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   Chapter 59 No. 1

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9838

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Eiji has his arms crossed over his chest, as he sat satisfied on his seat. He just received a report, that Eto and Yuki booked for a hotel. It seems that the big storm has passed. He hopes that the following storms won't be as big as this one, and that his son could weather it together with his wife.

Maybe I have to retire already.

He looked upwards. He is already 73. So, it has been 60 years, huh. He closed his weary eyes, and his past came flooding back to him like a full gust of wind.

Eiji was 13 years old when he first killed a man. The man who raped his mother in front of him and killed his father. He was the only survivor, as during that time, his elder brother was studying overseas.

During the funeral, his elder brother arrived, then 21 years old, and began to take care of him. Eiji was never put in trial. He did not know why, but if he would have been put in it, he knew that he won't be in jail. It was self-defense. His brother then introduced him to a foreign man, who became his mentor.

As the eldest son in the Iguchi family, his elder brother, Hayato, should be groomed into being a senator as well. And he did. Eiji, on the other hand, became an excellent student, both in school and as a member of the Shadows of the Wind.

The mentor whom Hayato introduced to him seemed to have met Hayato and saved him from some incident. The mentor was on the look-out for new members of the Shadow to train, and it might be that the look on Eiji's eyes caught his attention. His eyes that were cold, resolute and unfeeling.

Yes, Eiji was that man. He became like that after he killed the man who was enjoying himself on top of the body of his dead mother. He killed him with just one stab of an icepick that passed through his heart. The man died instantly, to his disappointment. Not even a single word of pain.

He did not feel any remorse, nor felt scared at the sight of his bloodied chest with both of his eyes open. When he told it to the mentor, the mentor smiled at him. Possibly thinking that he is cut-out as an assassin.

His mentor trained him for everything, all the skills that were necessary to be a No. 1 assassin. The first number given to him was 4. He was the youngest, and the only Japanese. He learned that the Shadows of the Wind started in Europe, and the first Asian assassin was him. Eiji felt proud.

At the age of 21, he became No. 2. When his mentor died, he inherited the No. 1 at the age of 27. The youngest No. 1 in the Shadows' history. Since then, he cultivated several generations of Shadows. Most of them died young, but many grew old such as him.

Up to now, retired Shadows are still living somewhere in America, Italy, and Australia. They meet every year, during his travels. Only retired Shadows could openly show themselves in front of each other.

His elder brother Hayato died in a plane crash, it was a pre-meditated accident that even killed hundreds of civilia

in her stomach. She pulled herself free.


Before she could respond, Eto's disappointed groan echoed through the room. He looked at himself disgustedly, and Yuki's face was red in embarrassment.

She just vomited on him.


The next day, they found out that Yuki was already 5 weeks pregnant. The news made them exhilarated with joy. Eto kissed her right there and then in front of the doctor, the female ob-gynecologist.

"Yuki, I don't mind you getting pregnant at all. But could you please not make it a habit to vomit on me?" He said, teasing her, when they were inside the car.

Yuki gave him an apologetic look.

"Sorry Eto. I did not mean that, you know."

"Oh, by the way, I forgot to give you something." Eto said, reaching to the compartment inside the car.

"What is it?"

He pulled out a small cube box and gave it to her. Yuki opened it, it was her wedding ring. She looked at it in bewilderment.

"Why do you have it?" She asked while taking out the ring from the box. She thought all along that she has lost it somewhere. She was so guilty that she could not bring herself to say it to Eto.

"We found it not too far to the place where you fell off, Yuki." Eto answered, his eyes were focused on the road.

She put her left hand in front of her, eyeing the wedding ring that still fits perfectly on her ring finger. She smiled, only to fade after a certain image flashed through her mind.

Blue eyes.

Who was that?


She returned to her senses at Eto's voice.

"W-what did you say Eto?" she asked, her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

"I was asking where do you want to eat lunch. Because after that we have to buy a wedding gift for Hiro's sister, remember?"

Yuki pushed the image at the corner of her mind. She smiled and thought about what would Sachie like to receive.

"Let's go to that restaurant where we ate our first meal together, Eto." She said finally, it made Eto smile.

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