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   Chapter 6 Going Rogue In History

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They visited other worlds—other times—and never looked back. The next step was always a surprise. The next jump was always a mystery. They did not survive by wits or wisdom so much as wild abandon—complete disregard for what came before. The only constant was the other.

"I love you so much sometimes, " she confessed.

He laughed good-naturedly. "And other times?"

"There are no other times, " she reassured him.

They were walking along a river path talking.

There was plenty of time for talking these days.

All their life was just on the run holding hands.

"Well I love you too. And I always will in fact."

"We never seem to need to say it at all usually."

"Maybe it means something unexpected is up."

She looked across the water. Clouds collected.

They had only been in this quaint village a few days and signs were telling them to leave already. They were getting too comfortable, spending too much time in the old ways—the old patterns of loving each other. If anything it was their love that was going to find them out in the end. As soon as they started getting close old habits were hard to ignore—and if they were not careful, all of Eterniti would see their love lit up like a supernova in the Timeline—so obvious to the trained Tempor that they did not belong there.

So it was their turn again to move on—to flee.

They packed quickly and hopped an antique train into the mountains—passing through a zoo of exotica animals on their way to the nearest Timejump nexus on the local ley line.

In one of the aviaries a parrot took a liking to Star and she let it sit on her shoulder giggling. "We shouldn't be having so much fun when so many people want us dead."

"If we live by that logic then we lose—they win."

"True that. I just get tired of the relentless pursuit."

True that! True that! the parrot chimed in with them.

"Oh … Can we keep him? I think he's really smart!"

"Well is it something that we would normally do?"

"Um … No not at all … We never liked pets."

"Okay, perfect. Let's name him Chance."

"He'll be our good luck charm for a second."

"Yes, just until he becomes a habit, then not."

Star winked and kissed Rock to show happiness.

They continued on up the mountain to the nexus and Timejumped a hundred years on and five thousand miles away—then again another five away—and then back five hundred years—blazing through a kaleidoscopic tunnel of light on their journey, bouncing around the Timeline.

Much of it was the work of senses, as Rockwell picked where to land next—and this time they would lay low in a little fishing village. Next time it would be a ski resort. Sometime it would be the big city hubbub that coveredthem—other times it would be the small quiet town that kept their mouths shut and kept the pair's secret safe from Tempors.

Ever Black was behind them, driving them on and on—always right so close he thought he could smell them. Whereas he was never wickedly minded toward Rocko before, now he was thinking every second about killing him and the girl—to get this ultimate chase over with once and for all.

He had Vigor as his First Tempor—ready to pounce—plus a tight-knit group of seasoned Tempor Assassins all ready to die—charged with the task of fixing the Timeline, no matter the cost—by ending the lives of the Rock and Star.

Meanwhile, the Aegeless One ever watched over their shoulders—ready to take Black's life if he failed. There was every motivation for their unit to succeed in its task—but the ever slippery twosome they sought bred every frustration.

At times Vigor was over eager to get on with it as well—and one time they were almost upon Rock and Star hiding out in a cabin in the woods of West Esterchest. Wynterton.

Vigor was sent ahead to scope out the situation.

This was Black's first mistake. Second: Following.

Aegeless urged them on despite cloudy insights—eager just to see some bloodshed either way. The length of their evasion was beginning to wear on even a Tru-Immort.

Vigor snapped some twigs but was low-key as they come—closing in on the cabin window by inter-dimensional stealth. He looked inside, could see nothing, but hear them.

They were talking low—then not at all. Vigor looked back to where Black signaled for him to hold his position. But then he heard the two exiting out a back door and turned back to head around the other side of the cabin and intercept.

"Wait!" Black yelled under his breath. "Damn!"

He sprinted after Vigor, but in the crossing paths of Tempors—every infinitely split moment was t

he moment you let prey get away—or the very hair-line in time you got away. It was the unlikely opportunity you seized upon your trophy—or the wildest of longshots your hunter conquered you.

Vigor rounded the cabin just in time to see the two disappear into the wood. He bounded on like a cat in a deep kill dash—drawing every ounce of energy out of him forward.

Meanwhile, Calistico flew overhead, tracking Vigor. He had been close the entire time, but now saw it was his turn to influence events in Rock and Star's favor for another escape.

He dove down slinging his bow and arrow of light—letting a bolt fly out across the wind into Vigor's back felling him. But Vigor bounced back, swinging about guns raised.

Vigor fired fifty one times before he blinked—and Calistico took a dozen odd hits—tumbling through the air to the ground—landing in a crumpled pile of limb and wing.

By the time the Angel recovered himself, he had Black to deal with instead of Vigor. Vigor was already out of range of his senses even—as Boston came barreling down hard.

He was forced to report back to Heaven in defeat.

Rock and Star threaded through the trees at breakneck speed sparing no risk just to get ahead a few more yards. Vigor gave chase with the steady beat of a hunter charged up.

Every twig they snapped—every branch broken and stream disturbed—sent small shockwaves ahead through History—through the butterfly effect creating giant ripples in Eterniti—threatening to throw Aegeless One's rule into jeopardy if they began making any bigger changes to Time.

Rockwell knew this—and he knew that was their best defense—to constantly keep Eterniti's Archidol upturned.

So they looked for ways to wire into causality.

They looked for simple twists turned catalysts.

Whatever kept them aloof—yet left a trace in their aftermath—a wake in their passing—improved their chances that the Future would be forever altered in consequence.

They climbed up out of the forest to the peak of a valley and finally stood before the nexus they were after.

It crackled in naked electricity to the watchful eye.

They walked up—holding hands—closing lids.

Vigor came out of the wood in time to see it.

They stepped into the folds of History's wheel.

Vigor saw them disappear—then ran up after.

He was less adept at Timejumping than Rock.

He struggled to find his center of being and sufficient concentration on demand—and he knew every moment he stalled the two outlaws of Eterniti got ever further away.

But the more frustrated he got—the harder and harder it became to focus—until finally he threw up his hands.

Meanwhile Rock and Star were riding horses across fields of roses toward a mountain range in the distance. Then they were riding a bullet train over a metropolis. Next they were hiding out in a van with a bunch of hippies heading for a festival where they would blend into thousands strong.

But they did not stay long. Next they filed through a lineup at a casino in the middle of the desert. Next they flew in a plane across a great ocean toward a different continent. Next they toured a space station on Mars—next they stowed away on a pirate ship out to sea between a thousand islands—then they left for a cruise ship on course for a new hideaway.

Always Vigor and Black were on their heels. Black had the werewithal about Timejumping—while Vigor had the muscle and maniacal rage for rushing toward the final kill.

Boston could do the deed himself if he must, but he would let Vigor have his fun—and let Rock meet his end.

They nearly caught the pair in a passageway under a library—almost threw down with them atop a building catching a helicopter—constantly came within tauntingly short reach of them just to come up short in the end—until the day that Black caught a clue he up until then had lacked.

He realized the couple were acting erractically on purpose, to throw them off—but if they held back a bit, let them think they were getting away for good—perhaps then they would slip up—make more mistakes—fall back into a more predictable groove—and give away the upper hand.

So he pulled Vigor back for a few days—which was not easy. Then a full week went by—by which point Vigor was about to bust out over being held up. He had to explain his plan to Aegeless One constantly. He knew his life was on the line over the risk he was taking—but he also knew it was on the line anyway no matter what they did—so it was best he did what he felt would get the job done right the first time.

It was not much longer before Star slipped up.

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