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   Chapter 55 His vain existence

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 10401

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Ken removed his contact lenses. He sat on his bed and closed his eyes, reminiscing how Yuki was looking at him with a blank expression on her face, but an obvious attraction to him. She did forget about me. He smiled bitterly. It was his doing, making her drink the local potion that will make somebody forget the last person they saw along with their memories together.

She already forgot the 6 months that they lived together as husband and wife. Although he never once claimed her physically. It's not like he didn't try. He couldn't. Even though Yuki has forgotten about Eto and their child, she would always cry whenever he tried to made love to her. He accepted that even though her mind forgot about Eto, her heart still belonged to him.

But Ken was contented that he could even occupy even a dot on her heart. Even it might just be temporary, or just a lie. He was happy just to be with her, sleeping with her as she would always snuggled close to him, and just being together with her.

How ironic, he thought. When he realized that she had an amnesia, he took advantage of it. He took her away from her family, from everyone she loves, and from everything she knows. He told her that they are married.

And now, he made her forget all those 6 months that she spent with him. In just one drink, he was out of her life. The life that he so wanted to last with her, even though it was all just lies. Those were the greatest lies of his life.

But lies will surely end, one way or another.

Yes, it was for the best. The best for both of them.

Then why does it hurt so much like this?

Ken put one arm over his eyes. The tears that had been dreading to fall earlier finally found their way out on the sides of his closed eyes. He hasn't cried for the past 10 years.

This is what's right Ken.

Why does it hurt so much!!?

Peeking through the door, Kana very gently stepped backward. She has a sad expression as she saw him crying over another woman.


Ken silently sat as he was being surrounded by the Shadows. The rest of them have their masks on, only Ken had his face revealed. What the heck, he knew that he would die soon. Abandoning his mission, disregarding his order, and running off with the parcel made him an outlaw. An outlaw who is an assassin. How hilarious, he thought.

But he doesn't care anymore. In fact, he would gladly accept his punishment, as he don't know how to continue living anymore. In his 26 years of existence, only the 6 months he spent with Yuki was worth living.

Yuki was his haven, his reprieve, his source of living. Without her, he is just a hollow of a man. He is an empty shell.

"No. 2, are you ready to receive your punishment?" No. 1 asked, as usual, his presence alone could create a frightening feeling in him.

Ken nodded, he has lost the will even to speak. He does not want to do anything anymore.

"Do you have any last words before you perish, No. 2?" Another unnecessary question, Ken thought.

Whatever he wants to say, she won't hear it anymore. There's no need for last words. Nobody will miss him, his demise wo

moment she stepped out of the port."

Maki's suspicion was confirmed. The only person who could make the Senator as warm as a human is his wife. As Maki was about to go out, Eto called him back.

"Ready the car, and drop me off at the salon first."

Maki was so bewildered with Eto. The boss is indeed so excited to welcome his wife back.


Yuki held on Eiji's arm as they descended from the ship. She looked back on the ship as soon as her feet touched the ground. She really feels like she's forgetting something very important to her.

Eiji took note of her every action.

"What is it Yuki?" He asked gently.

She smiled. "Nothing Father, I just thought I might have forgotten something."

Indeed. Eiji thought.

"It's alright Yuki. You had an amnesia for the last 6 months, and now that you remembered, there must be some part of your brain that's still adjusting. Don't worry, once you are with Eto and Aido, you will finally be at peace."

Yuki felt comfortable after hearing Eiji's words. During the trip, Eiji has been telling her how Eto continued to find her, how he never gave up even when the rescuers already given up on finding her. He said that even though all of them believed that she died, Eto never once believed it.

"Yuki, my son loves you very much. You don't have anything to be afraid of." Eiji assured her when they finally set foot on the port's entrance.

In that instant, the entrance of the port became brighter, and Yuki had to cover her eyes momentarily. When she put her hands down, she saw a magnificent view that will be etched in her mind forever.

The whole area was covered with blue and pink petals of roses. Even the floor where she is exactly standing. The benches and the pavement has been decorated with the same shades of roses as well, with pink and blue balloons. A few meters away from them, she saw Eto standing, his hands on his pockets, his eyes has a vivid look of yearning and gratitude as they met hers, looking as handsome as ever. Her heart fluttered.

He smiled when their eyes locked.

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