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   Chapter 56 Be ready to satisfy my needs

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 10036

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It was a moment that is cliché from many romantic movies. As soon as Yuki reached the spot where Eto was firmly standing, she found herself in his strong and tight embrace. She was lifted on the ground as he continued to hug her, giving her a sense of satisfaction that Eto longed to see her, as much as she did.

When he put her down, their eyes locked momentarily, followed by the joining of their lips. Yuki instantly felt his hunger, his yearning, it was so unmistakable by the way he claimed her mouth passionately. She wept silently. It made him stop.

"Yuki?" Hesitation on his voice.

"No, Eto. It's not what you think. I am just so happy." She said and she tiptoed to kiss him, with equally fiery passion that he kissed her. In that moment, Eto felt that she is kissing him as her whole self, no inhibitions, no reservation, no hesitation from her horrendous past.

They separated when they heard Eiji cleared his throat deliberately loud enough for them to hear. They are in a public place, anyway.

Yuki's cheeks have a beautiful shade of embarrassment as she noticed other people staring at them, mainly out of curiosity or amusement from their public display of affection.

"Father, " Eto bowed at Eiji. "Thank you for bringing her back to me, " his voice shook. Words won't be enough to describe how humbly and respectably he thanked his father, as he bowed at him, 45 degrees. It was the first time she saw him bow like that to anybody. A proud man like Eto Iguchi bowing to his own father like that because of her, Yuki felt so important.

Yuki bowed as well.

"Raise your heads, you two." Eiji said in his well-controlled voice.

As they did, she peeked at Eto and much to her surprise, she saw that his eyes were already red. She felt her heart beaming with so much pride and satisfaction. Looking at Eto making such a vulnerable expression, now she does not have to worry whether he loves her or not. His action says it all.

Eiji stepped toward Eto and tapped him firmly on his shoulder. The father and son looked each other in the eyes squarely.

"I will go now. Don't worry about Aido for now, your mother is already at your house. Go and catch up, ok?"

With his obvious intention that left Yuki red to the roots of her hair, Eiji left them. Eto put his arm around her waist, and he looked softly with Yuki, who just smiled back at him.

"Shall we go, my dear?" He asked.

"Where to?"

"You will know soon." Was his reply as he led her out of the port.

Waiting outside for them was Maki, he bowed as they got near him.

"Maki!" Yuki exclaimed. According to her memory, he should still be in jail for Anna's death. "Maki, I'm so glad that you're finally out!" As she was about to hold his hand much to his amazement, Eto pulled her to himself.

"Eto, " Yuki protested. "I was just so happy that Maki has finally been freed."

"He understands what you mean Yuki. There is no need to be too close to him, right Maki?" Eto glanced back at him.

Maki s

ed her. Their moment of united elation came afterwards, and they laid closely snuggled to each other's arms.

"I love you, Yuki." Eto said as he kissed her forehead.

Yuki looked at his eyes, a tear fell from her eyes. She smiled.

"That is the first time you told me that, Eto." She remarked.

Eto raised one eyebrow, as he propped his head with the pillow and looked down at her.


"Yes, don't you remember? It is I who always said that I love you." She said.

Eto did not reply right away. Then, he smiled at her, touching her nose. "Now I said it, what's your reply?"

Yuki giggled happily. "You already know my answer to that."

"I want to hear." Eto curved his lower lip, Yuki found it totally adorable.

"I love you, Eto." She said, touching his lower lip. "I love everything about you, since then, now, and until the day I die, I will love no one else but you." She said, meeting his gaze.

It was his turn to smile. "Thank you Yuki. It took me too long to realize it, but from now on, I will always tell you that I love you."

"Everyday?" she bantered.

"Ha-ha, does it have to be every day?" Eto asked playfully.

"Of course, you have to pay for all those times that you did not reply to me when I said I love you."

"Oh, so this is the start of payback time?" Eto said, looking at her with a challenging expression.

"Yes, " she replied, propping herself with her arms so that their eyes are on equal ground.

"Then, you must also be ready to satisfy my needs from now on, every day." Eto said.

Yuki's eyes widened, in both surprise and excitement.

"Every day?"

"Yes my sweet. Remember those times that I have to bear not to touch because you did not want me to? Since you are asking for my payment, then I'll have to do the same. We shall both give each other our dues, don't you think so?"

His eyes were bright in an obviously joking manner, but as his hands wandered under the sheets, she knew that he just began to collect her dues.

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