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   Chapter 5 It's him!

Tell Me The Words I Want To Hear By RisakoIsabel Characters: 6178

Updated: 2020-03-17 13:25

Six months has gone by so fast and Rinka's bump has become more prominent. It was on her 3rd month when she decided to leave New Jersey and settle in California. Life was a little tough at first but luck was on her side. She found a job which took her in even if they knew she was pregnant.

She had pre - conditioned her mind and her heart that her baby would be the most important person in her life and that she would be a single mother forever.

This is a new beginning for her.

Rinka seemed to be blessed with such a good fortune that her pregnancy went on smoothly. She was also blessed with friends and colleagues who helped her get through it all.

During all those times, Rinka has been in contact with Kenji who not only supported her emotionally but financially as well. At first her only intention was to keep tabs on Riya who at that moment has not yet been found. She eventually opened up to him about what had happened.

"You know what, you and Riya are exactly the same. Falling in love with guys who don't know your worth." Kenji told her.

Rinka smirked and retorted. "Don't you come running to me when this happens to you.

"Hah! That will never happen to me. I use my head more. Didn't you know the brain is situated higher than the heart for a reason. To make sure it does not do stupid things the the heart does." Kenji replied.

"By the way, when are you telling me the name of that idiot who knocked you up? I think I also deserve to know." He added.

Rinka kept quiet.

"But it's fine. If you don't want to tell me, I'm fine with it." Kenji said.

"Kenji, it's not that… It's just that…" Rinka started.

"What?" Kenji asked.

"I… I… I don't…"


"I don't know who he is…" Rinka's voice trailed.

"What?! What do you mean you don't know who he is?" He asked again.

"I don't know who he is. It was a one night stand Kenji." She replied with a soft voice.

Kenji was at a loss for words. He let out a deep sigh, put his phone down, stood up, began pacing the room. After a a minute he picked his phone up again and let out another deep sigh before saying, "It's ok. There's nothing we can do about it. It's ok. You'll get this through. Don't worry, I'm just a phone call away." He assured Rinka.

"You don't have to worry about me Kenji. I'm strong am I not?Hahaha." Rinka replied.

"Just promise me that you will call me if anything happens. I wouldn't be able to take it if anything happens to you too. We haven't found Riya yet remember?"

"I promise. You the care as well. Kiss Shin for me and tell Satoshi not to stress himself out. Riya will eventually come home."

"I hope so. Frankly speaking I'm beginning to lose hope. It's like she never wants to be found."

"Try to understand Kenji. She's hurt and confused, but I know she will come to her senses and realize that the only place she needs to be is with her family." Rinka explained.

"I know, but sometimes I'm at a point where I feel frustrated because I am not able to help Satoshi and Shin. Anyway, I got to go. I have a few meetings to

attend to. Make sure you drink you vitamins and get enough rest okay? Ill talk to you soon. Bye."

"Bye Kenji. Thanks again for everything."

"No worries."

As Rinka put the phone down, she heaved a sigh of relief. It was so good to get that out of her chest. At least she told someone the truth. Rinka couldn't be grateful enough that she met Kenji. At first she was hesitant to accept his help, but Kenji explained that he wanted to do this. To ease his guilt of not being able to help Riya. Not being to realize that his friend was going through so much.

Rinka was so thankful that she found someone she considered an older brother.

Several weeks has passed and Rinka went on with her daily routine. As her delivery date approached, he busied herself with preparing for the baby's needs. He and Kenji would call each other from time to time to check on each other. At times Satoshi and Shin would be there and it gave Rinka the sense of having a family who cared for her.

"Rinka when's your due date again?" Kenji asked over the phone one evening as he was having dinner with Satoshi and Shin.

"In 2 weeks." She replied.

"Ohhh, that's near." Satoshi commented.

"Yeah and the anxiety is building up." She said.

"Anxious like dreading the day or anxious excited? Kenji asked.

"Both." She relied.

"Don't be nervous. You'll be able to make it."Kenji added.

"You're just saying that because you are not the one giving birth. I'm all alone here."

"You wouldn't be." Satoshi replied.

"And why is that?" She asked again.

"Well one of us might be there. We just got a lead on Riya and one of us might fly out there to check it out." He explained.

"What do you mean one of you? You are not sure who's coming over?"

"Nope. We are still trying to map out our schedules and see who is going to be available on those dates." Kenji said.

"Ok but how will I know who's coming over?" She asked.

"If It's not Satoshi then it might be Rohan or Hiro. I can't promise you that I will be there I have previous commitments on those dates but I will try to get out of it as early as possible." He replied.

" Ok but how will I know who they are? Aside from you and Satoshi I haven't met the other three yet." Rinka said.

"Oh wait let me get a picture so you'd know what they look like." Satoshi said as he stood up to get a picture of their band.

"Here. This one's Hiro, this one is Jirou and this is Rohan." Satoshi said as he showed Rinka the picture.

Rinka let out a gasp as she saw the picture. She can't be mistaken.

It's him.

"Hey what's wrong?" Kenji asked noticing that Rinka suddenly kept quiet.

"Huh? Uhhmmm… ahhh… nothing." She lied.

"I don't believe you. You are never quiet." He said.

"Come on, spill." He added.

"Kenji… it's him." She began.

"Who? Who's him?" He asked.

"Him. The guy on the far right. The one beside Satoshi."

"Yeah. That's Rohan. What about him?"

"It's him."

"Yeah, I know it's him but what about him?" Kenji asked again this time sounding irritated.

"My baby's dad."

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