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   Chapter 6 In The Same Car With Him

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Rachel Ruan felt like she had been hit by a bucket of cold water when she heard the man's grave voice.

It was clear to her that he didn't think she was qualified to be his wife.

Even if she insisted on marrying him, he would somehow make her give up voluntarily. She really believed that the man could do everything to make it hard for her.

"Cousin Hiram, Miss Ruan looks unhappy. What's going on?'' Carl Fang came over. He had just seen Rachel while passing by. She seemed absent-minded and upset.

"What makes them think she could be my wife? If they could bring our two great-grandfathers back from the dead, I would marry her right in front of them.

This is ridiculous. They want to decide my marriage based on a verbal agreement made by two old men who passed away a hundred years ago? They must be dreaming.

Not to mention

She is the daughter of the Ruan family, "

Hiram said coldly before walking away.

Even Carl could feel the hostility in those words. If the old great-grandfathers had heard what Hiram said, they would have risen from their graves and beaten the unfilial great-grandson!

Exiting Hiram's room, Rachel walked directly toward the gates instead of going back to the living room. She wanted to leave his house as soon as possible. She was really irritated. How could such an arrogant man exist!

But before she could step out of the gates, she got a call from Fannie.

"Rachel, you have been away long enough, now come back to lunch. You two have a lifetime to spend together. Hurry up. Aunt Joanna is waiting."

"Mom... I, I have a stomachache. I just want to go home and take rest. Say sorry to Aunt Joanna for me."

Rachel hung up the phone. She didn't want to go back and face the two mothers anymore. Maybe Hiram could pretend to be nice to her in front of his mother, but she couldn't.

Hiram had clearly said that he would not marry her. There was no reason for her to stay and have lunch with his family. She didn't want to be insulted by him anymore.

When she got home, Rachel immediately changed her clothes. The cheongsam not only made her feel uncomfortable, but it also reminded her of her depressing moment with that man. Then, she went to the kitchen to cook herself a bowl of noodles.

After the meal, Rachel began to pack up. She planned to go back to town. Just when she finished, the door opened and her mother appeared.

''Rachel, tell me what happened.''

Having just stepped into the house and seeing her daughter trying to run away with her bag, Fannie stopped her right away.

Rachel knew that she could not escape from being questioned by her mother. She sighed and tried to tell her the truth. ''Mom, actually, Hiram doesn't want to marry me. Why not let it go and forget about it?''

''Why do you think so? Hiram said you're a nice girl at the table. I know that you're actually the one who isn't willing to be married. And now you're blaming it on him.'' Fannie didn't believe what her daughter said.

''I...'' Remembering what the spiteful man had said about her, Rachel decided not to defend herself anymore. "Well, you are right, it's me. I have something to deal with at my company. I'm leaving."


Fannie frowned and walked up to face her daughter. ''I know it's hard for you to marry a man you barely know. If Hiram was a man of poor quality, I myself would not agree to take him as my son-in-law.

But as you can see, he's great in all aspects. Besides, he's in charge of his huge family business. That indicates that he is a competent man too. In terms of appearance, you'll find few men who are as handsome as he is in the whole city. Considering all these things, why not try and give each other a chance? You might start understanding each other.''

Fannie did not quite understand why her daughter was rejecting Hiram. It was common for young girls to like wealthy and good-looking boys, especially in this day and age.

She didn't think that her daughter was rejecting this good man just because he was too rich.

''Don't worry. I've explained everything to Aunt Joanna for you. She doesn't mind. Hiram will be working in H City for half a year. You should take the chance and keep frequent contact with him."

Rachel was upset by what her mother said. "Mom, why don't you believe me? That man is not a good person like you think. What can I do to make you believe me?'' she tried to explain to her mother in a faint voice.

If it wasn't Hiram but some other rich, handsome man, she would definitely be willing to marry him.

The Rong family boasted unlimited wealth and a vast range of companies. She could earn a large amount of money from just the divorce, even if they were married

for only a day.

But now...

It was Hiram. She was afraid that the cunning man wouldn't give her the chance to get compensation from the divorce. She would rather give up that money than live with that monster.

"Okay, I believe what you're saying. But Rachel, be ambitious. Even if he doesn't think you're good enough and he's not willing to marry you, why not show yourself in a good light and make him change his mind? For women, conquering such an excellent man gives a sense of achievement. Don't you think so?"

Fannie looked at her daughter encouragingly. She was exerting all her energy to persuade Rachel not to give up Hiram. She had dried up her mouth saying all the things she could think of. In her heart, she prayed that her daughter would not disappoint her.

Rachel took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she forced a smile and said to her mother, "Agreed, I'll try my best.'' She knew her mother best. If the little woman was even a little dissatisfied, she would bother Rachel forever.

"That's my good girl! You have to go back to H City. Hiram will go too. He agreed to give you a ride there, actually"

Fannie said cheerfully. She was quite content now that things were going her way. "In fact, he's waiting for you outside in his car right now."

Rachel didn't know how to respond. She was a little annoyed that her mother had made the decision without asking her first. However, she knew that her mother was only doing all these things because she wanted Rachel to be happy.

'My dear mother, you have ruined everything. I never want to see that man again. How can I be in the same car with him?' Rachel complained in her mind.

Fannie accompanied her daughter to the gate. There was a black Maybach already waiting at the intersection. Hiram and Carl were in the car. Apparently, Carl was the driver.

After a slight hesitation, Rachel walked towards the car. Obviously, she had no choice but to obey her mother. She didn't want to sit right beside Hiram, so she decided to take the front seat next to Carl.

However, she was dragged to the back door by a powerful hand before she could reach the handlebar of the front door. Of course, it was her thoughtful mother. It seemed that a mother would always know what her daughter was thinking.

"Rachel, don't give any trouble to Hiram." Fannie opened the door and pushed her daughter into the car, ignoring the resentful eyes of the girl.

"Be careful on the road, " she said to Hiram and waved goodbye with a smile.

The door was closed. The car drove away slowly on the muddy road, toward the wide and clean road outside the village. The relieved mother stood there till the car was out of her sight and then walked home.

It had been rainy and overcast the past few days. Once again, the sky turned gray. It was going to rain.

"Stop, " Hiram said to the driver without even looking up. Rachel turned around and looked at him, wondering what he was going to do. The car had just pulled out of the village.

"Cousin Hiram, you want me to stop here?"

Carl asked, wanting to confirm if he had gotten the right order. He had no idea what his cousin was thinking either. The car slowed to a stop by the roadside.

Still silent, Hiram turned to Rachel. She understood what he meant right away. He wanted her to get out of the car.

Or more precisely, He was trying to force her to abandon the intent of marrying him. What a cocky man! She stared at him furiously and prepared to get out of the car.

But just as she reached out her hand to open the door, there was a heavy downpour of rain that splashed against the window. She couldn't just stand in the rain like this. She turned around to Hiram and said, "Please don't make me leave now. I'll pay you for the ride."

To make matters worse, there were no buses passing by at this time. Rachel had no choice but to act according to the situation.

Hiram continued reading the document in his hands. "I never allow people who fail to keep their word travel in my car, " he said dryly without even a glance at Rachel.

'Fail to keep my word?

Okay, you win. I did break my promise. You have a reason to reject me.

But it doesn't matter.

Today isn't a working day for me, I'm in no hurry. I don't mind staying here with you. On the other hand, you seem to be quite busy. As a big boss, you must have lots of business to deal with in the city.

Let's see who will be more anxious to leave, ' Rachel thought to herself. He was trying to provoke her, but she wouldn't let him get to her.

After a while, Hiram lifted his head and noticed Rachel still sitting there. He frowned and said coldly, "You really think I can't do anything to you?"

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