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   Chapter 60 Epilogue (We will try)

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Yuki is now on her 5th month of pregnancy. Eto and her decided to go to Hokkaido, because Yuki has never been there. She wanted to eat the Hokkaido donburi at its authentic location, and Eto, doting on her every whim, took her straight to Hokkaido.

It was late summer, but the weather was cooler, and so Yuki pulled the green scarf into her neck closer to feel warmer. They were sitting on one table, Eto and her, when their order was delivered.

"Two order of Kaisen-don, soup curry and ramen, is there anything else I can help you with, o-kyakusama?" The man said in his fast Japanese as he put their orders one by one on the table. 'O-kyakusama is the proper way of addressing customers in Japan.'

"So far, it's alright, " Eto replied, eyeing Yuki, who, for a moment seemed to became lost in her own world looking at the man who delivered their order.

Upon feeling Eto's glower on her, Yuki turned her gaze to Eto and smiled sweetly at him.

"Please enjoy your meal, " the man said and left them.

"Isn't he one attractive man?" Eto asked while leaning in front of her.

"Ha-ha Eto, may I tell you that green does not look good on you, either?" she bantered, hoping that she said it convincingly enough.

Eto crossed his arms on his chest, looking at her intently with a perverted smile on his lips.

"But you do like me when I'm green Yuki, "

She let out a small laugh, catching the other meaning of 'green' in his words.

"Let's eat, shall we?"

She was indeed deeply perturbed. For the man who served them their order has a pair of brooding deep blue eyes.

But then, the smell of the food and the charming man in front of her made her forget about the blue-eyed man.


Kana looked at Ken, as he washed the bowls of ramen. She kept her face expressionless as she counted the money from the cash register. When she saw Yuki and her husband coming in, she hid at the back of the kitchen. She knows that Yuki could still remember her face from their last meeting on the ship.

However, she was worried with Ken.

Ken has lost his memories. Not his memories actually, more like his emotions. When No. 1 decided to punish him, they made him drink some drugs that were supposedly able to make him a heartless and emotionless man. For 1 month, he was just sleeping, in a state of coma.

Kana was instructed

too Yuki. You made me the happiest man. I'm so lucky to have you, and our children." He kissed her forehead.

"I hope that we will be always be happy Eto."

"We will try Yuki. Life is not fair, but we will try our best to live it to the fullest." He said, promising himself that he would be a better man, a better husband and father that she deserves.


In a tall building, where Yuki's room can be seen from afar, Ken was standing with his hands in his pockets. His blue eyes looking solitary where the couples are happily exchanging words.

He is now alone, but he is happy that Yuki is happy. He should be happy.

I'll be forever watching you, Yuki.

It's my promise to keep you safe, always.

Tears fell from his eyes, for the second time, because of the same woman.

It wasn't lost from the keen eyes of Kana.

She felt a mixture of emotions. With a hurtful look, she continued to watch Ken, as he watched Yuki.

How long will she continue watching him as he watched her from afar?



Everyone has a destined partner. Although Ken did love Yuki, and Yuki became attracted to Ken, I made this story in such a way to convey to my readers that real love exists. It is true love that will bind two hearts, no matter what the consequences are. Yuki's true love was Eto, and she overcame her attraction to Ken. It was Ken who was left heartbroken.

Let's find out if Kana would be able to mend the shadow, the Shadow of Ken in MENDING THE SHADOW.

Thank you so much for all your support. – Elria Cortez

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