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   Chapter 4 The Unseen Signals Inside Us

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Iv. Unseen Signals Inside Us

Calistico sat in his humble throne in the clouds, looking down at the Seeing Pool—talking with his Overangel Poe about the impact of Love upon the Human condition.

He was watching Rockwell work—the poor Tempor who had almost unwittingly prevented him from ascending to Heaven. "He truly does not know he yet walks in Hell."

"It is Beginning to Dawn on Him, " Poe spoke.

"I never got to experience Love while alive."

"Every Life Serves a Purpose in its Stride."

"Their bond is so strong they sense it inside."

"Yes. The Power of Love Rises Over All."

"They are like bright beacons to each other."

Poe swirled the pool so the image churned.

The picture turned to Star alone in her room.

"She feels him even now—in different times."

"They were Born for One Another by Fate."

"I have been assigned to assist this man."

"His Virtue is Your Inclusion in His Life."

"I have looked into his heart. He lies."

"He Tells Himself He Will Never Love."

"Not again, anyway—unless I can help it."

Rockwell had been thinking all day of seeing her.

He planned his escape a thousand times before.

He would wait un

til Black had a sick day.

Next time he flew solo he would break.

He would Timejump ten times to start.

He would lose their tail through chaos.

The Eye of Eterniti—of the Aegeless One—would cross lines of sight trying to espy him in the Timeline.

Then he would find his way to her—hidden.

He had a plan for saving her from the past.

They would be reunited by faith or fist.

Nothing would divide them again.

Nothing would tear them apart.

Nothing would sear their hearts.

All that stood between them would soon vanish into stardust, leaving only the feelings once shared.

There was a time and a place in every man's life for finally concluding love was a choice—but not a conscious one. All that remained for the body of flesh was to find it.

All that was needed was to sense the signals.

There was no machinery—no math to the pull.

You just felt it—and when you did—time was up.

These moments must be met with but a march.

A single-minded walk to the end was in order.

Nothing else mattered but the reunion of two.

Nothing else patterned itself upon the divine.

Calistico stood by silently, in stark approval.

Rockwell's Angel plotted for his happiness.

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