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   Chapter 7 Lucky Accident

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He could stop with his warnings, Because they weren't working anymore.

"No, I know that you'll always have ways to deal with me. But we haven't gotten married yet. I haven't agreed with my mom on the marriage yet. As long as we are not married, I haven't broken my promise."

Hiram closed the file he was holding and said to Carl, "Let's go."

His time was more precious than hers. He had to attend an important meeting after reaching H City. He couldn't waste time here with her.

Throughout the journey, the pair in the backseat remained silent. The tension between them was thick enough to cut with a knife. It was like there was a Military Demarcation Line.

When Rachel received a call halfway to the city, Hiram gave her a cold look. But beyond that, nothing special happened.

Rachel truly understood what the phrase "at your peril" meant now.

Hiram was cold enough to freeze the whole city.

Rachel had been spoiled by her mother since childhood. She had never been treated like this before.

But luckily, she was not a pushover, so she could handle Hiram.

He wasn't so friendly as to send her home, but at her insistence, he dropped her at a bus station and saved her a lot of time.

After getting home, Rachel carried on with her life. She buried herself in work, which made her temporarily forget the unhappy "blind date."

It was the most terrible blind date in her life.

From the beginning, she had been completely at a disadvantage. The sense of inability almost drove her crazy just thinking about it.


One day after work, Rachel went home exhausted and lay on the couch. After a while, her cell phone rang. It was her mother.

"Rachel, are you off work?" Fannie asked.

Stretching her legs, Rachel answered, "Yes, I just reached home. Haven't you come back from our hometown?"

"How can I leave at such a crucial moment? Oh, I have been visiting Joanna every day recently. She wants you two to get married as soon as possible too. We've set the wedding date on the eighth of next month!" Fannie said delightedly.

Those words made Rachel immediately jump up from the couch. "Noooo!" She shouted.

"No, mom. It's still up in the air. Why did you set a wedding date?" Rachel asked.

But Fannie didn't think so and said, "How is it still up in the air? You've met your mother-in-law. Your great-grandpa was the one that made this engagement for you. The marriage is all decided."

"Yes, I did meet her. But mom, I haven't even met his father yet! What's the hurry? I've told you that I'll try my best. But you should give me some time."

Just hearing the news that their wedding was fixed made Rachel get goosebumps.

"Honey, do you think I don't know that? After you reached the city days ago, I sent you the addresses of both Hiram's company and his apartment. Did you visit him? It doesn't matter. Basically, your marriage has been nailed down."

Finishing her words, Fannie hung up.

Rachel slumped back onto her bed, her eyes fixed blankly on the black screen of the LCD TV.

Hiram was as cruel as winter. He never showed any sign of tender affection, which was obvious from the time they took his car together. If she couldn't come up with a good idea, she would definitely either be annoyed to death by her mother or tortured to

death by the man.

No! She should figure out a solution instead of sitting around idly!

"Hello. Are you Mr. Rong's secretary? Is he available now? Would you please put him on the phone?" Fortunately, she'd found the phone number of Hiram's secretary. Her mother had given it to her along with Hiram's addresses.

"I only need a minute! I have something important to tell him! Hello? Hello!" Damn it! The secretary had hung up, which made Rachel speechless.

If the secretary wouldn't listen to her, why did her mother give her the phone number?

It seemed that Hiram was prepared.

The next morning, Rachel informed her manager that she'd be on leave and took a taxi to Hiram's company.

She didn't know the time Hiram arrived at the company every day. And even if he was working inside, he probably wouldn't let her in. The best chance for her was to get there early and wait for him at the gate of his company.

They needed to talk about this matter and come to a conclusion. After all, marriage wasn't a unilateral decision.

At 8 o'clock, she finally saw the luxurious Maybach.

Rachel immediately straightened up from the pillar that she'd been leaning against. She quickly ran towards Hiram as he was stepping out of his car.

"Hiram..." Rachel ran up to him and panted, "Can you spare me some time? We need to talk."

Hiram took one look at the woman in front of him, knotted his brows and walked past her, striding forward towards the gate. All he said was, "No time."

Rachel realized just how cold-blooded Hiram was. She now had a deep understanding of the word "sociopath."

It seemed that nothing could attract him or get his attention except his business.

As she opened her mouth to say something, she saw two men moving towards Hiram.

Both of them wore caps and one of them had a bulging pocket. It looked like there was something heavy inside it.

The other man walked directly towards Hiram but was immediately stopped by Hiram's bodyguards.

Rachel watched the scene gleefully. These two men were obviously unexpected guests, just like her.

'God has eyes. He's sent someone to fix this wolf, ' she thought.

"Mr. Rong! Long time no see!"

The man who was stopped by the bodyguards said. He was sporting a pair of worn jeans. He looked ugly and ferocious. Sneering, he said, "I'm Jay Zhong. Do you remember me? Mr. Rong, do you know how difficult this month has been for me? I've become an object of hatred, just like a rat!"

"The fittest survives. This is the law of business. You are just like the competitors defeated by you, " Hiram said. He still remembered him. Jay was the boss of a construction company. A month ago, he'd lost a bid and his company had been driven out of the market.

Being influential in business, it was only natural for the Rong family to have many enemies.

"Damn the fittest! Relying on your deep-pocketed family, you backed me into a corner!" the man spat at Hiram.

Grasping the severity of the scene, Rachel silently retreated behind Hiram. Now that Hiram and his bodyguards were in front of her, she wouldn't get hurt.

"Neil! Go ahead!"

The ferocious man waved his hand at the man behind him.

Just then, The man named Neil grabbed a handful of chipped stones from his pocket and threw them at Hiram.

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