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   Chapter 54 When you wake up

Breaking the Ice By Elria Cortez Characters: 9981

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"Don't worry No. 2. We don't intend to kill her. We just want her unconscious so she won't be a hindrance."

So, she is a Shadow, as well.

Ken remained where he stood, keeping his focus on the girl's hand at Yuki's neck. He didn't have to ask what it was. He knew that it was injecting the antidote, at the same time, a sleeping potion.

"Who are you? How did you know that I'm No. 2." Ken's voice was devoid of any emotion. He needed to be himself to protect Yuki. He needed to be No. 2 again, not Ken.

The girl looked at him with searing eyes, one that he could not read.

"Actually, I should not call you No. 2 anymore, since you abandoned your mission, and took off with the parcel. That is the reason why I was allowed to show my face to you, and we are allowed to know your face as well." Her voice has changed as well, from that pathetic little girl's voice earlier to a cold and unfeeling voice of an assassin now.

Only the movement of his eyelash indicated that he did not like what he heard, but his expression did not change. He did not remove his eyes from Yuki's neck, until he saw that all the liquid on the syringe has been used. The girl withdraw the needle from her neck, a small splotch of blood was seen, and she used one finger to stop the bleeding. She then placed a small band-aid, and stood up as if nothing has happened.

"Leave now. I will come at the meeting place." Ken said brusquely.

The girl stood, unmoving. She kept her two hands inside her pockets. She was wearing a casual white shirt and black jeans with red sneakers. From her attire, everyone would think that she is a high school student.

"Don't order me around as if you are my senior." She shot back. "Well, you could have been my senior, if you did not let your foolish heart took over your head." She said, obviously trying to rile Ken up.

It was futile. Ken does not mind what she said. His attention was just focused on Yuki, on the rise and fall of her chest, on the color of her face that's slowly returning to normal.

It made the girl irritated.


"Shut up, little one." Ken cut her off, looking at her with his piercing blue eyes. The girl closed her mouth, and met his gaze evenly. He looked at his watch. Now 20 minutes before the specified time.

"Leave now." Ken ordered. His voice elicited something on the girl, which made her flinched. She threw him a disappointed glare, before she went out of the room without a word.

Upon seeing the girl leave, Ken locked the door. He sat beside Yuki, his eyes turned warm and soft. He traced her jawline, very gently, as if he was scared that she would be broken with his touch.

Yuki, I promised that I will keep you safe, but look at you now. You are again, in a harm's way because of me. I don't deserve you. I don't deserve anyone.

What the heck, I knew about it all along. I shouldn't have let myself believe that I could be happy. After all those lives that I took, I don't have any right to eve

with my brother, " she said, and from out of nowhere, a tall man appeared behind the girl.

Yuki could not help but gape at him. He was like a male model from some fashion magazine, with his over-all perfection.

But what caught Yuki's attention was the X mark on his chin. It was like carved by a knife. Definitely not a tattoo. As she met his gaze, she felt déjà vu. It's like a sense of euphoria washed over her, looking at his sexy lips. Yuki blushed at the thought.

His piercing brown eyes were looking through her very soul. But her eyes held no recognition for him whatsoever. It tugged at his heart. His supposedly hardened heart.

"Hello, " Yuki was the first one who break the silence, suddenly feeling the tension in the atmosphere.

The man was about to say something, but he fought against it and kept his mouth shut. He just stared at Yuki, his eyes turned soft and for a transient moment, she thought he looked desolate.

"Let's go brother, " the girl said, holding the man's arm. "Bye, Miss. Enjoy your ride." She called on to Yuki, who just smiled back and waved her hand. The man did not look back at her.

"Goodbye, Yuki."

Yuki thought she was just hearing things, as she stared at the retreating figure of the man. For some reason, something in her urged her to go after him and hold him.

"Excuse me!" Yuki called out.

The man stopped on his tracks, the girl as well.

"I'm sorry but, have we met before?" Yuki felt ridiculously shy at her question. The man smiled a little, but it was a very forlorn smile for Yuki. She felt her heart beat quickened.

"I don't think so." The man said, and then turned his head until they were out of her sight.

Come on Yuki, that man is a stranger, although he was indeed hot and super gorgeous. Yuki felt that a force in her wanted to run after him. Until she felt another sharp pain on her temples.

She decided to go back to her room and relax. This is not déjà vu, this is sea-sickness, she thought.

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