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   Chapter 3 She broke up with me

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Updated: 2018-11-19 11:06

Rinka stood in front of the full length mirror as she got out of the shower. After giving the list to Kenji she immediately went straight home and soaked in the tub. She needed a warm bath to take the soreness away.

With hands in her waist, she stared at her naked reflection. Her wet curly hair draped her shoulders, her perky cup C breasts were in symmetry with each other, her waist was narrow enough to emphasize her voluptuous hips.

Not bad. She thought.

She moved closer and sighed as the "love bruises" became clearer. Two thumb sized red marks were prominent on the sides of both her breasts not to mention one on her neck.

That guy sure knows how to leave a mark. She thought as touched the marks. As she did so, flashes of the last night's event rushing back. Rinka let out a moan as she remembered the parts of her body where that guy's tongue touched.

Rinka closed her eyes as she tried to remember the sensation she felt. Yes there was a time that it hurt but most of the time it was pure bliss. She remembered how the guy moaned in ecstasy and how she gasped for air with every push.

"SHIT!" Rinka unconsciously blurted out loud as she felt some wetness in between her legs.

What has he done to me? She thought.

Why does she feel this hotness build up from inside her every time she thinks of what has transpired between them. She could not stop thinking about it. Yes it was her first but damn, it was one hell of a first time.

Rohan was in such a bad mood as the three of them went from one place to another trying their luck in finding Riya. It seems like all the luck in the world has been avoiding him. First he was dumped by his girlfriend on the eve of their anniversary, second, it seemed like he was "used" and left by some one he just met and lastly here he was tired and hungry while combing the entire state of Illinois looking for Satoshi's wife.

He knew that this is what they will be doing but he he was at least expecting that they would be doing it in a much organized manner like calling all of the people in the list and gathering them in one place. Well he could not blame Satoshi. He was desperate.

"Hey Rohan, why are you leaving earlier than I am?" Kenji asked as they sat down for a moment.

"Well you know that magazine shoot that the five of us were supposed to do before… you know… we disbanded?" He relied.

"Yeah what about it?"

"Well they changed the theme and they're doing a feature on Bassists. They contacted me and I said yes. That's why I have to leave for Japan earlier than you." Rohan explained.

"I see. That's good. Maybe one of these days when everything's ok we could go and do wha

t we've always loved to do." Kenji said

"What?" Rohan asked.

"Performing. Don't you miss it?" Kenji returned the question.

"Well honestly, I do miss it but I would still rather see Satoshi smile again." Rohan replied.

"Guys I'm sorry I had to drag you into this." Satoshi said from behind both of them.

"Satoshi. You don't need to apologize. We all decided on this. Plus we all need a back upland right? We can't go on performing forever." Kenji said.

"I just really wish I'd find her." Satoshi hoped.

"We will find her don't worry." Kenji assured him

"By the way Rohan, is Erika cool with you leaving on your anniversary? I know she's very particular with celebrating your anniversaries. Remember the time you were late for your dinner? Hahahaha. She snipped your bass' strings and carved her name on one of them." Kenji reminisced.

Satoshi let out a chuckle as he too remembered the incident.

Rohan kept quite, his brows furrowed as he looked far.

"Hey Rohan, what's wrong? You've been cranky since yesterday." Kenji asked.

"Nothing." His reply was quick.

"You know you can talk to us." Satoshi said.

"It's nothing." He replied and turned away.

Just as he did, Kenji phone beeped signaling he has received a message.

He read the message and clicked on the attached link that came with it.

He looked at Rohan after he has finished reading it.

"Is it true?" He asked him.

"What is?" Rohan asked back.

"You broke up? When?" Kenji asked again as he showed the article on his phone.

"Wait what do you mean you broke up? Who?" Satoshi asked.

"Rohan and Erika." Kenji replied.

Rohan heaved a sigh and said softly.

"We did not broke up. SHE broke up with me. It wasn't a mutual decision. She decided on her own."

"What do you mean?" Kenji asked again.

"SHE BROKE UP WITH ME. Is that so hard to understand?" Rohan almost shouted.

Satoshi hearing the frustration and hurt in Rohan's voice tapped his shoulder and said

"Don't worry about it Rohan. Maybe she just needs space. Who knows when you get back she might get in touch with you."

"I don't know. Did it hurt this much when Riya left?" Rohan asked.

"The second time she left, I felt like my whole world crashed. It did not know what to do. But guys were there and still here to support me. So trust me Rohan, every thing happens for a reason." Satoshi comforted him.

"Satoshi is right Rohan, who knows there's someone out there much more deserving of you and your love." Kenji added.

Rohan did not say anything he just smiled and nodded.

Yes maybe everything does happen for a reason and tomorrow he's going to find out. He thought.

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