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   Chapter 4 Positive

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Rohan hated to lie. But here he was flying back to New York instead of Japan as what he had told Kenji.

He needed to know. He needed to find out. Find out who she was.

He checked in at the same hotel and spent a great deal of time in the same bar hoping to see her again. He hates this. He hates this feeling. Being haunted by someone who is just a face. No name. Just a face.

He would never forget that face. How could he? Every time he closes his eyes, all he sees is her deep brown eyes. The eyes that seems to suck him into oblivion.


Rinka thought she could put that night behind her as she went on with her life. Little did she know that, that one night would change her life.

"Hey Rinka, are you up for some drinks tonight? It's Pete's last day and we thought of celebrating. Are you up for it?" Sandra asked as she caught up with her in the locker.

"Tonight? Where?" She asked back thinking that it was a good idea to get away from her aunt who was trying to set her up again.

"Yeah tonight at Little Branch." Sandra replied.

"Whe… Where?" Rinka asked again not believing what she just heard.

"Little Branch in New York. If you want you can carpool with us. We're meeting back here after dinner." Sandra replied.

"Yeah, sure sure." She said dazedly.

"Ok see you later."

Is this a sign? Will he be there? Will I see him again tonight? Is it even possible? It was more than a month already. Rinka thought of the possibilities as she got in her car and drove home.

The entire night, Rinka was rather fidgety. She positioned her self in a way that she could see everyone going in and out of the bar. She tried to join in on the fun but restrained herself from drinking any alcoholic drinks. She learned her lesson the last time.

Alas, the night ended and Rinka was rather disappointed going home. She may not admit it to her herself but she was really expecting to see him that night.

The following morning Rinka woke up with a really bad case of migraine. She could not not understand why as she has not had a single drop of alcohol last night. The minute she stood up, her surroundings became woozy. Her stomach began to churn and before she knew it she was running towards the bathroom and hurling her guts out in the toilet.

After feeling that she had let out the entire contents of her stomach, Rinka washed her face and brushed her teeth.She was looking at her reflection in the mirror when suddenly something dawned unto her. She has not had her period for a month now and she never misses her period.

No. No. No. Rinka thought.

This cannot be. It's not possible. Well it is actually possible, but it just cannot happen. She paced the bathroom trying to think for other logical reasons. When she cannot think of anythi

ng she dressed up and went out.

She had to make sure.

The two lines confirmed what she dreaded the most.


Rinka slumped behind her bathroom door trying to grasp the gravity of the situation.

What now?


Rohan has never been so distracted his whole life.

It's been more than a month since he got back from New York. And luckily he arrived right before Kenji did.

He spent five extra days in New York stalking the hotel and the bar hoping to have a glimpse of her. But she never came.

He's a a month of either sleepless or steamy nights. There were night he couldn't sleep just thinking about her. Remembering how she felt beneath him, her skin, her tongue, her moans. And if he did fall asleep, his dreams would still be about her. He had memorized her entire being.

He hated this.

He wanted answers. The more he thought about it the more frustrated he's become.

He tried to pre-occupy him self with making music. However, every time he starts to run his fingers through his bass' strings, he remembers how his fingers run through her curly hair. How soft they felt and how he could perfectly twist it in his hands.

Shit Rohan, what has gotten into you. He thought.

Rohan has never felt this way before. Not even with Erika.

Erika. Funny how he seemed to have forgotten her.

There was no more pain, no more longing. Does this mean he has completely forgotten her? Did that girl make him forget about her?

Rohan seemed even more confused than ever before. His mind tells him that he wants Erika back but his heart and his groin is telling him a different story.

Damn it. I need to shake this off. He thought as he took his jacket and car keys and headed for the door.


Rinka walked out of the laboratory not really sure of where to go.

She was a thorough person so she needed to make sure one last time.

She looked at the result of her blood test once more.

HCG level ———————- 550 mIU/ml

She knew what those meant. She is indeed pregnant.

Oh my god. It's really true. Rinka thought not realizing she was already crying.

"What am I going to do now?" She asked her self as she sat in one of the park's benches.

She touched her non existent baby bump.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry you have to be a part of my stupidity. I'm sorry that you have to be in the middle of this mess I made. Not knowing who your dad is and not knowing how I could get through all if these. I did not mean for this to happen. But whatever the outcome might be. I'll love you no mater what. You will always have me."

She needed a plan. And the plan has to work not just for her sake but for the baby as well.

One thing is for sure. She's going to keep her baby.

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