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   Chapter 8 So Many Lost Sanctuaries

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The Devil followed Calistico in a cunning restraint.

It knew the Angel's weakness was for human love.

It would betray even God to protect that passion.

Even Demons of the Under Earth were impressed.

But the Winged One would fall for his foolishness.

He believed in High Ideals despite knowing better.

It watched as the Angel made a final break for Earth—after seeing Lethalum and Boone delay Vigor in combat—only to leave Rock and Star open to Black's direct attack. Boston was on them like lightning when he saw Vigor caught up.

Rock pulled Star toward the far end of the pier.

Boston pushed through the crowds chasing them.

He had no time to prep the people, so they swayed.

They gasped as the Tempor blazed by lit in blue.

The Timeline rocked in strain under the burden.

Black cornered them by the water. A big storm blew in. Rockwell's weakness was the girl—and Boston knew it.

When his old partner went on the forward—he deflected engagement, blasting Rockwell back with a strike of supernatural strength—betraying new powers bestowed to him by the Aegeless One—of precedent setting access to Eterniti's Eye of Enchantment. The Great Seer had been eager to secure closure on the Rock and Star case—so bestowing such unheard of force in just one—and a Tempor even.

Black then stepped straight for Star—reaching out and grabbing her in a blurring flash—spinning her around to stand between him and Rockwell—holding gun to her head.

"This is what becomes of love when you cherish it!"

"Wait!" Rockwell implored. "Please! Boston! No!"

Vigor spun about entangled by the two Angels.

Lethalum tore at him with elongating talons.

Boone pummeled him with bolts of light.

He fired back at random, blinded now.

All three spun across the boardwalk.

The rolled in a pinwheel of limbs.

God and the Aegeless One pitted their respective patriots and pawns against each other.

The causes of Heaven and Eterniti ran cross-ways, even if neither came close to Hell.

Even Angels could claw.

Even Tempors could cry.

Yet their duties collided.

So Lethalum had a mission.

Boone had his orders true.

But Vigor had a passion.

He had the upper hand.

He understood one thing. He was invested in the death of Rock and Star. His very evolution depended on it.

What he did not know was what he was going to become—once set free to Eterniti.

He dreamed of being King.

He envisioned floors of gold.

Girls and greatness awaited him.

His happiness was not complicated.

All he d

rs to erase their lives from the State of Time.

He underestimated the Devil.

They would no longer know themselves—but neither would the rest of the universe. They would no longer be in love—but their love may yet rekindle and remain protected.

They would not even know many things of the world—but hopefully they would soon learn of them once more.

They would leave behind instructions for themselves, to read after making the great leap into the abyss of identity.

One day they would wake up on a big sailboat on the high seas—stocked with supplies enough to spend a lifetime on a remote tropical island. They would be lost yet free.

They would rise up and meet each other for the first time—learn to love again—live in the world again—and be happy, at peace for a time—for the rest of their natural days—ever still wanted by Aegeless One, but never found—ever still considered of interest to God, but never seen.

Not until their final end would they ultimately reveal themselves again—but in the mean time, they would live out their years in as much contentment and care for each other as they could muster—by their own handwritten instructions—given to them by their former selves.

That was the plan, anyway.

But their feelings for each other were not really there—even if it were better than life on the run. At least they had this time together—stolen back from the cold, heartless Eterniti—protected against an imperfect God in their own manifest Paradise. Heaven may be the Greater Vibration of two extremes—but for now they would live untouched for the corporeal time allotted them. Setting up sanctuary, they settled in. Only the Devil still sensed their faint trace.

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