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   Chapter 8 A Blessing In Disguise

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Rachel would be very happy if what happened was just merely for show.

It was a creative way to take a revenge. The guards were not able to catch the stones with just their hands when the stones were thrown.

Rachel stood behind Hiram. She could easily be hit by the stones.

The two guards, standing in front of Hiram, were hit by the stones. They looked very hurt. The man kept throwing the stones at Hiram. He seemed to have a lot of stones stored in his pocket.

Rachel was still hiding behind Hiram. She didn't even dare to see and check the situation.

Hiram raised his hand and blocked the stones. Though some stones flew straight toward Rachel, they were blocked by his broad shoulders. Meanwhile, he also called up someone to send some guards to help him.

His assistant, standing beside him, immediately called the police.

They were currently out of the company, and only two guards were there to protect them. Other employees would come to work only after half an hour; there were no other people that could help them.

Rachel thought it would be more dangerous if she moved away from Hiram. She continued hiding behind him.

"Neil! Give me the stones!" The ugly and violent man shouted abruptly.

He grunted furiously as he saw Hiram not being hit by the stones thrown at him. Finally, more guards nearby began to come to help them.

After saying those words, the man took a stone that was about the size of a fist out from his ally's pocket. He exerted all his strength and threw the stone at Hiram.

Rachel was curious and tried to check the situation. However, she was frightened by what she saw and hastily moved back.

She looked around to find a safe place to hide.

But before she discovered any place, she accidentally lost her balance and slipped away.

"Ah... Ah!"

She panicked. She suddenly stepped on the stones scattered all over the ground that knocked her off balance.

The stone being thrown swiftly hit her forehead. Rachel started to feel dizzy as her blood dripped down. She felt so weak and fell down.

Just before she fell down, Hiram grabbed her body and drew her into his arms. Rachel smelled a familiar breath and felt strange.

That was what the last thing she thought of before she fainted.

Her arm hurt because she was dragged forcefully. Moreover, when she fell into Hiram's arms, his shirt unintentionally scraped her wound. It made her feel more hurt.

Nonetheless, she felt good in his arms.

Rachel lost her consciousness. The people around were shocked.

"How awful! A lady fainted!" someone shouted.

The two men who threw stones were so scared. They stood still and were not able to run away. Then the guards rushed, arrested them and sent them to the police station.

Rachel woke up and found herself in the hospital.

The distinct smell of the disinfectant fluid and the pain in her forehead made her feel uncomfortable. She couldn't help but frown. Then she groaned in a low voice.

"Ahhh! This is so painful."

"You should've not pretended to be brave. You should have hid behind me. Why did you run away?" Rachel heard someone speaking to her in a low voice.

She slowly turned her face and saw Hiram standing next to her.

She saw that the stone was about to hit them. She thought Hiram would move to dodge the stone. When that happened, she would be hit by the stone.

So she had to quickly find a place to hide.

But what happened was all unexpected.

Ouch! Her head hurt!

"Or were you just so eager to protect me so that you would leave a good impression on me that would maybe change my mind?" Hiram suspiciously stared at her.

"Don't move. You got six stitches in your forehead. You might accidentally open your wound. It will leave a scar." Hiram reminded Rachel as he saw her touching her head.

"What? I got stitches in my forehead?", Rachel asked surprisingly.

Hiram stayed silent. 'There is no need to repeat what I just said, ' he thought.

"Oh no! It would be even more difficult for me to find a man to marry. I have never been in a relationship before, not even from my blind dates. If my face looks like this, no one would want to marry me." Rachel felt helpless and depressed. She believed that she had encountered a total disaster.

Hiram just ignored Rachel when she stretched her hand out for a mirror. He furrowed his eyebrows and fiercely said, "Answer me! Why did you run?"

Rachel saw a phone on the table and took it without asking whose phone it was. She opened the phone's camera and checked her wound. "Do you think I intentionally did it? I accidentally stepped on the stones. Those stones knocked me off balance."

Rachel was not able to see her wound because it was covered. However, she noticed that her forehead got a bit swollen.

Hiram laughed. He initially thought that Rachel ran to him because she was eager to marry him. He had his thought wrong.

He immediately took the phone from Rachel's hand. He then glanced at the door and said, "Come in."

"Hiram, is Rachel alright?" Joanna walked into the room. Her concern was sh

own on her kind and gentle face. When she saw that Rachel was awake, she went to Rachel and asked, "Rachel, how are you feeling? Does your wound still hurt?"

Rachel didn't expect Joanna as the first one to visit her.

"I'm fine, aunt Joanna. Why did you come here?"

"You are my future daughter-in-law. Of course I have to come here and see you. I also informed your mother. She will be here this afternoon", Joanna said gently while taking Rachel's hand.

Rachel uneasily looked at Hiram that was standing nearby. She wanted to get her hand back, but Joanna held it tightly.

"Hiram, you are so careless. Why didn't you protect Rachel? The appearance is the most important thing for a woman. What if there will be a scar left on her forehead?"

Joanna blamed Hiram while glancing at him.

Hiram looked down silently. He seemed to admit what Joanna said.

Joanna patted Rachel's hand and said, "But don't worry. Hiram will not abandon you."

Rachel felt even more embarrassed after hearing Joanna's words.

"Mother, I have something urgent to deal with. I need to go now." Hiram said gently while calmly looking at Joanna.

Rachel knew that Hiram really paid a great respect to his mother. To be fair, Joanna was a good mother too who deserved her son's love and respect.

"Wait a minute. I have something else to tell you." Joanna continued to pat Rachel's hand and added, "Your mother and I have fixed the date of your wedding. But you are injured. I think it will take you at least a month to recover.

When your mother arrives here this afternoon, we can talk about it and choose another date for your wedding. Maybe you can get your marriage license first."

After she said those words, Joanna glanced at Hiram and Rachel. She paused for a while and continued, "I hesitated when your mother gave this proposal. I thought we have nothing to rush. Now Hiram, Rachel was willing to protect you during that dangerous situation. She is a very nice girl. You should really marry her and make her part of our family."

Rachel couldn't help but cough while hearing her words.

She felt guilty being praised by Joanna after her act of risking her life to protect Hiram.

Hiram seemed displeased and frowned. Without saying anything, he fiercely glanced at Rachel who was still lying on the bed.

"Ouch! My head hurts so bad..."

Rachel touched her head and pretended to look pained after she saw Hiram glanced at her angrily. "Aunt Joanna, I'm seriously injured now. I can't go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs for the marriage registration. We should wait for a few more days until I recover."

"You're right! How couldn't I think of that... But don't worry about that. I have an idea. When your mother arrives here, we can talk about it. If we finally have an agreement, everything will be well." Joanna said after she pondered for a few seconds. She didn't notice Rachel and Hiram's bizarre expression at all.

Joanna finally left the hospital. Hiram already answered a few phone calls. He was about to go to his company to have a meeting. He didn't expect that such thing would happen. He had been delayed for a long time.

Before he departed, he looked at Rachel with concern.

Rachel opened the TV and sighed. She was still not able to rest even if she got injured.

She believed Hiram would not do anything bad to her after what happened.

Fannie arrived at the hospital and angrily scolded Rachel.

"You just kept silent when we talked about your marriage. Now, how could you be so brave to protect him from those stones? Do you think your head is made of steel? Were you not afraid?"

Fannie began crying after she had a look at her daughter wearing a bandage. Rachel was her only daughter. She would be very sad if something bad happened to Rachel.

Rachel lowered her head and let her mother blame her. "Mother, I'm alright. I just have a minor injury. The doctor said that if the wound is treated well, there will be no scar after it heals."

Fannie wiped her tears, took a deep breath and said, "But it was a blessing in disguise. When I initially talked with Joanna about your marriage registration, she hesitated. But now, she invited me for a discussion. She wants you to get your marriage license tomorrow."


"Don't say anything. I have something else to do. I'm eased knowing Hiram will be taking care of you. You should get along well with Hiram and try to establish a good relationship with him."

Fannie didn't listen to her daughter's explanation. Since it all happened, it would be better if people thought Rachel saved Hiram.

She left Rachel with her favorite food and walked out of the ward.

Rachel lightly turned her head to avoid the pain and closed her eyes.

She didn't know whether having Fannie as a mother was a blessing or a curse.

Next morning arrived.

Rachel was watching a comedy show. She tried not to laugh, but still burst into laughter. She supported her head with her hands. She was afraid laughing too much would cause more pain.

Then suddenly, someone opened the ward's door.

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