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   Chapter 58 Everyone has a shadow

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 10454

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It was 11:45 when she reached the building. She thanked Alfred and with the lunchbox on her hand, she pushed the elevator open. She was about to press the close button when somebody stopped it, and entered the elevator.

"Sorry, " the man said.

Yuki kept her eyes lowered, as is customary. When the elevator stopped at Eto's office, she bowed slightly at the man who kept the elevator open for her. She dropped by at the secretariat first, greeting Maki. Maki stood as he saw her. She did not see the man from the elevator entered Eto's office.

"Is your boss still on a meeting?" She asked, as she casually leaned on her previous table.

Maki looked at the time.

"It would almost be over, Miss Yuki. By the way, it's not a meeting. The Senator was just talking with his father. I think you may go in."

Yuki felt surprised, but she did not mind it actually. She just found it odd that Eiji would visit Eto when they were just at the house on the previous day.

She knocked and when she heard his voice saying 'come in', she pushed the door open.

Eto was walking towards her when she entered, while on the sofa, she saw two people sitting there. Eiji turned his face towards Yuki and nodded at her direction. Yuki bowed to him.

"Come here, Yuki, " Eto put his arm around her shoulder as he led her towards the sofa. She sat opposite to Eiji, beside Eto. She then noticed the man who was also sitting beside Eiji. She prevented herself from staring at him, because he was such a handsome man. She knows that Eto could sometimes be a jealous man.

"Yuki, I would like you to meet Ren, my nephew." Eiji said.

It was only then that Yuki turned her head to face the man directly. The man was indeed a feast in anyone's eye, especially for a female's eye. He was just incredibly handsome. For a very brief moment, the man's eyes seemed to flicker as their eyes met.

But Yuki was indifferent, and smiled in her usual way that says 'hello stranger'.

"Hello, I'm Yuki Iguchi, nice to meet you, Ren?" She said, slightly tilting her head, glancing at Eto, who was keeping a calm expression as well.

"Nice to meet you too, Sister Yuki." Ren said, his lips let out a lopsided smile as he faced Eto. "You have a lovely wife, Brother Eto."

Eto's face was blank, as he possessively placed one hand on Yuki's knee.

"Indeed, Ren." Eto said, turning to Yuki with a gentle smile on his lips.

Eiji cleared his throat. He stood up, and Ren stood as well. Ren was almost as tall as Eiji, but a little slimmer.

"We will go ahead. Eto, you do the necessary procedure." He turned to Yuki. "Bye Yuki, we might not visit you for the coming weeks, as your mother and I will have to travel to Europe with some friends."

"Oh, please enjoy your travel, Father." Yuki also stood, and watched as the three went to the door. Eto was the one who opened the door for them, while Yuki remained standing near the sofa. Then, just before going out, Ren turned slightly to look at her, and Yuki could swear that he very gently smiled at her, seductively.

Yuki's cheeks flushed at the insinuation. She returned his smile wit


"No wonder, you found me filthy, " her voice quaked, she tried to pull her hands from him, but he held on to it tightly.

"No Yuki. The ones I found filthy were the ones who did it to you, the masked man and your mother. They were the ones who were filthy. Not you. You were just a victim."

His voice was so soft, so comforting. It made her all the more vulnerable. She could not say anything.

At her silence, he knew that he had to say something. He could not let her think that he could not accept her. She has to know how much he loves her, along with her past.

He cupped her face in his palms so that their eyes would meet.

"Yuki, look at me." She has a gloomy expression on her eyes. "Yuki, everyone has a shadow. It's our past that won't ever go away, no matter what we do or where we go. Yours might be darker than mine, or any others. But, we all have to live with it. It's part of who we are. And believe me when I say this, I accepted you completely for who you are. I love you Yuki, don't ask me when did I start loving you, because I also don't know."

Yuki smiled amidst the tears falling on her cheeks.

Ah, she looks so lovely.

Eto bent his head and kissed her lips, his kisses moved to her cheeks, kissing her tears away.

"Eto, "

"Yuki, let me get this straight one more time. I don't want any misunderstandings between us. What I feel for you is not pity, ok? When I say I love you, I mean it, so damned much. You would never imagine how many times I went to hell and back when you were gone for 6 months. If it wasn't love, then I don't think I am capable of that emotion. I love you so much that my whole being is aching for you, yearning for you, pining to be with you. From now on until I breathe my last."

Yuki smiled clearly, and touched his face.

"I believe you Eto." Then she giggled in his astonishment. "I never knew you could be a hopeless romantic like this, Mr. Iguchi. You took all the words from my mouth." At his frown, she pulled him close and kissed him deeply. "I love you, Eto. Since then, until I die."

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