm. She had never felt the sweetness of marriage, not even a faked one.

After taking a bath, Rachel relaxed and got her rational emotions back. She realized that it was useless to cry for or argue with Hiram. She couldn't get her things back even if she cried a lot. She would instead buy them again.

So, she stopped crying and went to Hiram's door and knocked.

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