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   Chapter 57 Make it up to me

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The next day, Yuki woke up when she felt a cold thing on her chest. She opened her eyes and saw Eto, with a mischievous look on his face. When she looked at the reason for the cold feeling on her chest, she gasped in sheer disbelief.

A scoop of ice cream was placed on her cleavage. Eto chuckled merrily at the sight of her appalled expression.

"Eto! What are you doing?" She tried to sit down but Eto pushed her still on the bed. His face was an inched away from hers.

"Good morning, Yuki. I love you." He said, his face beaming at her. "There, I said my payment for the day, it's time for you to give your payment to me."

He then bent down, and started licking the ice cream.

Oh my God!

Is this the new way to eat an ice cream?

She was both shocked and stimulated as she watched Eto licking the ice cream sensually. This is a new side of him that she has just discovered. It seems like Eto enjoys experiment in bed. She wondered why he never dared any of it before. She would have to ask him later… as her thoughts went clouded by his expert ministrations.

Within a matter of moments, her payment has been satisfactorily collected.

They spent the remaining six days touring the whole prefecture. Eto rented a car, and they went around again on the places that they went to after their wedding. After each tour, they would collect their 'dues' to each other. Yuki never had a chance to talk to Eto about her past, as when she starts to talk seriously, he would kiss her or touch her in a way that would dull her senses and make her forget what she' supposed to say.

Finally, their week ended in an exhausted and blissful night of passion.


Chika wept as she welcomed Yuki. The moment that the footman opened the door, all the staff were gathered on the receiving area and greeted her welcome. Yuki became emotional as well, as she saw how the house staff welcomed her with all their warm greetings and little tokens.

Finally, Risa Iguchi stepped forward, carrying Aido with her. He is now almost 7 months old. He began to cry when Risa let him go, probably thinking that he would be placed in his cold crib again. But he instant Yuki took Aido in her arms, he stopped crying, opened his little eyes and reached out his small arms merrily. Yuki wept happily.

The staff were so touched by that moment, for it was the first time that Yuki finally held her son in her arms. Eto was very happy as well, and before everybody started crying with the mother and son's reunion, Eiji called their attention.

"Let's all eat together, shall we?"

With him are other guests, close friends and relatives of the Iguchi family. Among them were the family of Hiro and Ivy, Sachie, Yano, Kaname, and Yousuke.

Ivy walked towards Yuki, she embraced Yuki.



She hurriedly went to the bathroom and did her morning routine. She went down and Chika greeted her, telling her that Eto already went to the office and left her a note on the dining table. She went straight to the dining table, where a one piece of fresh pink rose was placed on top of his note.

Yuki smiled at this sweet gesture. She smelled the rose first before she took the note and read it.

Yuki, I will wait for you at the office. Let us face your past together, shall we, my darling wife?

Love, Eto

Yuki unconsciously placed the letter on her chest. As she began to eat the breakfast, images of her past flooded her mind. Although she has indeed learn to accept it, the horrible experience would still make her lose her concentration sometimes. Especially what she learned about Mariko, she could not believe up to now how much hatred her mother had for her. She could never understand Mariko's crazy reasoning, and felt remorseful at what happened to her grandparents and her father because of Mariko's insanity.

After breakfast, she took a shower and change her clothes. She then went to Aido's room, which was Aki's room before. She spent about an hour there before she asked Alfred to take her to Eto's office.

At the same time, somebody was also going in the same direction as they are. The person was riding the latest Harley Davidson Street, and was dressed in all black attire from the helmet to the boots. Yuki kept her attention on the window the whole time, and the one riding the Harley also stopped at the same intersection as they did. It was a main intersection that will take at least 1 minute before the light change. The person took off the helmet, glancing passively at the crossing pedestrians. As Yuki turned her attention towards the person, the helmet was put already back.

The lights turned green.

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